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How the regressive left fails on Free Speech

In the UK, we have a sharp paradigm of confusion with regards to liberalism and progressiveness. Of recent years our intention to build a fairer society with justice for all has tipped over the edge – landing on the opposite end of the scale. Long gone are the days of widespread racism & misogyny; sadly, instead of being replaced by less racism and less misogyny – we have replaced it with a group of people so afraid they might have offended someone somewhere, that they make sure they call out every sentence ever uttered for the supposed bigotry it is. If you dare say that “All lives matter” instead of just “black lives matter” you are branded racist and publicly harassed – which is odd, as if you said the same thing in 1970’s Britain you would have probably been harassed for saying “black lives matter” at all.

We are now in a state of panic, where asking questions like “Why exactly is Caitlin Jenner brave?” Is enough to get you fired and compared to Hitler by hundreds of thousands on twitter. No one ever seems to take a question as genuine anymore, especially when it is easier to screenshot and throw abuse. Most nowadays misunderstand abuse, they don’t see the difference between hurling abuse, and then hurling abuse at someone for doing the same thing. If someone on twitter claims “all black people are criminals” you would be just as abusive to tweet back a message that degrades him by the colour of his skin. This is hard to explain to the online community. They believe their bigotry is somehow protected as it is used to fight someone else’s. The mind boggles.

This week a 43 year old woman from Bicester, who must have been emotionally affected by the events in Paris took to her company’s facebook page to proclaim the following:

Blinks of Bicester are no longer taking bookings from anyone from the Islamic faith whether you are UK granted with passport or not,”

After screenshots & RT’s galore, on top of the barrage of hate-mail and abuse she has undoubtedly received – she has now been arrested after complaints of “racial abuse”. This must remind you of the cake shop in the United States which similarly refused to bake cakes for gays based on religious grounds. Both are as futile and childlike. A few things I have a problem with:

  1. How will she know who is Islamic or not? If they are white and shave the beard she would be none the wiser. The fact she thinks she can spot a Muslim, even though racially they are diverse and normally only recognised by their facial hair – this is the only part where I think the race card can certainly be used. As Islam and Muslim is not, I repeat NOT a race. If you don’t understand that, ask your nearest biologist or pick up a dictionary.
  2. How exactly is she racially abusing? Can a tweet, although utterly stupid, but completely vague and non-targeted to a specific human be counted as such? Other than the underlying idea she can spot one based on appearance does this barely count as racial – but even then it is at a push.
  3. And is it abuse? Genuinely, would this count as abuse?

Maybe it is, who knows. I do know that it is social media suicide, and if her business lasts till next Christmas I will be surprised.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not support this woman. I think she is a fool & also quiet idiotic to think her “stand” will do anything but cause an outcry of hate in her direction, not the support she probably expected. She should have waited a few hours after her anger died down to think twice about such a post. But here is a thought. Why was she arrested? Isn’t the online onslaught she has endured the price she must pay? I would expect so.

In the U.K. we have allowed a man with a child on his shoulders sitting on top of a 5 foot ISIS flag to parade around the streets of London as if it were a normal outfit. He was not arrested by the way. We have accepted the normality of letting actual terrorists like Michael Adebolajo protest on our streets who would end up beheading a British Soldier in Woolwich; terrorist organisations & sympathisers like CAGE who find any way to absolve terrorists and instead blame anything with links to the U.K. or Tony Blair – They claim not to be terrorist friendly, yet are publicly friendly with known terrorists and just seem to agree on about every subject with said terrorists – but I’m splitting hairs. Did I mention these hate groups and hateful people get police protection paid for by the tax payers? Let’s not forget Anjem Choudary who has spent the best part of a decade preaching hate against the U.K. government which just so happens to pay all of his bills and protected him with 24 hour police care. Many U.K. nationals who idolise Choudary then go on to fight in the Middle-East for groups such as ISIS. His links with terrorism are out in the open, his support is unashamed. Yet it took the U.K. over 10 years to arrest him with “encouraging support for terrorism”, but only took 24 hours to arrest a woman for a banal facebook post.

Where exactly do our priorities lay? The police didn’t do this alone, public complaints in the thousands most likely helped, so why were the same “liberals” and “leftists” not petitioning for Choudary’s arrest 10 years ago? Why did it take the U.K. government over 12 years to finally have Abu Qatada extradited to face terror charges (which a corrupt court found to be unsubstantiated) – even though the U.N. and all other experts have evidence of his links to Al Qaeda) but it took the U.K. police no time at all to arrest a women for saying something silly about Muslims in a tweet?

It seems strange to me that I can turn on my TV to watch Muslims using U.K. free speech laws to protest against free speech (Yes, they are that stupid) or catch them with signs like those below


Yet none of these men are arrested. None of them are outed on facebook or twitter to the hordes of hundreds of thousands of online bullies. This is one of the many ways in which the left fails, not the real left like myself who actually stands for liberal principals, but the newly named “regressive left”.

Are we really saying that an extremist can waltz through our streets expressing his/her interest in bringing chaos and murder to our country, but if an idiot with a social media account says “[Insert derogatory term] + Islam” that we must draw a line for justice?

I stand for free speech, I for one think these extremists should be allowed to protest and spew their hate any day of the week, although without police protection – furthermore I believe if you accept this, you must accept and allow this woman to post her nonsensical message of not serving anyone of the “Islamic faith”. It’s only fair, right?

Freedom of speech works both ways, for messages we adore and ones we abhor – many “leftists” have seemed to completely forgotten about that.



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The statistics that no one is willing to accept. And the Holy Book you have never read.

Just over a month ago, on October 1st, I wrote a piece about a Muslim child who was arrested for making a bomb hoax. I made a few important points that I won’t go over now – but I find it right to mention a similar thread which will align here. At the end of the blog I give reasons as to why a school would react in such a way to a Muslim child who had what looked like a bomb in his possession. Let’s not forget his engineer teacher had told him to hide the clock as he thought other teachers may suspect it a bomb, the child ignored this and then refused to answer teachers when the suitcase began to tick. Truth is, no matter what faith, this child would have been arrested. But we cannot ignore the elephant in the room.

In the height of the IRA crisis, it was the norm for call centre operatives to be trained on how to deal with potential bomb threats – especially from Irish callers. Nearly every news story about terrorism or bombs would have been linked to the IRA. But never did you hear the word “Irishaphobia” uttered; never did the news call the organisation “the so called IRA”, nor did anyone ever say in the pub (pre facebook) “stop blaming ALL Irish, it’s only a few bad apples!” or “they aren’t really Irish”

It seems with the IRA we were smart enough to know it wasn’t all of Ireland. We were intellectually honest enough not to invent pointless words like Irishaphobia. Oh how times have changed. The reason why it was a normal reaction to arrest the child, was because in the last decade or so, terrorism has ultimately been monopolised by Muslims. These are not Muslims but terrorists you say? Nonsense. One can be a good Muslim, one can also be a bad Muslim – we don’t go around excommunicating based on bad actions. If a man prays to Allah 5 times a day, and actually lives his life by the ancient scriptures of the Koran and Hadith – of which is the basis of Islamism, Jihadism & fundamentalist Islam – who are we to say he isn’t Muslim enough?

Hitler for example, was a Roman Catholic, his soldiers’ belt buckles read “GOD WITH US” engraved in their native tongue. In fact his book Mein Kampf mentions Jesus and God more than it does his own family. We cannot simply deny his faith because he exterminated generations of innocent humans; no more than we can deny a man of being a “true father” if he beats his children – sure he isn’t a good one, but biology doesn’t change with the PC feelings of the western populous.

Muslims who take care of their fellow neighbours, and raise money for charities are good Muslims who would, in my opinion, be just as good without their holy book. Muslims who marry children or chop the heads of infidels are bad people, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they are still Muslim. Especially when both the actions of marrying children and chopping heads off of infidels are written in black and white inside the Koran (Mohammed married a 6 year old; along with crucifiction and many other actions can decapitation be found)

The main crux is this. I ended the blog with a statement about how most people are blindly walking into a sharp knife, by parading themselves as left wing peace lovers on facebook, who claim every one is perfect, evil doesn’t exist and Islam has no bad passages. The majority of those on my facebook have absolutely no expertise on this subject, and couldn’t distinguish a bible verse from a hadith for a million pounds. Sadly social media has created a platform where all of our baseless and useless thoughts are somehow valued as important. I know nothing of ballet or Opera, thefore would never post a status about it – I do wish the vast majority of the country would stop becoming moral philosophers every time a country is invaded or a terrorists attacks a victim, because 20 statuses later and you still know fuck all about the subject.

Many sheep like humans are now known to post images and memes regarding Koran 5:32 which states:

…Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…”

This is beautiful. In truth it is one of the most out of context verses ever used in debate. For one, notice it says “innocent” and not “any” – Do ISIS see us as innocent? Of course not, therefore this verse commands our death by proxy. But what most don’t know, is the very next verse. Which not only takes back the previous one, but explicitly calls for death.

Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth (to cause) corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides of that they be exiled from the land…” – Koran 5:33

I wonder why people on facebook don’t post 5:32 and 5:33 back to back…

When the current leaders of ISIS say “you in the west let women drive and therefore you are at war with Allah” They specifically invoke chapter 5 verse 33 as evidence for justly murdering us. And as we are not innocent in their eyes, chapter 5 verse 32 isn’t applicable. I urge those who did not know of this verse, please stop debating Islam on the internet, as you only make it worse for those who actually understand this topic.

The statistics that no one will post on facebook, and that will get no shares or likes are as follows. In the October piece, up until that point there had been 230 known terrorist attacks worldwide in 2015. I will copy the findings below, to your amazement.

In 2015 alone, there has been a reported 230 “terrorist attacks”.

Attacks carried out by:

Christians: 1

Jews: 2

Unknown/unaffiliated with religious group: 17

Muslims: 210

210 out of 230 = 91.3%

Let that settle in. We keep reading these nonfactual memes that you are more likely to choke on a peanut than be killed by a Muslim radical. Well I don’t see peanuts on the list, but I see it is a hell of a lot safer next to a Jew then a Muslim. These figures do not include the massacre of Paris Friday 13th – so the 91.3% figure will have surely risen.

Are you ready to be reasonable and talk about the influence that not only religion but belief has on a human’s actions?

Are you ready to morally accept that the more you lie on facebook about how everyone wants to get a long that you are letting a radical ideology take over the world you say you hold sacred? Unless we accept these findings, we cannot begin to counter them.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but 91.3% of terrorism worldwide from January 1st 2015 to October 1st 2015 was carried out by Muslims only.

Think it over.

Rest in peace to all of our fallen friends in Paris; and for moral relativism, for all deaths at the hands of fanatics, especially Muslims in the Middle East and Central Africa who bear the brunt of Jihadism.


Saudi Arabia elected head of UN Human Rights committee; might as well ask Neo Nazi’s to lead the global effort against anti-semitism.

Saudi Arabia has been elected to head a key UN panel on Human Rights. They now have powers that include being able to choose the delegates who get to investigate claims of human rights abuses. In essence, the rapists are getting to choose which of their most mentally handicapped victims will get to testify against them. How can we let the world’s worst human rights abusers lead the fight against human rights abuses?

It is an utter disgusting turn of events and in my opinion is one of the worst political decisions in the last century.

Saudi Arabia, our “ally”, is a state that commits worse atrocities than North Korea and it doesn’t hide behind a secretive wall to do it. In full view of the public and with a rather high amount of personal adulation, they:

  •  Behead women publicly for mere suspicion of murder; no hard evidence or court case needed
  • Leave state executed bodies tied up in public streets
  • Behead prisoner to a crowd of entertained onlookers
  • Sentence Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for advocating free speech
  • Have a well known ‘religious police’ whose role is to find human rights advocates or freedom fighters & punish them
  • Force women to have a chaperone any time they leave their house. Any woman found without one can be given anything from 100 lashes to a death sentence
  • Give more lashes to a victim of gang-rape than her rapists received, as she was found to have left her house without a male counterpart
  • Restrict women from: Driving, Entering a cemetery, reading an uncensored fashion magazine, buying a barbie, wearing make-up, trying on clothes whilst shopping, competing in sports, swimming, interact with men – all mentioned here
  • Conducted more than 100 executions since January 1st 47 of which were for nonviolent drug offenses – like drinking a glass of wine or smoking pot and in the worst case smuggling heroine

Saudi Arabia execution 5 Yemeni5 Yemeni’s in Saudi Arabia charged with robbery and murder are here beheaded and hung for public display in 2013.

The list goes on and on. Basically the vilest things your imagination can muster, have been done 10x over in Saudi Arabia. And for those brave enough to have clicked the youtube links above, these executions are as shocking, stomach turning and vomit inducing than any scene from the nastiest of horror movies. We separate ourselves from reality when we watch films like ‘Hostel’, not knowing the most horrific of scenes from those films don’t even come close to the real torture that happens daily in Saudi Arabia.

We let the Saudi’s do this for one reason, oil. We need their oil supply and to a lesser extent we stay afloat by selling them weapons like guns, battleships, helicopters and fighter-jets. Imagine for a moment that Hitler’s Germany stood atop the worlds biggest oil field. Do you think we would have fought against him? By sheer logic, this ruling at the UN proves that Nazi Germany would have gone untouched if only they had an oil supply.

The Saudi’s are the world’s largest oil supplier, the second largest arms importer and spend the forth highest amount on military expenditure. When the time is right, who do you think the Saudi’s will aim their weapons at? Their Muslim brothers in the east or the western nations that live for everything they despise?

The first commercial oil well in Saudi Arabia was built in 1938, since then they have risen to being one of the richest nations on earth. They don’t have anything of worth other than oil. So as soon as oil runs out, they will fall back into the excuse for a state they used to be. No surprise then that the Saudi’s and their Qatar allies have spent much of their income on buying a massive amount of London. You now can’t throw a rock in our capital city without hitting an area that has been bought by middle eastern states including the Saudi’s. Even Scotland Yard is being mentioned as a potential new investment. The Arabians have also looked to solidify their monetary foundation once the oil disappears by buying stock in well known companies like Disney, Twitter & Apple.

Still, it isn’t too late to kill the dragon before it reaches maturity. Just one serious 12 month period by western countries into clean & renewable energy would cripple the Saudi’s. Just a few steps that would eradicate the demand for oil. They might seem extreme, but in reality they are completely possible.

  1. Offer giant tax breaks to car companies who build a minimum of 70% electrical vehicles or cover the cost of converting current motors.
  2. Put a 15-20% tax on any petrol or diesel vehicle sold, forcing the public to buy the cheaper & cleaner alternative.
  3. Place a similar tax on petrol or diesel for personal motors. (I know this might garner outrage but only because people need cheap petrol, if it became substantially cheaper to run an electric motor, then petrol prices could hit £3 a ml and not a fuck would be given as it would not effect the consumer.
  4. Ask BP & other oil companies to build electric pumps at every petrol station, and to keep them from abstaining due to personal interest, offer them first dibs on investment contracts in the electrical market.
  5. Give subsidies to car companies and the population for part exchanging their old cars for electric versions.

This would reduce the demand substantially, putting power back into the hands of western nations.

The simple fact is that it is not cost effective for car manufacturers to build electric cars. The market is tiny.

Manufacturers will not bend over backwards to save our planet – but they will adhere to a changing market. If BMW were offered  one year of no corporation tax in return for a push on electric cars – they would take the deal. If we offered BP or Shell a similar contract to add electric outlets to all of their petrol stations – they would oblige. They will get rich in the short term due to even less taxes, but in the long term we will rid ourselves of the archaic use of fossil fuels.

Many countries have used economic tricks for the betterment of domestic prosperity. Like targeted tariffs for instance, which are taxes on imports to counterbalance their cheaper price, therefore making the import price equal to its domestic comparable product – this is a commonplace economic system which is used in most advanced nations.

For example if a can of U.S. Pepsi costs 50p but a can of Canadian cola costs 20p, The U.S. would tax the Canadian import 30 pence – to give their domestic product a fighting chance.

Money is sadly the only power our society values and stupidly we are not using it to our advantage. Sure, the UK makes billions from the Saudi’s in the short term from sold weapons. But as stated earlier in the long term said weapons will destroy us. Our objective should be to eliminate the value of oil, therefore diminishing the power of rogue states like the Saudi’s. In turn we will help save our planet – what is stopping us?

We are a country that instead of sitting on our hands, enjoying histories largest Empire and watching the world burn. We chose to spend every penny we had fighting in two World Wars; the second of which bankrupted our nation, dissolved our Empire and took away our global leading status to the Americans.

We did it because it was the right thing to do. It’s a sad fact that the United States got tremendously wealthy off of the World Wars. Maybe if we were more cold-hearted we would have done the same – but I am proud of our stance and would rather a dead empire than a dead soul. It’s no secret that the U.S. gained wealth for 60 years using slave-labour after the rest of the world abolished it. Also no secret they abstained from the World Wars until it was completely unavoidable for them – instead of standing against the human rights abuses from day one like other morally respectable countries did. As you can see I digress. My point is, how far back have we gone? what ground have we lost? Where is the morality that led us to fight the Nazi’s? That Britain simply does not exist anymore, and when nonsensical right-wingers say “Our Britain isn’t Great anymore!” I agree nearly vomit knowing I agree with them.

It may be a bloody fight, especially if the Saudi’s begin to notice their loss in exports: see the death of the USSR for reference of a dying state fighting back. But it is a cause no less worthy than the threat of Nazism.

Now, to address the elephant in the room. Although, in my opinion Saudi Arabia is the perfect example of what a true Islamic State can be, this is no fault of Islam. This is a Kingdom with absolute power which happens to find that the callous shoe of extremist Islam fits perfectly. If Islam had not had a hold on the region for so long, I’m sure they would have taken a North Korean style of diplomacy. If secularism was a staple of their society, a more Stalin-like proposal would meet the needs. This proposal doesn’t lead to another crusade like war. It is an economic sanction used to speed up the process of non fossil fuel dependency.

With the strong arm of economic diplomacy, we can end a tyrannical kingdom whilst saving our planet from overuse of fossil fuels. Most importantly it will give us back the power to stand up against evil in the world, instead of turning a bling eye as we do now in the name of economic prosperity. United Kingdom, For shame!


Texas 2 – Islamic Terrorists 0

Two terrorists attempted to murder a group of Texans for carrying out free speech, I’ll give you -4 seconds to guess which religion they followed … It begins with I.

The event was held by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), which among other things offered a $10,000 prize for the best caricature of the prophet. Two radical Muslims seemed unhappy at the offensive nature of the event & planned to crash the gathering and kill, it would seem, anyone they could. Don’t worry, the fun is on its way.

Normally when discussing such events humour is void due to a high death toll of innocent people, thankfully the only people dead are the terrorists, in fact of the two hundred people present at the event, none were harmed – therefore I find humour necessary.

The terrorists wore body armour & held assault rifles, which leads me to suspect they had no intention of winning the $10,000 prize – unless it was a living art installation gone wrong… They attempted to shoot an unarmed off-duty security officer & a Garland Traffic officer; said traffic officer wasted no time in killing both attempted terrorists. If Allah is real, how shameful will it be standing before him and pleading “we tried our best” as Allah replies “but a fucking traffic cop?”

I think we often miss an opportunity when we discuss radical Islam. Instead of mentioning the 7% of politically radicalised Muslims, which amounts to more than 112 million people (don’t worry, it’s only a minority), we find ourselves discussing the fact that other religions don’t have nearly as much radicals. What about idiots? What about complete morons? To believe the truest sense of Islam, straight from scripture you would have to be completely stupid, so why let radicals have the sense of achievement by calling them by a term they take pride in?

From now on I refer to them as Islamic fuckwits or Islamic dullards & dolts.

I’m not a fan of guns in the U.S. I think it is a recipe for disaster, but I understand that with the amount of guns, one of the only ways to ensure protection is to have one yourself. In this instance, guns were both the good and bad of the situation. For instance it would have been a lot harder to kill people if all they had were knives, but that is for another time. I bring up guns for one reason. Texas. I have had the pleasure of living in Texas, and seeing first hand the beauty of the landscape and of the people, whilst also noticing the undercurrent of racial stereotyping, religious craziness and gun-nut-baggery. One can make a case for idiots in Texas, but this time they have been outdone. If you want to kill someone for your religion, you have more chance of survival in Israel than in Texas, children have guns, dogs have guns, I ate a cheesecake in Texas in the shape of a gun. What were these Islamic idiots thinking? In Denmark it made sense, that is a peaceful place, you are shooting fish in a barrel so to speak, they don’t deal with such actions often and are always to be caught off guard. In that sense the attacks in Denmark or France are even more evil due to their premeditation. But a bunch or (mostly) Christians in Texas? Are you out of your mind?

It doesn’t matter if you think Allah is on your side, if you pick a fight in Texas, you will probably get shot.

One fool, which shamefully comes from my own country of England, more specifically Birmingham (Birmingham-istan as it is known), used the hashtag #TexasAttack to show his support posting a picture of him holding a rifle and writing: “They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers Of The Islamic State.”

They Was Right.

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The Three Muslims

I won’t waste your time with images or names. Three humans have been killed in cold blood for absolutely nothing. A supposed anti-theist committed this crime, I address this because I too am an anti-theist. His hatred of religion may well have influenced his actions, it seems most probable. Most don’t understand the different between an agnostic and atheist let alone an anti theist. What must be clear is the different between inspired crimes and none inspired crime.

A Muslim who shoplifts is not doing it because he is a Muslim, I’m sure he has his reasons. Same with a Christian. There are no commandments or laws of the Islamic doctrine claiming subjects should shoplift. When a Christian kills a lesbian however, or a Muslim kills an unbeliever, this most definitely is taken straight from their holy books. We must understand this pivotal point.

There is no doctrine of atheism, it is a simple rejection of a god claim. Someone has said his car can fly, I have used logic to come to the conclusion that cars do not normally fly therefore I choose to reject the claim, I don’t say he is wrong, I just feel he needs to prove it first. There are no laws I have to follow of nasty morality, like Christianity. The same goes for an anti-theist. I hate what religion has done to the world, I feel we would all be better off without it, but religions are not people. To clarify, believing the world is better off does not fall into the category of inspiring murder, until anti-theism creates a commandment that claims “we must murder believers” and as soon as that day comes, I will unsubscribe – like I ask many Muslims and Christians to do when they realise the harsh and hateful truth of their beliefs.

This crime was inspired by racism, xenophobia and an underlying hatred of religion. Maybe he felt he was levelling the playing field? If so, he hasn’t enough lifetimes to equal the score. All I do know is 3 people died because of an idiots racist outlook. These were not extreme Muslims to my knowledge, they were normal folk. Not only did they not deserve to die, they didn’t deserve to be looked at strangely in the street because of the colour of their skin.

Sure, in my opinion their beliefs were laughable, and much worse their beliefs, maybe unbeknown to them helped fuel the refusal of modernity in Islam, but that dissolves when compared to the crime of a mad man. I do hope people notice what inspired this crime and not jump on a bandwagon of “islamophobia” like many Muslims have, only to bolster their case for the increase of power to ISIS etc again, sometimes without their knowledge.

Let these Muslims rest in peace, let their friends and family mourn the loss in their own private way. Some may say that you can justify the murders due to the thousands and thousands of killings by Muslims every year against non believers, this is the type of thing George Galloway would say if reversed, or anyone who says 9/11 was justified because of US interference in the middle-east, but I am not one of those people. I do not believe in an eye for an eye. We cannot afford any more blindness in this world; that of sight or ignorance.

My thoughts are with the friends and family of the deceased. Always remember, a short life of love and happy memories is much more valuable than the life of constant hate that their murderer has to live with everyday.

With care and hope for the future of humanity,


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Muslims protest Charlie Hebdo…

Zero Muslims protest outside downing street to stand up for the free speech of everyone (including enemies)

No large protest of Muslims against the Charlie Hebdo killings in London

Only around 200 Muslim protesters (finally) stand against ISIS in London

Only around 260 Muslims protest the Lee Rigby Killers

But thousands (between 1000-3000 reported) Muslims turn up to downing street to protest free speech and Charlie Hebdo.

That means for every 1 Muslim willing to protest for free speech, there are between 4-12 willing to protest against it.

If this doesn’t seem important to note, then what is the point in having a voice when most of us are too afraid to use it. Until we see some outrage by these “peaceful” people we keep hearing about, I won’t believe this fable. We are past nuance, silence is consent. This is not a fallacy regarding guilt by association; I can acknowledge the difference. Most are peaceful but their silence is echoed by the sound of their fellow brothers sisters and children dying in their thousands, and the only people who seem to give a shit are secularists. Muslims should acknowledge their feelings properly like most other groups on this planet can.

I stand up against Jihadist & Islamists because they kill thousands of innocent Muslims every year, will any Muslims like to join me in caring about their people or will secular atheists stand alone?

I despair.

Source 1

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First I would like to start by saying The Prophet Muhammad was a paedophile who married a 6 year old named Aisha (if you don’t believe me google his or her name) – he also married another 12 women (top guy to base your faith on – says a lot about you, yes that was aimed at all Muslims, not just the crazy ones. At least Jesus was a hippie for fuck sake; there are no redeeming qualities in a successful war-lord who spread Islam by killing thousands maybe hundreds of thousands brutally, marrying children & proclaiming that women are worth half as much as men due to their “deficiency in intellect”. You don’t have to be a jihadist, if you idolise this man you are repugnant – end of fucking statement. Google everything I say – you find one incorrect statement and I will eat my hat. I double dare you. ( you might learn something) If I were to start a religion with Jimmy Saville as the Prophet, I would be seen as a monster, and he wasn’t a war-lord! – well take what you will from that statement. Are you anxious? Offended? Worried for my safety? Good! Someone on facebook today said this:

“Terrible news from paris! Hope this doesn’t increase racial tensions here though, the gunmen today dont represent islam in the same way that the paedophile priests don’t represent the catholic church! Cant judge the majority by a minority”

Terrible news it is! Good start.

“racial tensions”

Here is where the trouble begins; is Christianity a race? The answer is no, therefore Islam is not a race either. Words have usages and meanings – let’s only use them when we know what they’re for. What she really means is people who may look “Muslimy” I guess people think Muslims are brown people from the Middle-East. Well, I also hope no one who looks a bit brown is attacked for this, but as we know this hardly ever happens – It did happen at the time of Argo, in a few cases; even after 9/11, attacks against random brown people were few and far between. So this is not an issue for concern.

“the gunmen today dont represent islam in the same way that the paedophile priests don’t represent the catholic church!”

Incorrect and here is why – you have committed the false equivalence logical fallacy. At no point in the Bible does it state that old men, or priests for that matter, should or can rape little boys. Not in any interpretation – it simply is not there. Worry not, there are many horrendous things – but not that. Therefore those priests can blame their rapes on themselves and not their faith. Meanwhile in the Quran (a book which the person making the claim has not read so is not qualified to speak on) it clearly states a Muslim (even the normys) can kill non Muslims; furthermore it states (just as the bible does) that you are forbidden to draw or create an image of the Prophet. Yet we see pictures of Jesus on the wall in church and no one is killed. The same law is found within the Quran (most of the Quran is a carbon copy of the New Testament anyway) but they (Muslims) actually follow it. They really believe it, they are not pretend believers like the people we know who put “Christian” on their job application because they’ve never done anything else. Yes, Muslims who bomb schools of non-believers, who fly planes into buildings in New York, or attack chocolate shops in Australia, or murder cartoonists in France, or murder cartoonists in Amsterdamn, are not “extreme” they are Muslim, they are doing exactly what their book tells them too. They are reading a page from their almighty which says “kill this man” and they are saying “Okay I will do that now” nothing extreme here. Are you “extreme” when you say bless you if someone sneezes? Of course not because as a child you are told to. Are you extreme when you put the holy communion directly into your mouth? Of course not because that is exactly what you are told to do. Are you extreme if you kill a cartoonist who drew the Prophet when you are told in Islam to kill anyone who does this? OF COURSE NOT. I don’t want to patronise, I actually wish these people would educate themselves. I get that from a position of ignorance, it may look racist, and from public scrutiny you may cower as no one wants to be labelled that way. You have an opportunity to learn, a chance to find out what the hell you are talking about instead of being a load of hot air. I know nothing of Chinese cookery, I leave that to the ones educated in that field. I know Islam. If you think these attacks are not Islamic – you do not know Islam.

If you wonder why I shout so loud against Islam & religion in general, or for free speech, or for logic and reason – Or why I stick up for the common good whilst the rest of you make excuses for Islam or religion in general – it’s because I will get enough time to be a silent coward or an ignorant fool when I am in the grave. As long as I have a breath in my body I am going to use it to be a menace to any indecency and corruption I see.

Islam is not a religion of peace: it is a religion of division, rape, child marriage, slavery, misogyny, fear, warmongering, violence in every sense of the word and needs to be stood against. Lots of “Muslims” are nice peaceful people – they don’t really follow the religion like they should, just like most “Catholics” in the U.K. who only go to church for Christmas or the odd wedding. The real Catholics are the priests who live by the rule of God, or stone their children to death for being unruly; The real Muslims are the men who kill cartoonists for drawing a picture, or the ones who do not let a woman who is menstruating stand in the same room as the Holy Quran so as not to tarnish it. (google it) The person on facebook is lovely, she is smart, friendly & is trying to be as nice as possible to other people; that is commendable. She, on this point is disastrously wrong. She has been fed a meme of Islamophobia which makes absolutely no logical sense. She – like many millions out there are afraid to say boo to a goose in case they offend. Soon they will be scared to call someone who is dying of obesity obese: Soon they will fear not to tell a smoker that they are damaging their health, soon they will fear to tell a naughty child off as to not offend him, or not blame criminals for their actions and just ask them all to go free because Russel Brand probably told them. At that point we might as well accept that human intellect peaked a long time ago, and we should crawl back into the earth like the cowards we have become. Until then…

I am Jordan Smith

I am Edmond Dantes

I am Winston Smith

I am Charlie Hebdo

#Je Suis Charlie

Rest in Peace