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How the regressive left fails on Free Speech

In the UK, we have a sharp paradigm of confusion with regards to liberalism and progressiveness. Of recent years our intention to build a fairer society with justice for all has tipped over the edge – landing on the opposite end of the scale. Long gone are the days of widespread racism & misogyny; sadly, instead of being replaced by less racism and less misogyny – we have replaced it with a group of people so afraid they might have offended someone somewhere, that they make sure they call out every sentence ever uttered for the supposed bigotry it is. If you dare say that “All lives matter” instead of just “black lives matter” you are branded racist and publicly harassed – which is odd, as if you said the same thing in 1970’s Britain you would have probably been harassed for saying “black lives matter” at all.

We are now in a state of panic, where asking questions like “Why exactly is Caitlin Jenner brave?” Is enough to get you fired and compared to Hitler by hundreds of thousands on twitter. No one ever seems to take a question as genuine anymore, especially when it is easier to screenshot and throw abuse. Most nowadays misunderstand abuse, they don’t see the difference between hurling abuse, and then hurling abuse at someone for doing the same thing. If someone on twitter claims “all black people are criminals” you would be just as abusive to tweet back a message that degrades him by the colour of his skin. This is hard to explain to the online community. They believe their bigotry is somehow protected as it is used to fight someone else’s. The mind boggles.

This week a 43 year old woman from Bicester, who must have been emotionally affected by the events in Paris took to her company’s facebook page to proclaim the following:

Blinks of Bicester are no longer taking bookings from anyone from the Islamic faith whether you are UK granted with passport or not,”

After screenshots & RT’s galore, on top of the barrage of hate-mail and abuse she has undoubtedly received – she has now been arrested after complaints of “racial abuse”. This must remind you of the cake shop in the United States which similarly refused to bake cakes for gays based on religious grounds. Both are as futile and childlike. A few things I have a problem with:

  1. How will she know who is Islamic or not? If they are white and shave the beard she would be none the wiser. The fact she thinks she can spot a Muslim, even though racially they are diverse and normally only recognised by their facial hair – this is the only part where I think the race card can certainly be used. As Islam and Muslim is not, I repeat NOT a race. If you don’t understand that, ask your nearest biologist or pick up a dictionary.
  2. How exactly is she racially abusing? Can a tweet, although utterly stupid, but completely vague and non-targeted to a specific human be counted as such? Other than the underlying idea she can spot one based on appearance does this barely count as racial – but even then it is at a push.
  3. And is it abuse? Genuinely, would this count as abuse?

Maybe it is, who knows. I do know that it is social media suicide, and if her business lasts till next Christmas I will be surprised.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not support this woman. I think she is a fool & also quiet idiotic to think her “stand” will do anything but cause an outcry of hate in her direction, not the support she probably expected. She should have waited a few hours after her anger died down to think twice about such a post. But here is a thought. Why was she arrested? Isn’t the online onslaught she has endured the price she must pay? I would expect so.

In the U.K. we have allowed a man with a child on his shoulders sitting on top of a 5 foot ISIS flag to parade around the streets of London as if it were a normal outfit. He was not arrested by the way. We have accepted the normality of letting actual terrorists like Michael Adebolajo protest on our streets who would end up beheading a British Soldier in Woolwich; terrorist organisations & sympathisers like CAGE who find any way to absolve terrorists and instead blame anything with links to the U.K. or Tony Blair – They claim not to be terrorist friendly, yet are publicly friendly with known terrorists and just seem to agree on about every subject with said terrorists – but I’m splitting hairs. Did I mention these hate groups and hateful people get police protection paid for by the tax payers? Let’s not forget Anjem Choudary who has spent the best part of a decade preaching hate against the U.K. government which just so happens to pay all of his bills and protected him with 24 hour police care. Many U.K. nationals who idolise Choudary then go on to fight in the Middle-East for groups such as ISIS. His links with terrorism are out in the open, his support is unashamed. Yet it took the U.K. over 10 years to arrest him with “encouraging support for terrorism”, but only took 24 hours to arrest a woman for a banal facebook post.

Where exactly do our priorities lay? The police didn’t do this alone, public complaints in the thousands most likely helped, so why were the same “liberals” and “leftists” not petitioning for Choudary’s arrest 10 years ago? Why did it take the U.K. government over 12 years to finally have Abu Qatada extradited to face terror charges (which a corrupt court found to be unsubstantiated) – even though the U.N. and all other experts have evidence of his links to Al Qaeda) but it took the U.K. police no time at all to arrest a women for saying something silly about Muslims in a tweet?

It seems strange to me that I can turn on my TV to watch Muslims using U.K. free speech laws to protest against free speech (Yes, they are that stupid) or catch them with signs like those below


Yet none of these men are arrested. None of them are outed on facebook or twitter to the hordes of hundreds of thousands of online bullies. This is one of the many ways in which the left fails, not the real left like myself who actually stands for liberal principals, but the newly named “regressive left”.

Are we really saying that an extremist can waltz through our streets expressing his/her interest in bringing chaos and murder to our country, but if an idiot with a social media account says “[Insert derogatory term] + Islam” that we must draw a line for justice?

I stand for free speech, I for one think these extremists should be allowed to protest and spew their hate any day of the week, although without police protection – furthermore I believe if you accept this, you must accept and allow this woman to post her nonsensical message of not serving anyone of the “Islamic faith”. It’s only fair, right?

Freedom of speech works both ways, for messages we adore and ones we abhor – many “leftists” have seemed to completely forgotten about that.



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The statistics that no one is willing to accept. And the Holy Book you have never read.

Just over a month ago, on October 1st, I wrote a piece about a Muslim child who was arrested for making a bomb hoax. I made a few important points that I won’t go over now – but I find it right to mention a similar thread which will align here. At the end of the blog I give reasons as to why a school would react in such a way to a Muslim child who had what looked like a bomb in his possession. Let’s not forget his engineer teacher had told him to hide the clock as he thought other teachers may suspect it a bomb, the child ignored this and then refused to answer teachers when the suitcase began to tick. Truth is, no matter what faith, this child would have been arrested. But we cannot ignore the elephant in the room.

In the height of the IRA crisis, it was the norm for call centre operatives to be trained on how to deal with potential bomb threats – especially from Irish callers. Nearly every news story about terrorism or bombs would have been linked to the IRA. But never did you hear the word “Irishaphobia” uttered; never did the news call the organisation “the so called IRA”, nor did anyone ever say in the pub (pre facebook) “stop blaming ALL Irish, it’s only a few bad apples!” or “they aren’t really Irish”

It seems with the IRA we were smart enough to know it wasn’t all of Ireland. We were intellectually honest enough not to invent pointless words like Irishaphobia. Oh how times have changed. The reason why it was a normal reaction to arrest the child, was because in the last decade or so, terrorism has ultimately been monopolised by Muslims. These are not Muslims but terrorists you say? Nonsense. One can be a good Muslim, one can also be a bad Muslim – we don’t go around excommunicating based on bad actions. If a man prays to Allah 5 times a day, and actually lives his life by the ancient scriptures of the Koran and Hadith – of which is the basis of Islamism, Jihadism & fundamentalist Islam – who are we to say he isn’t Muslim enough?

Hitler for example, was a Roman Catholic, his soldiers’ belt buckles read “GOD WITH US” engraved in their native tongue. In fact his book Mein Kampf mentions Jesus and God more than it does his own family. We cannot simply deny his faith because he exterminated generations of innocent humans; no more than we can deny a man of being a “true father” if he beats his children – sure he isn’t a good one, but biology doesn’t change with the PC feelings of the western populous.

Muslims who take care of their fellow neighbours, and raise money for charities are good Muslims who would, in my opinion, be just as good without their holy book. Muslims who marry children or chop the heads of infidels are bad people, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they are still Muslim. Especially when both the actions of marrying children and chopping heads off of infidels are written in black and white inside the Koran (Mohammed married a 6 year old; along with crucifiction and many other actions can decapitation be found)

The main crux is this. I ended the blog with a statement about how most people are blindly walking into a sharp knife, by parading themselves as left wing peace lovers on facebook, who claim every one is perfect, evil doesn’t exist and Islam has no bad passages. The majority of those on my facebook have absolutely no expertise on this subject, and couldn’t distinguish a bible verse from a hadith for a million pounds. Sadly social media has created a platform where all of our baseless and useless thoughts are somehow valued as important. I know nothing of ballet or Opera, thefore would never post a status about it – I do wish the vast majority of the country would stop becoming moral philosophers every time a country is invaded or a terrorists attacks a victim, because 20 statuses later and you still know fuck all about the subject.

Many sheep like humans are now known to post images and memes regarding Koran 5:32 which states:

…Whosoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…”

This is beautiful. In truth it is one of the most out of context verses ever used in debate. For one, notice it says “innocent” and not “any” – Do ISIS see us as innocent? Of course not, therefore this verse commands our death by proxy. But what most don’t know, is the very next verse. Which not only takes back the previous one, but explicitly calls for death.

Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth (to cause) corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides of that they be exiled from the land…” – Koran 5:33

I wonder why people on facebook don’t post 5:32 and 5:33 back to back…

When the current leaders of ISIS say “you in the west let women drive and therefore you are at war with Allah” They specifically invoke chapter 5 verse 33 as evidence for justly murdering us. And as we are not innocent in their eyes, chapter 5 verse 32 isn’t applicable. I urge those who did not know of this verse, please stop debating Islam on the internet, as you only make it worse for those who actually understand this topic.

The statistics that no one will post on facebook, and that will get no shares or likes are as follows. In the October piece, up until that point there had been 230 known terrorist attacks worldwide in 2015. I will copy the findings below, to your amazement.

In 2015 alone, there has been a reported 230 “terrorist attacks”.

Attacks carried out by:

Christians: 1

Jews: 2

Unknown/unaffiliated with religious group: 17

Muslims: 210

210 out of 230 = 91.3%

Let that settle in. We keep reading these nonfactual memes that you are more likely to choke on a peanut than be killed by a Muslim radical. Well I don’t see peanuts on the list, but I see it is a hell of a lot safer next to a Jew then a Muslim. These figures do not include the massacre of Paris Friday 13th – so the 91.3% figure will have surely risen.

Are you ready to be reasonable and talk about the influence that not only religion but belief has on a human’s actions?

Are you ready to morally accept that the more you lie on facebook about how everyone wants to get a long that you are letting a radical ideology take over the world you say you hold sacred? Unless we accept these findings, we cannot begin to counter them.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but 91.3% of terrorism worldwide from January 1st 2015 to October 1st 2015 was carried out by Muslims only.

Think it over.

Rest in peace to all of our fallen friends in Paris; and for moral relativism, for all deaths at the hands of fanatics, especially Muslims in the Middle East and Central Africa who bear the brunt of Jihadism.


Prison: Rehabilitation or Time out for Adults?

As always I want to give a new view on a much publicised news story. It seems no one has mentioned the major failure in this instance.

Yishai Schlissel, an Ultra-Orthodox Jew was sentenced to 12 years in prison back in 2005 for stabbing three people at a Gay Pride parade. After serving 10 years of this sentence he was somehow deemed fit for social interaction and released. Not long after his freedom was granted, he stabbed a further 6 people at the same parade in Israel. The prison system, in his case, was nothing more than a time out.

It is true that we find cases of drug rehabilitation, also cases of offenders who are shocked into normality by the difference of life inside a cell. The great work educators do to help those in need of more options in life is also frequently mentioned; more often than not we see radicalisation or a hardening of criminals.When we scrutinise the figures, especially in the west, prison offenders usually become repeat offenders & end right back in the hole. The system seems to take away any fighting chance of being a productive part of society. But aside from the many failings of the prison complex – Let us just quickly observe this case.

This man may well have been offered counselling in prison, or classes to help his anger; he could have been enrolled into a de-radicalisation program, of which I hear more and more recently. Either way, absolutely none of it has worked. I’m sure a few weeks of therapy cannot cure the many decades of religious conditioning and brainwashing this man has endured, but one would hope ten years to really think over your crime would be enough to bring about a more harmonious realization. Even in my darkest of days, when I feel utter contempt and hatred for someone, a few moments and some words of wisdom can always calm me down. How can this man let his hatred for gays stew for a whole decade without the taste fading?

Due to the rising wave of radical religious attacks (This guy-Jew//Breivik-Christian//vast  majority of terror attacks in last two decades-Muslims) (Notice how only one of these examples is bigoted & racist?) we need to find a new way of treating the illness of utter religiosity. Throwing someone in prison is not the cure for every crime, this is why medication and therapies have been adopted into the system – but this simply will not do. If anyone thinks putting a grown man, with deep & passionately held beliefs about killing gays for god, is going to do a 180 just by sitting in a room, then that person has a simplistic view of the human psyche.

Not only do we need a more thought-out approach to this problem, but it needs to be transparent, so we can all have a say in how effective the method may be – or how humane. Public money will be spent on it, so why not?

If this turns out to be a case where trying to take the religious fervor from a man is a human rights abuse, then I believe we need to re-asses human rights all together. We must also acknowledge that if a man is willing to:

A) Kill for God (which he was quoted as saying)

B) Believes fully in the barbarity & nonsensical claims of the Old Testement (snakes talk, sacrifice your children, women come from ribs)

C) Not able to change his mind or show remorse for his hate crimes, even after a ten year cooling period.

Then we have to admit, he is clearly psychologically damaged & needs not a prison but a mental institute, because I’m pretty sure another 20 years would do nothing for this man’s illness. One thing is for certain, if you brainwash children to think gays are an evil that must be killed in the name of god, those children will grow up to carry out the will of god, or support those who do.


Texas 2 – Islamic Terrorists 0

Two terrorists attempted to murder a group of Texans for carrying out free speech, I’ll give you -4 seconds to guess which religion they followed … It begins with I.

The event was held by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), which among other things offered a $10,000 prize for the best caricature of the prophet. Two radical Muslims seemed unhappy at the offensive nature of the event & planned to crash the gathering and kill, it would seem, anyone they could. Don’t worry, the fun is on its way.

Normally when discussing such events humour is void due to a high death toll of innocent people, thankfully the only people dead are the terrorists, in fact of the two hundred people present at the event, none were harmed – therefore I find humour necessary.

The terrorists wore body armour & held assault rifles, which leads me to suspect they had no intention of winning the $10,000 prize – unless it was a living art installation gone wrong… They attempted to shoot an unarmed off-duty security officer & a Garland Traffic officer; said traffic officer wasted no time in killing both attempted terrorists. If Allah is real, how shameful will it be standing before him and pleading “we tried our best” as Allah replies “but a fucking traffic cop?”

I think we often miss an opportunity when we discuss radical Islam. Instead of mentioning the 7% of politically radicalised Muslims, which amounts to more than 112 million people (don’t worry, it’s only a minority), we find ourselves discussing the fact that other religions don’t have nearly as much radicals. What about idiots? What about complete morons? To believe the truest sense of Islam, straight from scripture you would have to be completely stupid, so why let radicals have the sense of achievement by calling them by a term they take pride in?

From now on I refer to them as Islamic fuckwits or Islamic dullards & dolts.

I’m not a fan of guns in the U.S. I think it is a recipe for disaster, but I understand that with the amount of guns, one of the only ways to ensure protection is to have one yourself. In this instance, guns were both the good and bad of the situation. For instance it would have been a lot harder to kill people if all they had were knives, but that is for another time. I bring up guns for one reason. Texas. I have had the pleasure of living in Texas, and seeing first hand the beauty of the landscape and of the people, whilst also noticing the undercurrent of racial stereotyping, religious craziness and gun-nut-baggery. One can make a case for idiots in Texas, but this time they have been outdone. If you want to kill someone for your religion, you have more chance of survival in Israel than in Texas, children have guns, dogs have guns, I ate a cheesecake in Texas in the shape of a gun. What were these Islamic idiots thinking? In Denmark it made sense, that is a peaceful place, you are shooting fish in a barrel so to speak, they don’t deal with such actions often and are always to be caught off guard. In that sense the attacks in Denmark or France are even more evil due to their premeditation. But a bunch or (mostly) Christians in Texas? Are you out of your mind?

It doesn’t matter if you think Allah is on your side, if you pick a fight in Texas, you will probably get shot.

One fool, which shamefully comes from my own country of England, more specifically Birmingham (Birmingham-istan as it is known), used the hashtag #TexasAttack to show his support posting a picture of him holding a rifle and writing: “They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers Of The Islamic State.”

They Was Right.

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Freedom to discriminate

Freedom of/from religion was a beautiful idea, supposed to rid the world of idiotic shamanism and inspire scepticism, or at best a move towards deism.

Sadly, the beauty of an idea is only as great as its safeguards. None of which were put in place; therefore freedom of religion or non-religion led to privatised preaching. The uneducated were sold lies by richer charlatans who not only had freedom to say whatever bigoted or outdated thing they professed to believe, but had tax incentives to boot. The hole left by deregulation was filled by the very thing the country stood against. Now the U.S. is arguably one of the most religious countries in the world. Regarding deregulation you only need to look at the banking crisis of recent years; the free reign of children for priests in the church; the misuse of billions by right-wing Christians in the U.S. taken from pious believers ; All of this possible when regulatory powers are taken away from higher bodies.

This recent misuse of freedom has resulted in anti-gay laws in the U.S. Obviously nothing new, the U.S. has always had some sort of anti-homosexual tendencies, from the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ armed forces attitude, to the mental disorder diagnosed to gays in the U.S. until 1974; truly disgusting.

These laws are different; in Indiana (and other states that have began to follow suit) companies are placing signs in their front windows proclaiming ‘No admission to Gays’, ‘No Gays allowed’, or my favourite of the bunch – a rainbow symbolising the LGBT community with a red X through it. (who puts an X through a rainbow? I mean really?)

Of course, the law is named ‘Religious Freedom Restoration act’; to put it mildly, having the “freedom” to refuse queers is a symbol of a broken society – and america is a broken society. The Nazi’s had plaques to refuse Jews; not too long ago the U.S. had plaques to refuse coloreds and now the same for gays. In one respect the Jewish statement diverts, as to be of Jewish ancestry is hardly a choice, although to practise is; in any event to cast away a part of society for something they are unable to “fix” is diabolical. Blacks can’t help that they are beautiful, and Gays cannot help that they are fabulous, they just are.

How can the soil where we planted the greatest seed of human integrity, be defiled by the cruel footprints of segregation – yet again!

I have the freedom to swing my arm, but that freedom only extents to a few inches from someone else’s face – I cannot overstep that boundary. Your freedom of religion is yours to cherish, and ends right before it discriminates another human being. This law is not freedom but clear discrimination. Not only is it bad for business, but it’s bad for humanity.

I can, and have, mocked the undoubted disgusting beliefs of middle-eastern faiths (all of them); I can do this on the basis that I am morally superior to them in every single way. I do not hate by the colour of someone’s skin, I do not kill due to the “sect” someone is born to, this gives me the moral high-ground. Slowly but surely the United States has lost its moral high-ground. No more can they throw stones at the middle east and say “look at those barbaric people” as long as a man or woman can be publicly abused by their fellow neighbours for their sexual orientation, all because of a book of laughable tales of genocide and incest. As long as these laws exist, you are no different to those you point the finger at. You shout “look at the hatred Mohammed has given them” they shout back “look at the nastiness of those who follow Jesus”, when both of you need to look at yourselves in disgust.

Not only do these laws need to be tackled but regulations need to be enforced to stop them from arising again. There must be an education given regarding the different between free speech and hate speech, freedom and discrimination.

The people in certain states stand behind nonsense of the sort due to indoctrination, home-schooling, faith schools & acceptance open bigotry, even on the political spectrum. Educating these inbreeds would be a great start to achieving equality; so let’s start there!

Let us then ask the bible belt of america to explain why they are so vehemently against gays, yet they watch the most gay pornography of any of the states! A massive majority of these anti-gay half-wits are viewing gay porn regularly on an unprecedented scale, so let’s ask them about it! (start with the preachers)

On a serious note, I can’t imagine what it would be like to wake up tomorrow and be gay, or black for that matter. It horrifies me to say, I would be completely anxious of the world I would have to face; I hate that others have to live this existence.

If you live in America, please boycott these business, you may miss your favourite burger house – but your morality and integrity depends on it. Please write to your local representatives and be counted as one who opposes this bigotry. If given the opportunity, try and make someone else’s life better by letting them know how you feel.

It costs you nothing to walk up to a gay couple who have been turned away and give some kind words “If you can’t eat here, nor will my family – we are with you”. A few words could change the outlook of someone utterly humiliated and depressed.

Please make sure you make your voice heard, because the freedoms of ordinary humans, and the honour of your country is in the balance. Black children in the U.S.A can look at their president and say “I can achieve that”, what hope do gays have until they can say the same?

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The Godless Race

I am rather occupied with politics all year round, by my own accord I might add, but even I get a headache leading up to an election. At the same time I get to laugh at the utter stupidity of the Ted Cruz nomination in the US, I also get to listen to David Cameron drone on about a “Greater Britain”. I keep hoping he will say “it will be great if twats like me piss off”, alas, he won’t.

Hearing the same arguments & scaremongering over and over is tiresome, maybe even a little futile if you believe the “nothing really changes” rhetoric, which I don’t. Each day a new point being made, a new position to be haggled over. Personal attacks are thrown around as fair game. The constant admission of “hard decisions” that need to be made, yet I never saw the PM look skinny due to under-eating. We must accept that the PM makes the tough decisions and the people live with the aftermath of those decisions – I guess that is life.

On top of all the nonsense and boring statistical white lies, I constantly find myself heaving a sigh of relief regarding the complete silence of god.

Luckily for me and my country I can sit back and watch with complete indifference the show that is U.S. politics. Politicians having to claim they believe in silly stories like Noah’s Ark, even though there is no evidence such story ever occurred – and plenty to say it never. Senators who swear that climate change is a hoax or still up for debate, even though the debate has been had by scientists and they all agree – It exists, its current form is due to human involvement – the debate is over. Every speech includes ‘our friends in Israel’ or ‘God as my witness’ or ‘as a Christian’ – What the fuck does this have to do with a secular policy in a secular nation?

Gladly, the UK race is godless (for the minute). Cameron doesn’t have to pander to the lunatics & low information voters regarding god, although he does regarding immigration. Ed Miliband refuses to mention his personal beliefs at every turn; people in the U.S. must wonder how on earth he makes his policy ideas without asking an invisible man.

George Bush Jr told us he asked god if he should go into Iraq, regardless of your position, we can hardly say god gave the right advice can we?

Either way, I get what I want. I can watch the witless politics of the U.S. with a smile of astonishment, whilst banging my head against the wall at the childlike attempts of gaining followers by the U.K. politicians.

At the end of the day I am happy that my guys are basing their judgements on Realpolitik, on statistics (which favour themselves obviously) and on what they feel is best for the country and their interests. At no point am I bombarded with claims of god being on their side, or even slight nods to one (true) religious sect.

That I am proud of. Let is keep it that way; there is enough bullshit in the news as it is to include religious fairy-tales.

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The Curse of Christopher Hitchens: Great Expectations

Recently I have been ultimately disappointed by one of my heroes. I’m not sure that there is any way I could truly convey my sadness, maybe there are secularists or atheists out there who feel my pain. I had become a big fan of the orator, Christopher Hitchens, maybe a year before his passing. I have spent most of my time since admiring the man who could not only structure arguments with wit and sharpness, but also switch from dry humour to utter vengeance without a moments notice. His intellect and use of the spoken word, I am sure, has done more for atheists in the 21st century than Galileo.

Now I can take his balls out of my mouth and start my saddening critique.

With many things that I look forward to, I wait as long as I can to taste the fruits of excitement. From films, TV shows, and books – I have a thing of leaving the best till last, or at least giving myself a sense of tension and patience. With Hitchens, I have seen most likely every single debate of his on youtube more than once, I have learned many things from him including how to debate, and most importantly how not to fall into using logical fallacies. I have now finally got around to reading his books. All I can say is, I wish I hadn’t.

I know many will say the same of my books, but I doubt anyone looks up to me as a hero. Firstly I read ‘god is not Great’, I expected so much, and in turn felt I received so little. I often found myself bored and underwhelmed by his arguments. Where had his fierce nature gone to? I almost didn’t hear a peep in his book about Islam, he barely even touched on the utter absurdity of the 3 main monolithic faiths – although he took some good shots at Mormonism. On stage, in front of a crowd he could literally destroy Judaism, Christianity and Islam in 5 minutes or less – and would do so strikingly. Yet in this book, he almost sounds like an apologist, I kept thinking any minute now he will get angry and tell me what he really thinks. Instead of the whiskey & smoke fuelled attack I was used to, I got some vegan excuse for atheism. In many chapters I found it hard to understand on what side of the fence he stood – those who know Hitch from only his debates will be shocked to read this, and probably regard these statements as untrue. Be that as it may, all I can give is my account.

If I had to put up ‘god is not Great’ against the likes of ‘Infidel’ which I read directly before hand, I would have to say the latter surpassed the former by a substantial margin. I believe the curse has to be that the style of spoken word, the use of language on the spot, the sheer charisma – and it must be mentioned – utter raw sexuality of the “who gives a fuck what you think” attitude, has marred what one would expect to be an equal writing style. In its stead is a system of printed information that goes simply over my head. Where did the wit go? Where can I find the stinging rebuttals?

Next was ‘The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory & Practise’

This also fell short. I do know that reviews online are simply dazzling for both these titles, but I must admit, I do feel Hitchens’ fanbase may be the driving force behind such. If not I am astounded at how much I missed the boat. Although the attack on Teresa has its warrants and validity, it seemed dull in comparison to Hitch’s own TV show that preceded the book. By condensing the information and using his conversational skills, he was gripping and informative – the book is neither in my opinion. One thing I have to admit, although this is of my own fault and not his, I simply find too many Latin phrases being used. My education has given me a few well known catch phrases of the Latin ilk, but on nearly every page I am subjected to a reminder of how bad my education really was – If I wanted to know about Mother Teresa in a dead language I would have read the Latin translation. That is neither here nor there. Worst of all has to be the fact I knew of many sentences before they appeared. By the half way mark I understood many of Hitchens’ famous phrases were not on the stop genius but thought out statements which he used in his books. At first glance of a chapter I knew there would be a certain sentence about this or that copied from one of his many debates – verbatim. This disappointed me the most. My heart sank when I noticed I was a step ahead of him. All it took was a suspicious eye to see him mention the Nazi’s, and I could taste the bitterness of a sentence that would be coming soon regarding the only excommunicated Nazi (Joseph Goebbels) and not for his crimes against humanity, but for his marriage to a protestant “you see, they do have standards”.

This skin crawling self theft happened on all too familiar basis.

Both of those books have left me cold; I am hoping the next title ‘The Trial of Henry Kissinger’ will bring back my admiration. In truth, it will never go, as a man, he is a legend in my eyes; as a writer of non-fiction regarding politics and religion, I am not convinced.

I will be the first to admit, my misunderstanding of the brilliance of Hitchens’ written work is most likely a lack on my part – but I cannot force myself to enjoy what I do not enjoy.

Did anyone else feel this way? I am genuinely interested in finding out. Can I be the only one? Maybe my standards and expectations were just too damn high – maybe I should have thought of him more human and less heroic. I wanted Hitch Slaps and I got a man who seemed to caress religion with a soft paw – it must be harder to be angry when looking at a computer and not William Lane Craig.

Who am I kidding. The man was a genius. The fault is clearly my own.

Back to normal folks or as Hitchens would say “tergum ut Northmanni”