Current idiocy on terror.

A man walks in on his wife cheating on him, he kills both his wife and her lover. He has no remorse & claims he was justified due to her actions. In court the notes “you will be sent away for many years, your jealousy made you react in a horrid way. You could have gotten a divorce, but you murdered both of them.”Next, a terrorist walks in to the dock. He has chopped off the head of an innocent British social worker in Syria. He is asked “Why did you do it?”

“Well, he was an infidel, we are at war & it says in the Qur’an, Chapter 47 “So when you meet those who disbelieve, strike [their] necks until, when you have inflicted slaughter upon them…”

So I did what my god & holy book told me to, I am a Muslim who doesn’t cherry pick the nice bits of the Quran. God wouldn’t want that, he sees the fakes, I do exactly what it tells me to.”

The judge replies “Don’t be so silly, you must be poor? Uneducated? Abused as a child? Politically sidelined?”

“No, rich Saudi family, great education in Europe, no abuse, no political affiliation. I’m doing what it says in chapter 47, here, have a look.”The judge refuses to look inside the Qur’an, if he does & notices he is wrong, then people might think him racist or islamophobic! He says.

“Come on, what was your reason? I’m confused, you never mentioned Tony Blair or George Bush or America”

“Dude, wtf is your problem? A man kills and says it’s because she cheated, you accept it, I hold the page open and read exactly what I did and you are ignoring me?”


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