The Long Night

It must have been many months since my last blog post. I normally update each week but earlier in the year I found myself  bored with hashing out the same old pieces. I began to notice that every week when I sat down to write a piece, I would have 2 or 3 very small religious articles from the news – and one massive Islamic attack. Naturally, I chose to speak on the most important event. This, sadly, ended with a barrage of blogs that all seem to be plagued with the one religion. Which was not my intention when starting the blog. Writing about Islam is like dragging a piano upstairs, whilst 1000 men pull the piano backwards at the same time.

Last night I debated a Palestinian woman* on twitter (* The account had a fake image, which I found by reverse searching the image – so based on the misogynistic views of said account holder, I have to believe it was in fact a man.

This person not only lied about their beliefs, but unashamedly explained how having sex slaves is OK, how rape victims aren’t actually raped if they’re married to their attacker; how women and men are not equal (even though her bio claims she is a freedom fighter for equality- seriously)

Most importantly in my opinion, and something I find all too familiar, is that she claimed many things did not exist in the Quran, only to be corrected by myself. To her credit, she kind of acknowledged I was right. Crucifixion, sex slaves & decapitation are 3 things she denied were inside her holy book. All 3 of course are – and I supplied evidence of this. She accepted this, although most theists seem to have a reset button whereas tomorrow when she debates someone else – she will have consciously ignored all that she learned the night before. This is most notable in twats like Ray Comfort or Banana man as he is known. On Monday he is told how evolution works, and on Tuesday morning he is back on a radio station using the same old lines that were defeated & explained mere hours before.

The inverse of current views on Islam is actually the truth. The idea that only a minority are “extremists” is nonsense. If we define “extreme” as those who blow themselves up, sure – if we define it as those who think being gay should be punishable by law, or those who will become apologists for chopping off hands, heads & feet or child marriage – which I do – then it is actually a majority. In 2009 for example 0% of British Muslims polled agreed that being gay was “morally acceptable”. For those confused by this, it means 100%, the highest majority polled believed being gay was “morally unacceptable”.

Muslim conservatism, anti-gay hatred, anti-Jew hatred & even anti-women hatred (much more veiled) pardon the pun, is rife in the majority of Muslim communities. Sure, they won’t chop off a child’s head, but they will genuinely sit down & discuss why the Quran says they can in certain situations…

Them – “You see, in times of war, the prophet permitted crucifixion & decapitation.”

ME – “So Alan Henning, the aid worker who had his head chopped off by ISIS for being an infidel, that was okay?”

Them – “No”

Me – “But are ISIS, in their opinion at war with the West?

Them – “Well, yes.”
Me – “And Alan Henning was not a Muslim, so he was what is known as an infidel, correct?”

Them – “Well, yes.”

Me – “So you agree Muslims can decapitate and crucify humans they’re at war with, which they did to Alan Henning. You believe this is okay.”


These folks on twitter and the like are not extremists, most of these accounts have bios that claim to be “feminists” like the one last night who argued men are worth more than women & that she is okay getting 50% inheritance – or that it’s okay that she needs 4 witnesses for each man if she is raped because as she explained – How are you even going to have 4 witnesses. Whatever that means.

This tiresome effort of showcasing the real fundamentals of Islam & how those who believe it will act accordingly – is clearly getting me down. It looks to be going nowhere. And the more Muslims rape and murder at a rate scientifically proven as higher than any other religious group – the more western liberals, like myself, cower into submission & claim that even though we only ever hear of Muslim atrocities, that it must be a fault of the media, it must be a trick somehow. The plain evidence in front of us cannot be the simple explanation. I urge us all to think of Occam and his trusty razor.

I said to myself “I’m taking a night off.” at the start of this year, as I thought what is the point in explaining the link between Jihad & the Quran again and again after each week’s terror attack.

That night off spanned months, it was a long night. It is over.


*** For the conversation between myself & the female feminist Palastinian who agreed women were worth 50% of a man, please view my twitter account 4/05/2016 as I can’t screen shot every image for this blog. Thank you






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