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Take me out tonight…

I don’t need to rehash the details of the attack, we all know what happened in the Manchester Arena, I don’t have the heart to repeat it. The enemy attack us at our most vulnerable, because they don’t have the stomach for an equal fight. I’ve seen videos of ISIS on the battle field, they couldn’t hit a still target from 10 feet away. They are angst-filled slackers with no skills or achievements. In our culture if you feel an outsider as a teenager, you do what I did, you listen to Nirvana & claim your parents just don’t “understand you.” Extremist lunatics don’t have the same capacity of “phases” it seems.

We know these type of bullies, the small guy in the group who is the most vocal – big in a crowd – but singularly wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Make no bones about it, these men are losers. They have no direction in life. They’ve been sold a lie by their faith that evil is somehow courageous. Just think for a second how miserable & hate-fueled their lives must be to inflict such pain on innocent strangers, all the while knowing they will also certainly die?  I have suffered with depression, spent years hooked on anxiety medication, In and out of Dr’s appointments, hospitals & therapy sessions. During my hardest times (which pale in comparison to the families of the victims) I only ever felt that I wasn’t good enough to exist – but never that others deserved the same treatment. I know how shit my life could be at my lowest point – so my mind boggles at how bad theirs is.

No, I am not claiming they are victims. They are scum. My point is, in life we make choices. People like us don’t act like them, we don’t feel such hate, we don’t attack children. We don’t choose the road they do.

Bigotry of gays, suppression of women, viewing all non-Muslims (and other Muslims who enjoy such “vile” things as Make-up and Music) as enemies.

-They are against free speech because it is used to criticize their holy books.

-They attack children because to them, there is nothing scarier than a young group of kids with the opportunity to learn how to think for themselves; especially girls having the right of education.

-They shoot up cafes because our lives are so fulfilled that we have free time to enjoy the company of others – regardless of differing opinions.

-They hate freedom because it flies in the face of everything they’ve lacked in life.

Some years back I began writing specifically about Islamic terror attacks after I watched a video of around 400 Ahmahdi & Shia Muslims being shot one by one & dumped into a shallow grave. They didn’t resist, they just took a step forward after the man or women in front dropped lifelessly to his/her grave. They truly had no hope, you could see it in their eyes; in all these years, I still remember some of their faces. It reminded me of the Holocaust – I wondered why it wasn’t mainstream news. So I began fighting for these people with my writing, it was a small gesture, maybe more for my benefit but it was something. For a short time I had Muslims applaud my work, until they noticed not only was I standing up for Muslims but admitting the killers were usually also Muslims, albeit more extreme. This made me an Islamophobe, somehow.

I hope one day we will feel safe again; the truth is, we are afraid and we should be – we are under attack because of our way of life, and we for damn sure won’t change that. So in time they will tire, knowing that after every bomb and every bullet people will still stand against them, with love in our hearts & care for the truest forms of humanity we see all around us.

Our way of life gives us strength in days of fear. In New York on September 11th 2001, the peace-loving-people of the world stood still in horror. We cried, we hurt, we tried to understand. The evil power that attacked The World Trade centre seemed enough to supplant any hope for humanity that Americans previously had.
But the very next day, New Yorker’s went to work. They cared for each other like never before. Divides of race & colour seemed to dissipate in the hours after the attack as every one came together as Americans. They aren’t alone, cities around the world have shown this resolve in the face of such hate.

Sadly, it’s Manchester’s time to endure the burden of these murderers. Do you think they will lose hope? Do you believe bombs & bullets can dissolve the thriving community of culture, music and love that is Manchester?

Not a fucking chance.

By the time the next football season comes around, I will go back to pretending Manchester are the adversaries of Scousers in a jovial feud over sport – but today I will admit what I usually wouldn’t dare say. Just like every day before & every day to come – Mancunians are our brothers and sisters, cousins and friends. We don’t need to stand with them, we are them – and therefore will never leave their side.

In our darkest times, we need a light to guide the way, one to walk towards as we shake the fear from our bones. Stupidly these terrorists attacked the wrong city. Did nobody tell them about Manchester? Mancunians could never let terror lead them into darkness, they will always find hope; always find a light to walk towards, and as we all know in that city, there is a light and it never goes out.


Rest in peace to the victims & my tearful condolences to their families. As & when the victims are named I will add them below. 
*John Atkinson – 26 years old.

*Saffie-Rose Roussos – 8 years old.

*Georgina Callander – 18 years old.

*Olivia Cambell – 15 years old.

* Sorrell Leczkowski – 14 years old.

* Nell Jones – 14 years old.

* Martyn Hett – unknown

* Michelle Kiss – 45 years old.

*Elaine McIver – Unknown

*Jane Tweddle-Taylor – 50 years old.

* Marcin Klis – 42 years old.

* Angelika Klis – 40 years old.

* Kelly Brewster – 32 years old.

* Alison Howe – 45 years old.

* Lisa Lees – 47 years old.

* Liam Curry – 19 years old.

* Chloe Rutherford – 17 years old.

* Eilidh MacLeod – 14 years old.

* Wendy Fawell – Unknown.

* Courtney Boyle – 19 years old.

* Philip Tron – 32 years old.


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Politicians, politicians everywhere.

This will come off as condescending to anyone easily offended, thankfully I left all the care I have for people’s feelings with my ellesse tracksuit & my dreams of marrying a Spice Girl. Normally I blog about religion &  relish the fact I am offending billions of people at once. So it’s a step down just to offend 50% of the youth in the UK, the things I do for you!

I have a small handful of interests, I spend most of my life working, listening to 3-4 podcasts, studying & debating religion, and enjoying politics. I watch films maybe twice a year, TV shows even less. I can watch 20 hours of Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones & right before the big reveal I can put it down & genuinely not care for what I’ve missed. In fact, now working from home, I only turn the TV on when my dad pulls up the drive, as he watches the news. I simply don’t have the same interests as the people around me. I love politics, which gets me in front of the TV! Every week without fail (when parliament is in session) I watch Question Time, This Week, Sunday Politics & PMQ’s. I keep up to date with this more than anyone I know, actually the only person I am aware of that has more interest in this subject is a family member who is a politician himself.

With this, I am aghast at the basic, childish & unintelligent babble I’ve seen on facebook due to BREXIT. I am more appalled at the open bigotry from remain voters. Statements like:

“Old people shouldn’t be allowed to sell our future!”

“OAP’s voted out, but the youth voted in, they aren’t even going to be here to experience the outcome!”

“Anyone who voted out is racist scum.”

These people think they are left wing, yet the first statement denies what he call  a “human right” to vote, the second nearly follows the path of Eugenics. If old people shouldn’t have the human right to vote on issues less important to them (in your opinion) why let them vote at all? They’re gonna die soon anyway, why not kill them now & be done with it? Ah branding all leave voters racist, I bet you hate when all Muslims are branded terrorists… You see the brilliance of these statements, is that they come from people who think they are left wing because they voted Labour, or Liberal or Green, which really, doesn’t mean much anymore. Regressive Leftists, they are known as. People who believe in liberal values until it doesn’t suit them. For example:

“Gays should have equal rights! And women should be free to choose their own way of life. If you disagree you are a misogynistic bigot!”

“But I’m a Muslim & it’s in my holy book & culture.”

“Oh! I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t infringe on your rights, don’t call me an Islamophobe.”


“Everyone should have the vote, even prisoners, it is an human right for all equal citizens! It’s fundamental to our democracy! Wait what? Brexit won? Old people swung the vote? Remove old people from the ballot! This referendum isn’t legally binding. Fuck democracy when it doesn’t suit me. Let’s petition for a new referendum!”

You get the point I hope. If you have thought any of these things, you are more right wing than you are left – you just don’t know it because what used to exist as strict political leanings, doesn’t anymore. The Daily Mail used to be ultra right wing, barely ever told the truth. But if a terrorist attack happens in Time Square, by a man with an ISIS Flag, whilst he screams “Praise be to Allah.” The only paper that will hint at his motive, is the Daily Mail. Which is shocking, it makes me sick that we have let reason fall in the hands of unreasonable outlets.

Here are a few lines I read on facebook, from friends of mine, who are, some of them, highly intelligent.

  1. Without the EU CFP, there won’t be any fish!
  2. Clearly our country has taken to hate & racism.
  3. I’m ashamed at the UK, what have we become? Where is the love.
  4. I don’t care what it says, I will always be European!
  5. The UK is now not the 5th largest economy in the world, France has overtaken us! Nice one Brexit.
  6. Only ISIS, Donald Trump & Putin agree with Leave, you wanna be in that group? pfft.
  7. Liverpool wouldn’t exist without the EU!
  8. EU gives us workers rights, 52 weeks maternity pay & equal pay. If we leave this will all go!
  9. I can’t believe this country is 52% racist. Blaming immigrants for your problems, how smart.


And now here is why everyone of them is so, demonstrably idiotic.

  1. There is more than one ocean, even if we over-fish to the point of extinction in EU waters, we would just import from foreign seas. I’m not being over the top, I asked to clarify & this person genuinely told me that fish would cease to exist. Furthermore, the EU sat on its ass whilst they allowed the Mediterranean Sea & others to be fished dry. When 3 top EU nations began to fight over fishing rights due to an impending shortage – the EU stepped in, implementing the CFP (common fishery policy), 40 years too late. They didn’t care before hand.  7.5% of all marine life in EU waters are threatened with extinction. This might sound like a small number to you, but this includes 40% of all Sharks & Reys. The EU didn’t fight for this from day one, it only reformed itself after 40 years of saying “Fuck Off”. It didn’t care for animals or the environment, sound left wing to you? Oh, this is the same way it only reformed itself in favour of the UK when David Cameron told the EU he would hold a referendum if no reform is made – forcing their hand, they took the bait & still gave him 4/5th’s of fuck all. Lastly on this point – the lovely EU also tried to impose austerity on all failing EU states – Just like our Tories – If you forgot about that, ask a Greek.
  2. Our country has not taken to hate and racism. I was a green voting, secular, anti-racist, anti-bigot, liberal & proud grandchild of an immigrant on Thursday before I voted Brexit. On Friday Morning, I was exactly the same.  In the 2015 General Election 44,722,000 were registered to vote. Only 66.1% did so. Which means 29,561,441 people voted. Out of those, only 12.6% voted UKIP (which would be called right-wing, in truth a centre right party, akin to the Tories of the 1960-90’s) The most well known, and truly right-wing, hate mongering party, the British National Party received just 1,667 votes. Yes, we are all racist bastards it seems, even though our only racist party got a measly 0.0037% of the vote. Based on sheer statistics the vast majority of leave voters were Labour & Conservative voters.
  3. Ashamed of the UK? For what you perceive as racism? See point 2. For wanting to have power over our own country, how is that shameful. We have no right to stop convicted rapists,  murderers, thieves or criminals of all stripes walking past our border security providing that they have an EU passport & they are not known to be a risk to the public at this current moment. This is not sound policy. Remember Arnis Zalkalns? The Latvian who served 7 years for murdering his wife? He came to the UK in 2007, he posed no known threat – yano he was only a killer. Well he not only got himself arrested in 2009 on suspicion of indecent assault of a 14 year old, but 5 years later he murdered 14 year old Alice Gross – she lay at the bottom of the River Bent for 5 weeks. Now I don’t believe that foreigners commit more crimes, I understand this is a minority. But this murder & thousands of other sexual assaults & crimes of a lesser nature are utterly preventable, if we have a common sense approach to our safety. You don’t leave your wallet open on the bar & then go for a piss do you? You wouldn’t invite a stranger into your home, but as long as someone has a passport & aren’t screaming “Death to the UK” you find it completely normal for them to enter the country. It is insanity. If all migrants had a 1 week visa application, then we could route out the people we don’t want & welcome with open arms the fine, hard working people who are being tarnished by a minority of criminals. I am not ashamed of the UK, I ashamed of our border security. Where is the love? I don’t see it missing, I still love Europe. I still love Europeans. I just don’t think a failing economic group is any good – furthermore I can’t think of what the fuck it has to do with Love or Europeans.
  4. Yes, shockingly, you are still European, you still get to enter Euro-vision & get to watch the England Football Team fail in the Euros. We didn’t shift on our tectonic plates away to another continent, we literally asked in a referendum to leave a financial trading block, which happens to consist of neighboring countries – that is all. The EU began as an economic trading platform, it then expanded into a bureaucratic entity that diluted democracy from 1 vote in 44 million, to 1 vote in 500 million. I’ve got just as much odds as winning the Euro-millons than having my political grievances heard. 26 other nations with different political views, parties, democratic systems & cultures get to veto on the rest of a continents affairs. In no way does this make any sense. You can’t get your partner to happily agree on a place to eat tonight, but you can get 27 countries to happily agree on foreign policy interests. Good luck. Why should I have a say on Polish policy? Or French policy? How dare I encroach on their sovereignty?
  5. Yes, France overtook the UK as the 5th largest economy in the world… for 15 minutes between 6.20am & 6.35am. By 6.36am Sterling had began to stabalise & we settled back as the 5th largest economy on the planet & the second largest in the EU. Stop pulling your hair out, stop cutting yourself – stop believing whatever bollocks you read on facebook. Yes the £ is still low, but we are now in a better position than before the recession, we actually have 10x our capital just in case & a “save me” fund of £250b. (The fall in sterling has lowered the interest rate on mortgages by 0.5% to 0% & will make exporting cheaper. As long as it doesn’t cause inflation, which we control – we will be laughing.
  6. How you found out ISIS supported Brexit I don’t know. An argument from authority fallacy is saying “I know 2+2=4, but my Math teacher just told me it was 68, so it must be true…” No, although experts have knowledge on a subject, it’s best to use your own reason & check their track record. The majority of the Bankers, financial groups & experts who said Brexit would put the UK into recession were the same ones who drove the globe into a recession that they didn’t see coming. The same experts who thought the Euro would be stable & that when the UK asked not to join the currency warned it would “tank out whole economy”. How did that work out Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy & France? Two of which went bankrupt, 2 two of which have up to 20% unemployment & over 100% GDP debt. And France, being the most visited nation on earth has had a stagnant economy for several decades. Saying “Donald Trump wants to vote one way, so I must vote the other,” ignores the subject completely. What is the vote on? Hair products & humility? IGNORE HIM. Self love & narcissism – listen up! Just because someone is bad doesn’t mean they are wrong on any or every issue. Hitler may have been a vegetarian, but he was a bad fucking guy. Stalin enjoyed a glass of water – that doesn’t mean you should now refuse water at all costs. Reversing the argument from authority logical fallacy, is a fallacy within itself.
  7. Liverpool wouldn’t exist without the EU? Liverpool was built on the EU? hhmm and there was me thinking it was built on the Atlantic Slave Trade.
  8. The EU gives some workers rights, but equally some of these rights are offered, not guaranteed & can be dismissed by employees if they so choose. The work time directive supposedly stops slave labour by making sure employers INFORM their employees that working over 48 hours a week on average is illegal – that is unless they would like to opt out at any time… I personally worked in a factory near my home, I was one of two English speakers. Hundreds of lovely, hard working polish (& other nationalities) who were in my opinion treated like vermin. I saw a girl around 18 years old with blood dripping from her hands, due to ripping cardboard boxes for 9 hours (with a 15 minute break). She couldn’t speak English, so struggled to ask for gloves, when a colleague helped translate, she was told no. I was also told no. I finished my shift & never went back – sadly those poor immigrants don’t have as many options as I. I sat in my “interview” & watched a superior tick a box opting out of the work time directive for an employee, a Nigerian woman who didn’t speak a word of English & didn’t notice she was just opted into a slave hours contract. She also couldn’t fill her application form, didn’t know how to spell her own name & took 15 minutes to figure out her Date of Birth – I think she lied. This is the great protection that migrants get in EU countries? You hear about it on TV and listen to Labour politicians spout how proud they are about it – but I’ve seen it first hand. And it is disgusting. Oh and maternity rights! they were invented & protected by the EU? WRONG. The EU began in 1958 in an economic sense – Maternity grants were available to British women in 1919. EU law gives women at least 14 weeks maternity leave. The British government gives 52 weeks. This lie was spread on a labour poster by the remain campaign by the way – Why do you think Boris Johnson thought he could lie? Because if it’s good for the goose… If some women voted remain because they actually thought they would lose maternity leave under the Tories – now that is true project fear.
  9. If you think that a majority of your own country are racist, nasty, anti-immigrant, anti-inclusion, small/narrow minded, unintelligent, easily led by lies of the Leave campaign – just because they voted differently to you. Then you need to take a good hard look at yourself.


noun: a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions or beliefs.

You are bigots. I personally believe everyone voted in their own interest & I hoped they were educated enough to do so. Facebook regressive leftists have proven me wrong. I don’t think they all fell victim of project fear, I don’t think they are all unpatriotic or unloving of their country & history. They all, I am sure, had many different reasons why they wanted to remain in the EU – and I bloody well respect them for doing so. I just disagree. But based on the anecdotal evidence of seeing every single post on facebook by remainers – and not seeing one intelligent point for staying other than “They don’t have a plan”. I have to say, I can’t wait until this is over & they can go back to posting statuses about their partners, pictures from holidays, youtube clips & rants like:
“Urgh can’t believe that bitch”
“What happened hun?”
“It’s personal, I’ll inbox you.”

I have visited the top facebook Brexit moaners – I only have to go one week back & they suddenly lose their political fury. In fact 100% (in my investigation) only chat bollocks about politics when  a politician fucks a pig (allegedly) or an election is imminent. Bandwagon wankers.

I dislike UKIP, I hate Nigel Farage & Boris Johnson & Michael Gove. They don’t represent me – anymore than David Cameron, Tony Blair & Anjem Choudary represents you (They all voted remain.

Don’t even get me started on giving 16 year old’s the vote. You must be fucking mad.

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How the regressive left fails on Free Speech

In the UK, we have a sharp paradigm of confusion with regards to liberalism and progressiveness. Of recent years our intention to build a fairer society with justice for all has tipped over the edge – landing on the opposite end of the scale. Long gone are the days of widespread racism & misogyny; sadly, instead of being replaced by less racism and less misogyny – we have replaced it with a group of people so afraid they might have offended someone somewhere, that they make sure they call out every sentence ever uttered for the supposed bigotry it is. If you dare say that “All lives matter” instead of just “black lives matter” you are branded racist and publicly harassed – which is odd, as if you said the same thing in 1970’s Britain you would have probably been harassed for saying “black lives matter” at all.

We are now in a state of panic, where asking questions like “Why exactly is Caitlin Jenner brave?” Is enough to get you fired and compared to Hitler by hundreds of thousands on twitter. No one ever seems to take a question as genuine anymore, especially when it is easier to screenshot and throw abuse. Most nowadays misunderstand abuse, they don’t see the difference between hurling abuse, and then hurling abuse at someone for doing the same thing. If someone on twitter claims “all black people are criminals” you would be just as abusive to tweet back a message that degrades him by the colour of his skin. This is hard to explain to the online community. They believe their bigotry is somehow protected as it is used to fight someone else’s. The mind boggles.

This week a 43 year old woman from Bicester, who must have been emotionally affected by the events in Paris took to her company’s facebook page to proclaim the following:

Blinks of Bicester are no longer taking bookings from anyone from the Islamic faith whether you are UK granted with passport or not,”

After screenshots & RT’s galore, on top of the barrage of hate-mail and abuse she has undoubtedly received – she has now been arrested after complaints of “racial abuse”. This must remind you of the cake shop in the United States which similarly refused to bake cakes for gays based on religious grounds. Both are as futile and childlike. A few things I have a problem with:

  1. How will she know who is Islamic or not? If they are white and shave the beard she would be none the wiser. The fact she thinks she can spot a Muslim, even though racially they are diverse and normally only recognised by their facial hair – this is the only part where I think the race card can certainly be used. As Islam and Muslim is not, I repeat NOT a race. If you don’t understand that, ask your nearest biologist or pick up a dictionary.
  2. How exactly is she racially abusing? Can a tweet, although utterly stupid, but completely vague and non-targeted to a specific human be counted as such? Other than the underlying idea she can spot one based on appearance does this barely count as racial – but even then it is at a push.
  3. And is it abuse? Genuinely, would this count as abuse?

Maybe it is, who knows. I do know that it is social media suicide, and if her business lasts till next Christmas I will be surprised.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not support this woman. I think she is a fool & also quiet idiotic to think her “stand” will do anything but cause an outcry of hate in her direction, not the support she probably expected. She should have waited a few hours after her anger died down to think twice about such a post. But here is a thought. Why was she arrested? Isn’t the online onslaught she has endured the price she must pay? I would expect so.

In the U.K. we have allowed a man with a child on his shoulders sitting on top of a 5 foot ISIS flag to parade around the streets of London as if it were a normal outfit. He was not arrested by the way. We have accepted the normality of letting actual terrorists like Michael Adebolajo protest on our streets who would end up beheading a British Soldier in Woolwich; terrorist organisations & sympathisers like CAGE who find any way to absolve terrorists and instead blame anything with links to the U.K. or Tony Blair – They claim not to be terrorist friendly, yet are publicly friendly with known terrorists and just seem to agree on about every subject with said terrorists – but I’m splitting hairs. Did I mention these hate groups and hateful people get police protection paid for by the tax payers? Let’s not forget Anjem Choudary who has spent the best part of a decade preaching hate against the U.K. government which just so happens to pay all of his bills and protected him with 24 hour police care. Many U.K. nationals who idolise Choudary then go on to fight in the Middle-East for groups such as ISIS. His links with terrorism are out in the open, his support is unashamed. Yet it took the U.K. over 10 years to arrest him with “encouraging support for terrorism”, but only took 24 hours to arrest a woman for a banal facebook post.

Where exactly do our priorities lay? The police didn’t do this alone, public complaints in the thousands most likely helped, so why were the same “liberals” and “leftists” not petitioning for Choudary’s arrest 10 years ago? Why did it take the U.K. government over 12 years to finally have Abu Qatada extradited to face terror charges (which a corrupt court found to be unsubstantiated) – even though the U.N. and all other experts have evidence of his links to Al Qaeda) but it took the U.K. police no time at all to arrest a women for saying something silly about Muslims in a tweet?

It seems strange to me that I can turn on my TV to watch Muslims using U.K. free speech laws to protest against free speech (Yes, they are that stupid) or catch them with signs like those below


Yet none of these men are arrested. None of them are outed on facebook or twitter to the hordes of hundreds of thousands of online bullies. This is one of the many ways in which the left fails, not the real left like myself who actually stands for liberal principals, but the newly named “regressive left”.

Are we really saying that an extremist can waltz through our streets expressing his/her interest in bringing chaos and murder to our country, but if an idiot with a social media account says “[Insert derogatory term] + Islam” that we must draw a line for justice?

I stand for free speech, I for one think these extremists should be allowed to protest and spew their hate any day of the week, although without police protection – furthermore I believe if you accept this, you must accept and allow this woman to post her nonsensical message of not serving anyone of the “Islamic faith”. It’s only fair, right?

Freedom of speech works both ways, for messages we adore and ones we abhor – many “leftists” have seemed to completely forgotten about that.



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Muslims protest Charlie Hebdo…

Zero Muslims protest outside downing street to stand up for the free speech of everyone (including enemies)

No large protest of Muslims against the Charlie Hebdo killings in London

Only around 200 Muslim protesters (finally) stand against ISIS in London

Only around 260 Muslims protest the Lee Rigby Killers

But thousands (between 1000-3000 reported) Muslims turn up to downing street to protest free speech and Charlie Hebdo.

That means for every 1 Muslim willing to protest for free speech, there are between 4-12 willing to protest against it.

If this doesn’t seem important to note, then what is the point in having a voice when most of us are too afraid to use it. Until we see some outrage by these “peaceful” people we keep hearing about, I won’t believe this fable. We are past nuance, silence is consent. This is not a fallacy regarding guilt by association; I can acknowledge the difference. Most are peaceful but their silence is echoed by the sound of their fellow brothers sisters and children dying in their thousands, and the only people who seem to give a shit are secularists. Muslims should acknowledge their feelings properly like most other groups on this planet can.

I stand up against Jihadist & Islamists because they kill thousands of innocent Muslims every year, will any Muslims like to join me in caring about their people or will secular atheists stand alone?

I despair.

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Can you name the genocidal,dictatorial, maniac with a funny moustache who was ousted by US/UK led forces? I bet you’re wrong

Less of a religious piece, more political – but humour me… In the last 100 years there have been many atrocities, many genocides. I would like to place the magnifying glass over one single event just to explain a point – which will be evident at the end. It’s not as if I have to hint or even play a word game – I will be discussing a leader who committed genocide and eventually was beaten by European and U.S. forces, do you know who I am talking about? Of course you do. We all know him and his famous moustache. So what do we know about him? I will now go over some details just to clarify. Well, as stated earlier:

  • He was known for his facial hair – a moustache that will go down in history.
  • As a youth he enjoyed the arts (writing, painting – architecture).
  • He later become a prominent politician.
  • A fierce dictator.
  • A totalitarian.
  • Became the leader of a country and ruled with an iron fist.
  • Invaded a sovereign nation.
  • Committed genocide, ordering the slaughter or men women & children.
  • Bought & built his own stock pile of Chemical weapons.
  • Used chemicals as weapons against his enemies.
  • Divided peoples due to ethnicity and race.
  • Broke international law/Treaties by building his armed forces and creating harmful weapons against world sanctions.
  • His family enjoyed riches, whilst mass graves were dug for the dead.
  • Used aggression against his neighbour states, and murder against inhabitants of his own.
  • Used torture.
  • Was eventually opposed by European and U.S. forces.
  • After his death, the country was left with a democratic government – for better or worse.

So who am I speaking about? Do you know his name? Of course we do – Saddam Hussein. If you thought Adolf Hitler, I’m sorry, but that was the point. I am a leftist and I supported the outing of Saddam Hussein from 2003 onwards, which for some reason now has been hijacked as a right-wing issue. Do not fall for this stupidity or lapse in judgement, ask yourself, how many people would think Winston Churchill right wing for fighting Hitler? Yet how many find Tony Blair or George Bush right wing for fighting Saddam? Many may try and find a logical fallacy hidden within the comparison, but take it on face value. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen children’s birthday parties conducted with more professionalism, but does this diminish the sentiment? If you do a good thing, for a bad reason, is it still a good thing? In my opinion, it is. The U.S. sadly, are saddled with more corruption and lies regarding this conflict – yet regardless of the bad timing (after 9/11); regardless of the supposed lies in congress – or the unsuccessful search for WMD’s, the war was still as just as any before it. A dictator who commits genocide should be stopped, never mind hating Hitler but sympathising with the Hussein crime family, they both needed to be held to account for their war crimes. I had to be unspecific about invading nations, as Saddam did this twice (Kuwait & Saudi Arabia), although he attacked three neighbouring states (Iran, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia) – whereas Hitler invaded nations like you read about (Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, France, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and the Soviet Union) and some more though I cannot recite the lot off the top of my head. saddam2cartoon Regarding Chemical Weapons (WMD’s) this seems to be one of the few times Saddam trumped Adolf; Although Hitler spent lots of money creating harmful chemical weapons, he never used them in battle. Many feel this was due to being gassed himself by the British in WWI, the agony, I am led to believe, had made him uneasy about using such weapons on the battle field; only in concentration camps to gas Jews did he see a fit purpose for this technology; see! Even Hitler had a moral compass (of sorts). Whereas Saddam had a fetish it seemed to use chemical weapons in warfare. The images of children killed by chemical weapons by Saddam can be found on google – they have a haunting similarity to 1940’s holocaust pictures. For those who don’t know, which is the majority nowadays, the outing of Saddam was not some made up plan by George Bush in 2003 due to oil, which split his own party down the middle; for those who know what they are talking about, they are aware the vote to oust Saddam was in 1998 by Clinton, and voted for unanimously. (The Iraq Liberation act of 1998) This was done at the same time the U.S. had not only a stable but a surplus treasury, and couldn’t care less about the price of oil – it was the democratic thing to do, not just a financial interest. The search for WMD’s is a foul example of the useless modern-day anti-everything populous; we know for a fact Saddam used WMD’s against his own people, remember the lesser known gulf wars? Remember the genocide? Have you not googled the images of thousands of dead from WMD’s at the hands of Saddam? Please do so to remind  yourself as to why the conflict had been on the table since the mid to late 90’s. In our ever recycling and forward thinking green world (I wish) how can one forget Saddam ordering his troops to empty millions of gallons of crude oil into the Persian Gulf? Or blowing up oil wells and lighting oil fields in what was known as the biggest and worst man-made ecological disaster in history? Suddenly these facts have disappeared, and all we can remember is how Saddam wasn’t that bad of a guy, and George Bush is evil. Don’t get me wrong, idiotic and almost childlike in intellect – but evil? No. President Clinton stated in Feb 1998: “Iraq admitted, among other things, an offensive biological warfare capability, notably 5,000 gallons of botulinum, which causes botulism; 2,000 gallons of anthrax; 25 boilogical-filled Scud warheads; and 157 aerial bombs.” He also stockpiled sarin gas in the 1,000 ton volume. But I guess we are now led to believe that between 1998 and 2003 all of these weapons simply disappeared into thin air? Sure he destroyed some, and so did the US, but all of it! I think not. Regarding WMD’s, does anyone wonder why UN weapons inspectors were denied access to the country initially, and then after quite sometime had passed they were finally invited in – with the condition that they only view sites chosen by Saddam? Does that not sound fishy to you? How about the fact that the UN weapons inspectors were eventually allowed to see all weapons sites but only at certain times, having to wait weeks sometimes longer to visit probable sites – why would Saddam hold an inspector back for a few weeks? It’s as if he had WMD’s (which we know he used a decade earlier) and needed a month to get rid of them. This is crazy talk right? Not according to the many books and articles released since the invasion that clearly state the movement of weapons between the borders of Syria and Iraq. Both countries were linked by the rule of the Baathist parties, they were neighbouring countries, they engaged in trade (legal and illegal) before and after the war. According to the US government the illegal trade between Syria and Iraq generated $3.4 billion before 2005. In 2006’s “Saddam’s Secrets”, Georges Sada, a former General if Saddam’s air force wrote in his book, that Saddam had secretly moved much of his WMD arsenal to Syria before the US led invasion under the cover of providing relief to Syrian earthquake victims. And it is not as if using a nice sheer for terrorism is above Saddam, remember the food for oil programme? So in closing, I would like us to again examine the historicity of US/UK intervention in both WW2 & The 2003 invasion of Iraq without the bias and bigotry of modern day ideology, that seems to distinguish a large difference between the two conflicts that honestly isn’t really present. Although I accept cheap oil prices would have been icing on the cake (if we actually got it – we never) but based on this new wave intelligentsia that claims no WMD’s found = No WMD’s, really? Can a human with full mental capacity use this as an argument and keep a straight face? That’s like saying if I murder a family, and the police never find their bodies, I never committed the murder – it is, to put it mildly, ludicrous and infantile in its stupidity. Sadly at age 13 I was not writing pieces on such subjects, but I distinctly remember posing the same questions back then – only for many years to be invalidated by any credible evidence other than hearsay and anecdotes. Until it finally happened. In August 2013 Syria used Chemical weapons against its own people, supposedly the ownership of such WMD’s had been unknown to the UN, the volume of WMD’s used had been more than any could have expected and most definitely unattainable by their own means. Since the late 80’s their stock pile and creation has been monitored closely; until the attack none in the international community even knew Syria had these weapons – so what did they use? Some new chemical agent only they could create? Something they have have bought from North Korea of another of their allies that the UN would know of? Or was it the same weapon only used by one other country and one other dictator in the history of chemical warfare? Sarin Gas (WMD of choice by Saddam Hussein) I wonder where Syria found such a stock pile of WMD’s? Why are they so tight-lipped about where they came from? And why was it among others the weapon that Saddam had 1,000 of tons of before the inspectors were allowed access to his empty weapon’s sites? Anyone who thinks they have debunked the transport of weapons because Saddam said on TV he was “bluffing” need to remember what he would gain from saying he bluffed (lesser sentence if tried at the Hague) and if he told the truth (harsher sentence), and also remember you are now saying you believe something that has left of the mouth of Saddam Hussein without any evidence. The Russians helped him acquire such items, and according to many in the US government they also helped smuggle them to Syria. Many of Saddam’s inside men turned defectors have now became validated in their testimony; hopefully the school of thought will begin to step back and actually smell the coffee. Lest we paint the invasion as some knee-jerk reaction to a few planes hitting sky scrapers in New York (popular belief held by idiots) or a singular lust for oil (ditto), and start to actually acknowledge that thousands of WMD’s don’t have the ability to evaporate, and that in truth there is very little difference between Adolf Hitler & Saddam Hussein – or the ousting of both atrocious dictators. Enough politics; now back to the regular scheduled programme.

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Jesus Camp: good idea, bad crucifixion.

If ‘Jesus Camp’ won any film awards, I would have to be frank and say the only reason would be the controversial subject matter. It seems the only time a person is commended for bashing faith is in documentary form. The cinematography lacks ambition, the editing seems amateur and the structure falls behind drastically. The litmus test in my opinion for a great documentary is the sense of disappointment at the conclusion – it could not come quicker with this film.

Don’t get me wrong, I winced often at the shameful treatment of children being “trained” for Christ, but the film not only missed a 3 act structure, but it ended running in random circles to the point where the end felt like a none-end. Normally by the final scene we find ourselves so tormented with the subject matter that one feels compelled to start picketing and fighting (metaphorically) for the cause; no such thing here. I understand that many find this film outstanding, I know it has a high rating on popular review sites – but for me – it is flat and only achieves satisfaction due to my unwavering support of anything anti-stupidity.

Let’s put aside the shoddy amateur output and focus on the input. The flick revolves around an overweight overzealous preacher, and a camp to which she administers. You see countless shots of crying children, begging to be saved, from what – I doubt they know. Many instances of jaw dropping horror and disgust, mostly from the unabashed honesty of said female preacher; at one point she admits live on radio that she is indoctrinating children, although she would rather use the word “teach”, wouldn’t we all. The part I found most appalling was the notion of anti Muslim fighters, of course, I am the least bit a fan of Islam – but the rhetoric used was damn near xenophobic. As to why she had to “teach” these children, because in the middle-east they are giving 5 year old’s hand grenades and making them memorise the Quran. On the surface, I understand her point, in a sense education has to be the best way to beat fundamental extremism or literal translating of middle-eastern holy books – but would a secular education not do better? Why fight fire with fire, when you can fight it with water? Water, in this scenario being knowledge.

It pains me to see a child say “I got saved at 5 … because I just wanted more out of life.” At 5 you should be playing with your friends and imagining far away lands with heroes and swords and magic, not saving yourself from hell-fire in the light of the lord. Children should not be indoctrinated into religion, they should be rolling in the mud, playing tag, and hiding vegetables in their mash.

If this film had been conducted in a more formulated way, it could have become one of the near cult status documentaries known the world over like “An Inconvenient Truth” or “The Cove”, unfortunately it is destined to be another anti-religion documentary that we can hide at the bottom of our dvd collection – which is a shame as the subject matter and scenes filmed within the dreaded Jesus Camp are so hard hitting and unsettling, that one feels undersold. I beg there is a directors cut flying around the internet that blows this out of the water like many Hollywood bombs – but I won’t hold my breath on this.

I would say 1.5 to 2 stars out 5 for this. But by all means watch and take in the subtle moments of sheer breathtaking horror that only religion could produce.

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Reza Aslan comments update

Firstly, I will not use names, as I am sure the woman would not like to be berated or hassled about her position.

After I published my piece on Reza (pick a religion, any religion) Aslan, I sat back and watched the numbers of engagements hit an all time high for me. Hundreds of shares, hundreds of likes, thousands of views, hundreds of comments – some vitriolic and nasty, one sided and based on opinion, and basically – stupid bigotry. One stood out.

There was one woman who I spoke to who actually had an affect on me personally. She did not wholly agree with my points, but she acknowledged them with respect and courtesy (except her first line – which I won’t hold against her.) Although the basis for her position was wrong and not based on evidence, more based on bias (being a Muslim), but in fact she had accepted some responsibility for the horrid nature of her faith – which I have never encountered before. Maybe if I pressed her, she would have caved in and told me I had interpreted the Quran falsely, or that I had read it “out of context”, who knows.

She practically said some of the same things that any liberal would brand as Islamophobic or a generalisation, the type of comments most Muslims would not utter. So as you can see in the conversation, I make a humorous remark about her faith. And the response she gave blew me away, it’s simplicity, honour, truth and beauty, is something that should be plastered on every wall, on a page in every book – responses like this prove we can find humanity in humans, and find love and peace and co-existence without religion. No holy book said these words, an evolved primate did. She was not born a Muslim, she was forced as a child, as most of us were based on the country we were born in – but I have a good feeling the world can do well if more people can be like this woman.

It reminds me why I love who we are, evolved animals, every one of us – not for what we are, but what we can be if we use our full potential.


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Peace and Love, always.