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How the regressive left fails on Free Speech

In the UK, we have a sharp paradigm of confusion with regards to liberalism and progressiveness. Of recent years our intention to build a fairer society with justice for all has tipped over the edge – landing on the opposite end of the scale. Long gone are the days of widespread racism & misogyny; sadly, instead of being replaced by less racism and less misogyny – we have replaced it with a group of people so afraid they might have offended someone somewhere, that they make sure they call out every sentence ever uttered for the supposed bigotry it is. If you dare say that “All lives matter” instead of just “black lives matter” you are branded racist and publicly harassed – which is odd, as if you said the same thing in 1970’s Britain you would have probably been harassed for saying “black lives matter” at all.

We are now in a state of panic, where asking questions like “Why exactly is Caitlin Jenner brave?” Is enough to get you fired and compared to Hitler by hundreds of thousands on twitter. No one ever seems to take a question as genuine anymore, especially when it is easier to screenshot and throw abuse. Most nowadays misunderstand abuse, they don’t see the difference between hurling abuse, and then hurling abuse at someone for doing the same thing. If someone on twitter claims “all black people are criminals” you would be just as abusive to tweet back a message that degrades him by the colour of his skin. This is hard to explain to the online community. They believe their bigotry is somehow protected as it is used to fight someone else’s. The mind boggles.

This week a 43 year old woman from Bicester, who must have been emotionally affected by the events in Paris took to her company’s facebook page to proclaim the following:

Blinks of Bicester are no longer taking bookings from anyone from the Islamic faith whether you are UK granted with passport or not,”

After screenshots & RT’s galore, on top of the barrage of hate-mail and abuse she has undoubtedly received – she has now been arrested after complaints of “racial abuse”. This must remind you of the cake shop in the United States which similarly refused to bake cakes for gays based on religious grounds. Both are as futile and childlike. A few things I have a problem with:

  1. How will she know who is Islamic or not? If they are white and shave the beard she would be none the wiser. The fact she thinks she can spot a Muslim, even though racially they are diverse and normally only recognised by their facial hair – this is the only part where I think the race card can certainly be used. As Islam and Muslim is not, I repeat NOT a race. If you don’t understand that, ask your nearest biologist or pick up a dictionary.
  2. How exactly is she racially abusing? Can a tweet, although utterly stupid, but completely vague and non-targeted to a specific human be counted as such? Other than the underlying idea she can spot one based on appearance does this barely count as racial – but even then it is at a push.
  3. And is it abuse? Genuinely, would this count as abuse?

Maybe it is, who knows. I do know that it is social media suicide, and if her business lasts till next Christmas I will be surprised.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not support this woman. I think she is a fool & also quiet idiotic to think her “stand” will do anything but cause an outcry of hate in her direction, not the support she probably expected. She should have waited a few hours after her anger died down to think twice about such a post. But here is a thought. Why was she arrested? Isn’t the online onslaught she has endured the price she must pay? I would expect so.

In the U.K. we have allowed a man with a child on his shoulders sitting on top of a 5 foot ISIS flag to parade around the streets of London as if it were a normal outfit. He was not arrested by the way. We have accepted the normality of letting actual terrorists like Michael Adebolajo protest on our streets who would end up beheading a British Soldier in Woolwich; terrorist organisations & sympathisers like CAGE who find any way to absolve terrorists and instead blame anything with links to the U.K. or Tony Blair – They claim not to be terrorist friendly, yet are publicly friendly with known terrorists and just seem to agree on about every subject with said terrorists – but I’m splitting hairs. Did I mention these hate groups and hateful people get police protection paid for by the tax payers? Let’s not forget Anjem Choudary who has spent the best part of a decade preaching hate against the U.K. government which just so happens to pay all of his bills and protected him with 24 hour police care. Many U.K. nationals who idolise Choudary then go on to fight in the Middle-East for groups such as ISIS. His links with terrorism are out in the open, his support is unashamed. Yet it took the U.K. over 10 years to arrest him with “encouraging support for terrorism”, but only took 24 hours to arrest a woman for a banal facebook post.

Where exactly do our priorities lay? The police didn’t do this alone, public complaints in the thousands most likely helped, so why were the same “liberals” and “leftists” not petitioning for Choudary’s arrest 10 years ago? Why did it take the U.K. government over 12 years to finally have Abu Qatada extradited to face terror charges (which a corrupt court found to be unsubstantiated) – even though the U.N. and all other experts have evidence of his links to Al Qaeda) but it took the U.K. police no time at all to arrest a women for saying something silly about Muslims in a tweet?

It seems strange to me that I can turn on my TV to watch Muslims using U.K. free speech laws to protest against free speech (Yes, they are that stupid) or catch them with signs like those below


Yet none of these men are arrested. None of them are outed on facebook or twitter to the hordes of hundreds of thousands of online bullies. This is one of the many ways in which the left fails, not the real left like myself who actually stands for liberal principals, but the newly named “regressive left”.

Are we really saying that an extremist can waltz through our streets expressing his/her interest in bringing chaos and murder to our country, but if an idiot with a social media account says “[Insert derogatory term] + Islam” that we must draw a line for justice?

I stand for free speech, I for one think these extremists should be allowed to protest and spew their hate any day of the week, although without police protection – furthermore I believe if you accept this, you must accept and allow this woman to post her nonsensical message of not serving anyone of the “Islamic faith”. It’s only fair, right?

Freedom of speech works both ways, for messages we adore and ones we abhor – many “leftists” have seemed to completely forgotten about that.



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The Three Muslims

I won’t waste your time with images or names. Three humans have been killed in cold blood for absolutely nothing. A supposed anti-theist committed this crime, I address this because I too am an anti-theist. His hatred of religion may well have influenced his actions, it seems most probable. Most don’t understand the different between an agnostic and atheist let alone an anti theist. What must be clear is the different between inspired crimes and none inspired crime.

A Muslim who shoplifts is not doing it because he is a Muslim, I’m sure he has his reasons. Same with a Christian. There are no commandments or laws of the Islamic doctrine claiming subjects should shoplift. When a Christian kills a lesbian however, or a Muslim kills an unbeliever, this most definitely is taken straight from their holy books. We must understand this pivotal point.

There is no doctrine of atheism, it is a simple rejection of a god claim. Someone has said his car can fly, I have used logic to come to the conclusion that cars do not normally fly therefore I choose to reject the claim, I don’t say he is wrong, I just feel he needs to prove it first. There are no laws I have to follow of nasty morality, like Christianity. The same goes for an anti-theist. I hate what religion has done to the world, I feel we would all be better off without it, but religions are not people. To clarify, believing the world is better off does not fall into the category of inspiring murder, until anti-theism creates a commandment that claims “we must murder believers” and as soon as that day comes, I will unsubscribe – like I ask many Muslims and Christians to do when they realise the harsh and hateful truth of their beliefs.

This crime was inspired by racism, xenophobia and an underlying hatred of religion. Maybe he felt he was levelling the playing field? If so, he hasn’t enough lifetimes to equal the score. All I do know is 3 people died because of an idiots racist outlook. These were not extreme Muslims to my knowledge, they were normal folk. Not only did they not deserve to die, they didn’t deserve to be looked at strangely in the street because of the colour of their skin.

Sure, in my opinion their beliefs were laughable, and much worse their beliefs, maybe unbeknown to them helped fuel the refusal of modernity in Islam, but that dissolves when compared to the crime of a mad man. I do hope people notice what inspired this crime and not jump on a bandwagon of “islamophobia” like many Muslims have, only to bolster their case for the increase of power to ISIS etc again, sometimes without their knowledge.

Let these Muslims rest in peace, let their friends and family mourn the loss in their own private way. Some may say that you can justify the murders due to the thousands and thousands of killings by Muslims every year against non believers, this is the type of thing George Galloway would say if reversed, or anyone who says 9/11 was justified because of US interference in the middle-east, but I am not one of those people. I do not believe in an eye for an eye. We cannot afford any more blindness in this world; that of sight or ignorance.

My thoughts are with the friends and family of the deceased. Always remember, a short life of love and happy memories is much more valuable than the life of constant hate that their murderer has to live with everyday.

With care and hope for the future of humanity,


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The bible – comedy of errors from line one

Before being sent hate mail for stealing someone else’s work – I would like to say this piece is inspired by an episode of ‘the atheist experience’. According to reddit a speech about the comedy of errors in the bible was created by Matt Dillahuanty, but in a recent episode one of the other hosts also made this point (which inspired me). I am at no point claiming this as an original thought, although I will go into further detail, I will also start a little earlier than they did.

In the beginning…

“God created the heaven and earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters.”

How, if the world was without form, can there be a “deep”? A deep what? How does something without form have a deep face? Google “form” if you need to clarify the definition. Furthermore where the fuck did these “waters” come from? There is no form, god has not made any water yet – Fail #1

“God said let there be light” I would allow this, but we notice 8 verses later god “let(s) there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from night;”

Not only does this incorrectly explain how days and nights occur (yes, god would fail a 5 year old’s science exam – on the topic of a world he created), but it also makes absolutely no sense. If these lights in the heavens (let’s call them stars – the only place natural light comes from) were created in the 14th verse, where did the light come from in the 3rd verse? Without stars there is no source of light at all – therefore god either lied about the 3rd verse, or he relayed the message to his followers incorrectly, or the story is bollocks. Before you think the second point could be true, remember you would be concluding that this perfect god made a massive mistake literally a few words into his own book.

So here we are only 6 verses into a “perfect” book, finding numerous illogical statements and clear falsehoods. I ask of you how can a thinking person get past these initial verses without firstly noticing the problems & secondly ignore them to accept the account as reputable – this is intellectual deceit. One must relieve themselves of mental faculty and put aside any rationality they hold to agree to the validity of this book. Hand on heart I can confirm, as many others before me have, not a page can be turned within the bible without finding one single fallacy, incorrect statement or morally foul passage. I hope I don’t have to document each individually, but I may do pop back into the deep well of errors from time to time.

The Bible is a comedy of errors. God creates the world with only 1 person…and that turns out to be a mistake, so he makes a companion. Two people in the world, one rule…whoops, that failed. Let’s kick them out and make life more difficult, in the hopes that this will work…whoops, that failed. OK, let’s drown everyone on the planet except for the one most righteous family…whoops, that failed. As a punishment of supposedly exploration let’s confuse their languages so they can never understand each other… that failed. Cast them on different continents to segregate them … that failed. Let’s pick just one small group as the chosen group and swear to protect them whilst mandating them certain pieces of land… that failed. Let’s ignore them for a while, maybe that will make them better … that failed. Let’s pick and guide one king…fail. Let’s send ourselves down and take human form in order to sacrifice ourselves to ourselves as a loophole for a rule that we made…epic fail. Let’s create humans sick and demand them to not only be well, but force that they firstly feel guilty and seek repentance for an ill cast upon hem without their knowledge or say so … fail.

I admit much of this is out-of-order, but here is a quick overview of a few random fails from within the arc of the bible. There are hundreds more and that is a conservative number, I assure you.

Join me next time for more biblical errors. Please like, share and comment if you would be so kind. (especially share on theist pages)

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Kent Hovind: Catch-up on the criminal

For almost ten years Kent Hovind has been behind bars for tax evasion, the incarceration has created a slump in his popularity, so much so that many secularists do not know of him. The family name may be familiar if you are unlucky enough to have heard of his equally uneducated and unbearable son – Eric Hovind.

I would like to pass on a few details about this so-called godly man, who is a convicted felon not on only 1 charge but over 50. If I were a Christian I would wonder what sick game god was playing by sending the most annoying, idiotic and completely corrupt people to spread his loving message of promoting incredulity and ignorance. Why send Ray Comfort (who thinks a bibliophile is similar to a paedophile the phile part threw him), or Sye Tenn (who refuses to debate intellectually or honestly because he knows in the world of logic his stance has no place, making himself the perfect punch-bag for any human with a short temper) or Ken Ham (as closed-minded as a corpse and will accept no evidence against his beliefs – no wonder it’s so easy for him to follow nonsense) – why would god send these fools? barely the IQ of an average human between them, although I’m sure they have many “degrees” from Christian “colleges”, which means they have no degrees. Wouldn’t a god send … intelligent people? Ah, no, he works in mysterious ways remember. He sends stupid people to test us…

  1. So … Kent, firstly, he claims to be a doctor, but as he holds 4 degrees from unaccredited Christian colleges – this means he isn’t actually a doctor and he doesn’t have any qualifications of any merit. For example his dissertation to complete one of his latest degrees (maybe the laughable PhD which cost $39 a credit) has been read by a few online. What we know of it is as follows:
  • It is around 100-150 pages too short
  • Repeated pages and chapters
  • plagiarised sections and pages from the internet
  • Many spelling mistakes
  • Terrible grammar, that of a child
  • Incomprehensible writing style (again of a child)
  • Unscientific and low use of even basic logic

In an actual school this results in failure, in his school it resulted in a PhD – USA! USA!

2. Not only does he hold fake degrees, but he is wholly unscientific and in this category even falls below Ray Comfort on intelligence on the matter of evolution. (Kent has argued that scientists claim humans evolved from rocks – basically argues against a scientific fact that he doesn’t understand. If only he had a good education.

3. Is anti-democracy, believes it is a true evil that should be abolished and would rather live under a religious theocracy, not any one of course, but a Christian one – and not any Christian one, but the exact type of Christian off-shoot he believes in.

4. Batshit-crazy conspiracy theorist. Believes in the 9/11 truthers, the New World Order, the Oklahoma bombing was an inside job, that a type of cyanide is a cure for cancer that the US government is holding back from the world, UFO’s are US government experiments whilst others are satanic apparatus, claims many illnesses and viruses from HIV to West Nile Virus were created by the US government for some reason or other. Crazily enough there are many more stupid things he believes without evidence. Just google if you would like to go further down the rabbit hole; do this at your peril.

5. Pretends he is innocent of tax evasion, fraud and smurfing (taking large chunks of money from banks under the 10k amount to help keep the IRS from noticing his illegal activity) All the while his wife served 1 year in prison for doing just that. She felt she was innocent also, she didn’t even notice she kept withdraws just under 10k every single time.

“…No officer, I had no idea when I gave that drug dealer money he was going to give me drugs – it was a donation!” … Please.

6. Claims he doesn’t have to pay his taxes because he is a citizen of the kingdom of god & not the US (nice move sir).

7. Is anti-tax, feels it is un-american and against his human rights. He loves driving on american roads, being protected by american police or by the american army – but don’t you dare ask him to pay for it! What are you? A commie?

8. Whilst inside prison he has committed mail fraud with his son Eric and another assailant and will stand on trial for those charges later next month.

9. Ironically went to a school called “patriot” but cares so little about his fellow countrymen that he frauds them out of hard-earned cash as a preacher of nonsense, evades the taxes which keep his friends and family safe.

In one way this pitiful being is the most un-american person I can think of, he has no understanding of the beauty of the secularism on which his country was created, or the merits of a true worthwhile education. On the other hand he is the most american person I can think of as he has used the dodgy tax laws to his benefit, which did him good for over a decade. He is a product of the sheer idiotic American education system with regards to unaccredited schools, home schooling and Christian schools. He has used the freedom to believe as a pass to not only take pride in believing nonsense but also spreading it to other people’s children – damaging the lives of generations.

Kent Hovind and his son make being unintelligent and irrational cool to young children unable to decipher between the crazed nutbaggery told to them by their parents, preachers and News outlets (Fox) –  and the school teachers, scientists and honest intellectuals they hear of on youtube or in those dreadful “books”. Stupid people should not be ridiculed, nor those unable to leave the hold of religious zealots – but those who take an immense sense of pride in their ignorance and refutation of facts must be.

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Forever 21: Bible verse on every bag – did you know?

It seems I am always the last to know; after some research I have found that one or two national newspapers in the U.K. have already discussed this topic – I am ashamed to say it passed me by – maybe because it is regarding fashion. High-street fashion retailer ‘Forever 21’ has already fought off criticism in the U.S. & despite local coverage has seemed to have done the same here in England. I first heard of the store when my girlfriend explained she just had to wake up early to make the ‘grand opening’,

“really?”  was my response, I didn’t even know people actually did that (other than for iphones)

The shop which my partner frantically woke up to attend has fallen upon the fury of many secularists who have found it deplorable that the shop prints Bible Verses on their bags. This not only is an invasion in my opinion, but it just feels creepy.

Imagine my confusion as I looked around my room and found a bright pink plastic bag that my other half had brought with her, on closer inspection I wondered “does that say John 3:16? It can’t.”

John 3:16King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Christians may find this heart-warming, but is it not unbelievably wrong to force the idea not only that the Christian God exists (which presupposes other God’s who claim to be ‘the only’ do not exist) but that he gave a son (not a daughter) and finally that if you believe in him you will live forever – most importantly if you don’t believe in him you will “perish.” Might as well just say “Thanks for buying this item, if you’re a fan of cheese, you will have a good life, if you’re not – you will almost certainly get AIDS.”

If the bag secretly had a verse from the Quran or some wording from Mormonism or Scientology I believe it would get more attention.

I just found it a little disgusting that I was being subjected to someone else’s religious beliefs in my own home; some might say I invited my girlfriend in so technically I let her bring the item – but in truth she had no idea until I noticed it. How strange that the company wants to promote Christ so much that is secretly hides bible verses in the fold at the base of a bag. Not exactly obvious. For the first time in a long time I took my perspective from the position of a Muslim – silly ideologies aside – how would they feel if they had unknowingly brought such a blasphemous item into their homes? The same homes that grace the presence of The Holy Quran! I’m sure in many Muslim households this type of oversight could end up in shaming, discipline or even violence. Who knows, the same could be said of other religions – I know my family would have a similar reaction if I bought a certain newspaper or wore a certain item of clothing that was counter to our core values (like the Daily Mail & The Sun Newspapers – or a Swastika T-shirt)
Strange that in a supposedly secular country like the U.S. this is heralded by Christians as a beautiful thing, but in England a supposedly Christian nation it is seen as an unwanted intrusion. It never ceases to amaze me the country that fled religious control turned into arguably one of the most religious countries on earth.

On the one hand this is someone’s own company, it’s their choice to print whatever they like – I have seen high-street shops with half naked men and women and other things that could offend many, but this is more sinister. The company have been known to fast-track the careers of devout Christian designers and offer Christian missionaries to store workers, again it is their prerogative – it still sits wrong with me.

So where does it leave us? Should this be OK? Should buyers protest with their wallets and refuse to shop at Forever 21? Fat chance, the shop has more turnover each year than I care to mention. And due to low prices and fashionable designs I’m sure no teenagers or twenty some things are going to care; these issues wouldn’t bother everyday shoppers, but they really should.  If we set a precedent that this is acceptable we leave the door open for all religious nutbags to force their beliefs on us as long as we buy an item, which in truth we’re forced to buy due to low pricing.

The company do make donations to charities, which is fantastic, but like most religious companies there is little transparency regarding this (site includes charitable donations but it seems to me more of a missionary than a donation – I would bet they also donate bibles)

There has already been court hearings due to treatment of workers in sweat shops which a large cash settlement was made. Would Jesus endorse a company with billions in turnover that uses slave labour in foreign countries? I doubt it.

I won’t choose to shop here myself, and I advise others to take this into account before shopping there themselves, although I understand this is a losing battle. Please tell me what you would do, or what an atheists view of this should really be – I think consensus here might actually help.

A good option is to create a secular-fashionable-discount store that promotes humanism, morality, equality, fair trade and pays a good minimum wage to all employees (not just the ones we see in store but the ones in terrible conditions abroad) we need a healthy alternative that promotes freedom, peace & love, not the nasty horrors to be found in the bible (rape, slavery, genocide)

I wonder who owns Primark?

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The Arrogance of the Human Race

The last hundred thousand years has shown an increase in intellect among our species; cooking & consuming meat gave our stomach respite from the normal struggle to break down plant-life (which normally took hours upon hours). Meat on the other hand fuelled us with protein and took substantially less time to break down. Leading to, over many thousand years, our larger stomachs, larger intestines, and tiny appendixes. Scientific discoveries show that the human skull began to grown rapidly at the same time our ancestors began to eat cooked meats. The appendix, which is now all but obsolete, used to be a pivotal organ in the human body (I will not get into how this is ultimate proof of evolution) but I will move on to explain the sad state of affairs this gain has left us in.

We are now in a place of pinnacle awakening; as a species we have not only damn near mastered communication & technology, but also we are so cognisant that we have hit the brick wall of struggling with death. As far as we can see, we are the only species that truly knows what is coming naturally. This should be rejoiced, sadly, it brings more problems than solutions. We are now so intelligent as a species that we have fooled ourselves in believing it was all planned for us. I shudder every time someone says “everything happens for a reason”.

“Why?” is always my inner question? Why must something have a reason? And why should it revolve around a thing as trivial as I? (not a plea for sympathy, a simple truth statement)

Although off topic, I am reminded of the statements about “meaning”. What is the meaning of life?

My answer is simple: Just because we can ask a question, doesn’t mean that question has any value.

What is the meaning of Cheese? Of a Rock? I’m pretty sure that in ten thousand years I would still be correct in replying “that is a stupid question”

The human race still believes in deities, in unbelievable numbers. How interesting that the God always has the same sensibilities and strongly held beliefs as his/her followers – it is as if the human has created a God in his own image & not the other way around…

Our arrogance to look at the stars and say they shoot across the sky to give us a wish! The arrogance to have people in this year who still believe our sun revolves around us and not the other way around. We must be the centre of the universe, we must be God’s chosen people, we must be the best species, we must be the top of the food chain. We need to stop being so big-headed – because, in real terms, we are staring extinction in the face – and I cannot say the world will be in a worse state without us.

If we continue to base our “green policies” on biblical scripture (U.S. politician claims we don’t need to do anything about climate change as God said he wouldn’t send another flood in the bible), or if we continue to act like we have a permanent place on this planet, instead of the privileged caretaker position we actually hold – then only bad things will happen.

With use of nuclear weapons and imaginary gods, we might actually become the first species on our planet to go extinct due to our own idiocy. If Pandas go extinct – which they might – I can forgive them, because they do not have the ability to recognise that if they choose not to procreate they will deplete and disappear, but humans? We understand there are enough nuclear weapons sitting in bunkers to destroy every species known to man – yet we get anxious about job interviews & weddings; we lose sleep over who got kicked off of our favourite talent contest on TV – all the while, it could only take one person slipping on a newly mopped floor and landing on the wrong button to destroy everything we have ever worked for – or more importantly, everything we could imagine to.

If a God does exist, I very much doubt he created the billions of galaxies, and billions of billions of stars, just so I could get some C grades in my GCSE’s. For that matter I doubt he (or she) would even do it to see a whole human race born – we as a species are so sub-par it is shocking, the privilege we have been given is wasted every single day.

Take this for example: Who do we hold up as examples of brilliant humans? Would Nelson Mandela make the list? Most probably, and why? Because he stood against a horridly racist and sectarian regime? Is that not what we all should have done? Shouldn’t there be a million Mandela’s and just one opponent?

What about people being selfless in any regard? We hold this as heroic, but we wouldn’t even need the namesake if everyone acted in the same selfless way, we should make note of our 99% inadequacies not our 1% of success if we want to make an honest representation of human activity.

If proof of human brilliance, is one person doing what the rest of us fail to, then this is not human brilliance, this is human stupidity – Nelson Mandela should not have been the exception, or the figurehead, he should not have even had the ability to be famous for his stance, he should have been lost in a crowd of Mandela’s – in fact it should have been more important to find the ones that disagreed with him, so we could single them out for public ridicule.

The problem, as I see it, is the world is full of idiots; ones who are smart enough to understand basic subjects, but too stupid enough to ponder the greater issues in life. In the place of deep thought they leave a gap of wishful thinking and prayer, which eventually leads to creating imaginary sky daddies who believe in the same things we do – in turn leading to the ultimate arrogance that everything around us is not only made for us, but ours to do with as we please.

The beauty of cognisance has led to the ugliness of arrogance. To believe – as many do – that we are not only the dominant species, but also that we deserve to be so; thinking we are the supreme reason for all things before and all to come is not only unattractive and outwardly repulsive, but wholly unsupported by any evidence. It sadly screams of true humanity.

We are on the knife edge of an age where our mental capacity is slowly leading us to a realisation of how little we really are in this universe, and once we all lose the wishful thinking and blatant arrogance of personal faith – one can only guess how quickly as a species we will advance beyond our imagination.

Now from a message from our good friend Rustin Cohle:

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Rula Jabreal: Another “moderate” Muslim lying for her extremist comrades

Once again one of my favourite shows has been hijacked completely by the topic of Islam. In a career spanning three decades Bill Maher has criticised every religion he can manage, but now it seems he has taken a step too far, because he has insulted … gasp … ISLAM. Oh dear.

Islam: the lovely peaceful religion that asks its followers to kill anyone of another faith, the woman-loving religion that claims one man is worth two women, the tolerant faith that orders the death of anyone who draws a cartoon or writes a book about the Prophet big Mo, the child friendly religion that makes excuses for its most famous Prophet marrying a six year old girl (even moderate scholars deem Mohammed a paedophile under our understanding), only to consummate with her when she turned nine years old (total  gentleman), the all knowing and perfect religion that claims the world is flat and falsely proclaims that sperm comes from between the backbone and the ribs – regardless of how loud the Dr’s laugh. Yes that Islam, and people wonder why it needs to be criticised?

Here we have another apologist for Islam – Rula Jebreal – claims she stands for free speech – but when Maher uses it to criticise Islam she calls him a bigot; she stands for free speech but agrees with protests to stop Bill Maher from using free speech, because he may criticise her religion. Her first hypocritical action. (not sure she understands the idea of “free speech”)

In the video which I will attach she states she “Love(‘s) debates not monologues” she would like dialogue between people, not one person preaching – and as seen in the video she proves this by speaking over everyone else and recites a monologue for nearly seven minutes. Her second hypocritical action. (not sure she understand what a monologue is)

She, like Ben Afleck and Reza Aslan just weeks ago, quickly jump on the “generalisation” term, even though leading up to the point no one on the panel makes a generalisation about Muslims – just like Maher didn’t do the previous week when he was labeled a bigot for generalising, even though he never generalised, and just like the week before when he was told to “stop generalising” when he, yet again, at no point generalised. It seems people fail to understand the difference between Islam (a religion) and Muslims (group of people who follow said religion)

Please note how saying “I think Islam is horrible” is not the same thing as saying “I think all Muslims are horrible” – I understand this is hard for people to grasp, so I will grant you a minute or two to read those quotes back and get familiar with the difference.

I always love the irony of seeing a Muslim woman – specifically from Palestine – on TV wearing make up, hair down and clearly showing her beauty for all to see. As a male from the UK this is natural, but as anyone from a middle-eastern country that has either a Muslim majority or Shar’iah as law – this is profoundly wrong.

According to Allah, the “perfect & unchanging”, she should not only be wearing a head-cover but it should also be tucked over her breasts as not to tempt any men present:

Sahih International

And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, their fathers, their husbands’ fathers, their sons, their husbands’ sons, their brothers, their brothers’ sons, their sisters’ sons, their women, that which their right hands possess, or those male attendants having no physical desire, or children who are not yet aware of the private aspects of women. And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. 24:31

Although funny that she clearly ignores her God, I find it highly offensive that women in Palestine, who are wearing veils and head-covers as not to tempt the sex-fuelled men around them have to live in horrid conditions – the types of which I personally wouldn’t find fit for a pet (and I’m not an “animal guy”), worst of all she actually speaks over the three men present! How dare she! Does she not know her place? (I’m not misogynistic I’m making a point about Islam // Sadly I have to include this coda)

Qur’an (4:11) “The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females”

Qur’an (2:228) “and men are a degree above them [women]

Hadith Bukhari (6:301) “[Muhammad said, ‘Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?’ They replied in the affirmative. He said, ‘This the DEFICIENCY IN HER INTELLIGENCE.”

That last point was just to add some more misogyny just in case anyone was not sure how women are viewed in Islam.

How dare she (a women from a country with limits on free speech) go to the U.S. and voice her acceptance at removing the human right from another woman?

Bill Maher asks:

“Can you be gay in Gaza?”

“Yes you can.” replied Rula


“Yes you can.” she repeated

“And live?”

“Absolutely you can.”

A wise man once told me, if you have a good argument, you never need to lie. So why does she lie here?

According to the gay men who have fled Gaza for fear of prosecution and death, they think differently!

According to the law-makers and government of Palestine and its territories, it is illegal for a man to be gay in Gaza. But why let facts get in the way of a “moderate Muslim”. We know how religion and facts don’t mix – this is not limited to Islam.

I find people like her more dangerous than Jihad-is chopping off heads on youtube, why? Because everyone knows they are dickheads, not many people watch those videos and think “I should do the same thing! I agree with them!” Whereas people watch her and think, “She isn’t wearing a veil and she can say what she wants, so that must mean all Muslims have the same rights, I bet Islam is really peaceful, tolerant and nice! I bet they love gays!”

Her lies on TV and her stifling of an ex-Muslim’s right to criticise the world’s most divisive and destructive religion of this century, is truly shocking; it should be offensive to every woman in her home country who is born into a system that tells her she is worth half as much as her husband, who lives in a country where to speak your mind against the faith almost always leads to death, or to sit on TV with make up and no veil and shout at men could be an invitation for a cup of acid in your face.

How dare she lie and say you can be Gay in Gaza, when it is common knowledge that to be a gay man is illegal? Do people somehow forget they are on national TV?

Shame on her, shame on Rula Jebreal.