#Wewantourcountryback twitter erupts again.

It’s not their fault, mostly. There are many on twitter and other social sites that wait for an outrage, tweet the politically correct statement and hope for likes and admiration. Even if they haven’t the slightest idea. Others cannot help being sucked into the media frenzy.

TV shows about benefit scroungers are all the rage, millions of us take to twitter to give our boring opinions. We do this without noticing benefit scams are so insignificant that it’s hardly worth arguing over. Benefits are overwhelmingly used by working people to top up low pay and pensioners. In fact the vast majority of benefit claimants are pensioners. But we still get carried away by blaming the “scum” who stay home.

Tonight it is a show about Britain first. (I believe although I haven’t seen it) once again all the twitter warriors who protest from their warm houses, using devices made by slave traded children in Asia are as vocal as ever.

Britain first couldn’t fit one stand in Goodison Park. Think of the shittest show ever to be on TV and cancelled after one episode, now notice that one episode had more viewers than Britain first has  members.

Your anger and vitriol and perceived justice is nonsensical when you find out that there are a hundred times more people moaning about Britain first on twitter, than there are actual people in Britain first.

Don’t listen to them, they are idiots. There are many grievances and facts about horrible religions and nasty archaic ideologies from the middle East – but you can get these evidences from experts not xenophobes claiming to be  liberals.

Stop feeding the media machine, you think you’re fighting the system but instead, TV bosses and twitter executives are laughing all the way to the bank whilst you debate a right wing organisation with less members than the ant and Dec fan club. All the while you are missing the real problems that need to be seriously debated. Like bankers and billionaires not paying tax, the government demonizing the poor or the lack of help for the aged or mentally ill.


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