The calm

Today is the calm before the storm. Tonight Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will debate to round 100 million viewers on topics from economics, business to terrorism. With all his racism, bigotry and vile language, Trump only sits 2 points behind Clinton. This should shock us all. To swing 2 points after the first of 3 TV debates is simple. Historically speaking this election is wide open and it strikes fear into my heart. A year ago Sam Harris said

“We won’t be talking about Donald Trump 12 months from now.”

Well, he and I were both wrong. As I stupidly held more faith in the American people. I do find it troubling to conform to this idea though, that somehow idiocy brought this change. In fact I think after deep thought the left has just as much blood on its hands as the right. Sure, the religious right held high places for xtian nut jobs and stood proud against facts and science on TV. But the left played to elitists, ignored any basic questions from their enemies and called anyone who didn’t tow the line a ‘bigot’ or ‘racist’. Reports from many US tv shows, celebrities and more confirm that youngsters have had enough of being refused the right to ask logical questions. If you start the argument by calling anyone who agrees with a strong border control a bigot, most angry youths will rebel against you.

On the one side we have an ego maniac with little to no education, who would in a heartbeat use nuclear weapons without the slightest idea of the repercussions. And another who is completely suited to the job, and has much experience in these matters – but is totally robotic, lacks any charisma or personality and is a proven liar. Nearly everything she says is a lie, the only saving grace is that, even if she lies 65% of the time. Donald beats that before lunch.

Let’s hope Trump is humiliated tonight by a stateswoman who is ready to take office. I worry about a centrist/ conservative with a lowercase C Clinton a lot, especially her comments on the Falklands.( Giving an island owned by the British for centuries back to a country that A) didn’t have a claim to the Island initially and B) Only owned the island for a short period of some years after attacking it) but I worry about a Trump campaign that could destroy the world as we know it much more.

Go get him Hillary.




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