Musings on the death of Labour & the once great left wing.

The current political discourse, especially on a side I am nearest, the left, has become toxic. Toxic with a sense of gullibility involved. What used to be left wing has shifted so far right – it’s hard to define sides anymore. Most leftists found online believe the death penalty should be returned, anyone arrested for a crime is not only guilty but should be dealt with harshly without due process. I’ve found many twitter accounts that call themselves genuine leftists & feminists – who tweet that women are worth less than men & should wear modest clothing unless they want to be raped. The left have finally become that odious term I’ve heard so much “Libtards” They also think all religions are not only peaceful but they are equally peaceful, and that peace of earth is within our grasp. This is all shockingly mindless. All of these claims can be dismissed within seconds on basic evidence.

The fall of belief in democracy now is putrid. Old people are being told they shouldn’t vote as they are old so will die soon, by self proclaimed “leftists”. Not noticing they are using a right-wing argument straight from a Nazi political mainstay “Eugenics”. The left have now turned to calling Brexiters “racists” & “bigots” & claiming a capitalist system like the EU is paramount to all of our success – and without it we will lose everything. The damn near opposite of socialism & the policies that the left wing was based on. I voted Brexit based on the fact that the EU has had less than 2% growth in over a decade, the fact that they have no military power (see those Russian tanks strolling around Ukraine last year with no resistance) that they admitted Greece – a beautiful country that created democracy – but has also been bankrupt five time in modern history (1826, 1843, 1860, 1894 and 1932). The Greeks falsified their GDP & monetary value to join the EU, bad enough until you find out that the EU knew about it & still let it go ahead. Not only was this secret, but it was illegal & it cost the UK & 26 other nations billions. The EU, Knowing they (Greece) would again default which led to Middle-class greek families eating out of supermarket bins. On top of this: (NOTE: GDP Debt over 40% is suggested as a bench mark that must not be breached for fiscal stability)

Ireland : Bankrupted (123.7% GDP debt) (unemployment 7.8%)

Greece: Bankrupted (175.1% GDP debt) (unemployment 23.3%)

France: Most visited country on earth, yet 0% growth in economy for nearly 7 years (unemployment 10.2%)

Italy: 132.6% GDP debt (unemployment 36.9%)

Spain: 93.9% GDP debt (unemployment 21%)

These are the highest contributors to the EU (minus the UK & Germany) and they are performing like 3rd world countries. The unemployment in the EU is worse than it was before the run up to Adolf Hitlers election bid – that should worry people. The EU, plainly is a terribly run system, it has failed consistently & tried to force austerity on all failing country’s (Greece had something to say about that!)

So those few damning reasons were why I chose to leave – see how I didn’t say anything racist or bigoted?


A man like Jeremy Corbyn, principled & decent. Well, more so than the average Politician – no more than the average human. See his flip flop on the EU? 40 years desperately fighting to leave – then one week before the referendum he says “REMAIN!”. What other issues could he u-turn on if his party push him enough? Apartheid? Black Rights? Socialism?

I understand this is a stretch, but anyone who has followed this man’s career would never have guessed he would have changed his mind on such an important issue – especially when he was meant to be the principled one!

Corbyn should easily win his parties leadership election, but he is being voted for by people who don’t seem to understand how bad of a leader he is. With less than 20 MP’s that are willing to work for him, it means if leader of the country – he could pass exactly zero laws. So all of the great things he stands for count for nothing as there is no way they would be put through to the Lords. Those voting or joining Labour should be asked to explain how a law comes to pass – as they seem to have no idea. The vast majority of his MP’s have now removed themselves to the back-benchers – the exact opposite of the normal political dream.

If Corbyn wins, the country will not give him a majority, nor will his own MP’s – To put this into perspective, Tony Blair won 3 elections with ease – 2 of them after the Iraq War debacle! And Corbyn won’t even manage that.

Far worse is the realisation that the other options for leader are probably just as likely to win an election. No offence to Angela Eagle – but when asked why she resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s cabinet, she cried on TV and squeaked through the interview. I know women are strong enough to lead this country, but she isn’t one of them. Imagine Putin flying jets over our air space & Angela had to respond? I’d expect a short video clip of her crying in the toilets & then her opening the door and saying “Please, just … stop it Russia, stop!” and then going back inside for a cry. For all the nastiness of Mrs Thatcher, as least she was fierce enough to strike an enemy. And the other guy? let’s not even waste time on his name.

The Labour party which should stand for my area & family is all but dead. I fear the conservatives have just solidified another 20 years in office – whilst labour is set to go the way of the Liberal Democrats after THAT scandal!







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