Public outrage as a bomb-like suitcase is confused for a bomb

Even I was duped by the seemingly over the top reaction by a Texas school teacher, who called the Police on a child, which led to his arrest on suspicion of bringing a bomb to school. Any sane person, reading the limited biased reports would think the same – especially when the words “police” & “Texas” are involved. The story began to unravel when I first saw an image of said “bomb”. My first reaction was, “Wow, that looks like a bomb.” In fact, if my life depended on it and I was given ten guesses, none of them would be “Clock?”

I have been told by facebook users, sorry, bomb specialists, that “no idiot would ever think that looked like a bomb”. Where is the TNT? C4? Dino-mite? These pseudo intellectuals don’t know their ass from their elbow, so I find it laughable that a vast majority of people that have only seen hollywood versions of bombs, believe they can spot one so easily. This is akin to disregarding humanities first contact with alien life because “It isn’t green, it hasn’t got a big head and it never asked to phone home!”

Remember the green and blue liquid bomb from ‘Die Hard with a Vengance’? To me it looked like 2 tubes of washing up liquid, with a corded phone attached to it. How about the giant red canister bombs near the films finale? I will post them below. I very much doubt real bombs look this way – but as we are all ignorant of bomb facts, why don’t we act humble enough to admit it and stop giving ourselves qualifications we don’t have.

I actually think Ahmed’s looks more sinister than the one in Die Hard. Now if this funny looking thing with a tiny speaker attached fooled us all back in the 90’s, how can we act like no one should have been concerned by the other image? – You compare them below.

Binary-DH IMG_2146

This photo provided by the Irving Police Department shows the homemade clock that Ahmed Mohamed brought to school, Wednesday, Sept.16, 2015, in Irving. Police detained the 14-year-old Muslim boy after a teacher at MacArthur High School decided that the homemade clock he brought to class looked like a bomb, according to school and police officials. The family of Ahmed Mohamed said the boy was suspended for three days from the school in the Dallas suburb. (Irving Police via AP)

Two major criticisms to mention:

  1. We are told no one actually called a bomb squad, therefore the school knew it wasn’t a bomb and just wanted to humiliate the young Muslim, I find this hard to believe. Firstly, no police officer or public figure in America wants to be famous right now for offending Muslims – It is clearly toxic. In this day and age you can’t cough in the direction of a Muslim without offending 1.3 billion “peaceful” people. For example 78% of British Muslims (these are the ones we all agree are mostly peaceful and rational) believe that anyone drawing CARTOONS of the prophet Mohammed should be prosecuted. 68% said anyone insulting Islam should also face prosecution – more worrying was that 62% of those polled stated they believe freedom of speech should not be allowed as it offends religious groups. Does this sound like a rational majority to you? If 78% of British Christians believed making a cartoon about Jesus deserved prosecution, wouldn’t it be front page news? – We don’t mention this lest we be called bigoted by such theological intellectuals as Ben Afleck. As this British evidence might not suffice (rightly so) here is a US poll with 51% of US Muslims claiming they should have the right to Sharia courts instead of US courts – You know Sharia for such just sentences like ‘chopping off hands for theft’ or ‘killing adulterers’. I understand the % of right-wing Christians would also show strange results, but when added to terrorist offenses using bombs, you will understand my inclusion (nearer the bottom)
  2. Secondly, we hear from such people as Ron Reagan – the son –  (usually a reasonable thinker, void of his fathers lunacy) who says “It didn’t look like a bomb because nothing was attached to it, no explosives can be seen”- again, other than a hollywood production, none of us really know what that image would look like. I can’t tell anthrax from powdered sugar, can you?

If I had a child in school and just one teacher thought they saw another child with a gun/bomb/knife I would want them to react as this Texan teacher did. Remove the possible threat immediately. It’s no good saying that Ahmed hurt nobody; hindsight is 20/20. If this had been an explosive which indeed killed children, all these far left pundits would have asked “Why didn’t anybody call the police? My children are not safe in school!”

9 times out of 10 it may be a false alarm, but I wouldn’t want to be the teacher who when the 10th time came around allowed 50 children to die because I was too afraid to offend a kid from an ethnic minority. I’d rather some hurt feelings than a body count. Actually, if my child had taken such an item to school and was arrested, I would understand – It looks like a fucking bomb, what can I say?

If you aren’t offended yet, here it comes. I think Ahmed purposely aimed to achieve such a reaction. I did stupid things for attention as a child and other things just for shits and giggles. I once planted a long range walky-talky behind a packet of crisps in a local shop to haunt customers with such witty quips like “buy me, I’m so tasty yet so creamy” & “please don’t eat me, I have kids!”

I felt like a prick when I had to go into the shop and ask the shop keeper for my walky-talky back. But I was a child, it was my job to be immature, who else would do it for me?

Here are a few interesting points.

  • Ahmed kept showing the clock to teachers of various subjects, not just science teachers; a ruckus or admiration – either way he was looking for attention. Something he stated himself “I wanted to impress my teachers.” And good for him, I’ve done similar things to be accepted by my intellectual superiors, nothing was better than being praise by a teacher as a child.
  • When he was pressed on what was in the suitcase, he reportedly didn’t reply, making the teacher more nervy about its contents – Which began to tick. Yes, tick.
  • A 14 year old boy maybe shouldn’t be taken at his word, especially when it has now been proven that he invented diddlysquat. The “invention” was using a screw driver to open a digital clock and place it inside a suitcase. That’s like taking a condom out of a wrapper and saying I’ve cured AIDS.
  • Ahmed has now left school (although technically still suspended) to go on a tour of news organisations, not exactly fitting with his “desire for knowledge” we’ve heard so much about.
  • When questioned by reporters, the answers given clearly be heard in the background as they are relayed to him via his sister – before he recites verbatim. This child can’t answer his own questions let alone build his own clock.
  • This uproar, which can be predicted by any young Muslim aware of the issues surrounding Islam in 2015, would herald, one would expect, not only public outcry, fame, but also monetary value. He has received thousands in gifts, scholarships to schools he simply hasn’t the education to attend (Let’s not forget, this publicity stunt has just taken a college place away from a genuine child looking for higher education, who had such grades to warrant a place) Does none of this compel you to think he may have outwitted the general public for 15 minutes of fame and a new X-box? Watch his youtube interviews and I beg you to not notice the excitement from a child who has just become the next ‘Balloon boy’.
  • Other “inventions” by Ahmed shown on ‘Good Morning America’ include taking a motherboard out of a computer and … that’s it! I’ve taken countless computers apart, I had no idea I was such a prolific inventor – I’m sure Obama will invite me to the White House any day now…

Ahmed has now been invited to Google’s science fair. Where a real 15 year old inventor has created an automated method for finding and characterising gravitationally lensed quasars. Another boy of 16 invented an inexpensive test for the Ebola virus.

Ahmed is about to hit the phase of this whirlwind where he notices he fucked up and must face the music. In a room full of genuine inventors who will probably go on to be world changing physicists and disease curers, Ahmed will stand to hushed silence as he says “Look! And behold my new invention! I’ve taken the pages out of a book – I call it paper! … No? erm OK, I’ve opened a plug and found these wire thingys? … No? erm, well, I took a coffee machine apart with a hammer … that must mean something, right?”

Whilst the 15 year old replies “Do you even know what a quasar is?” and the 16 year old says “I’m literally saving Ebola patients … is this boy for real?”

Here is a snippet of a recent report:

“Ahmed said he first showed his invention to his engineering teacher, who gave him some advice.

‘He was like, “That’s really nice. I would advise you not to show that to other teachers.”

He kept the clock in his bag, but it started to beep later in the day during an English class. He then showed his clock to the teacher who said it looked like a bomb.”

He ignored the advice of his engineering teacher, because he knew – at least in that moment – what could be thought of such an item. His bomb-looking clock began to beep during class? If you honestly think an engineer would have reason to suspect a laymen would think it was a bomb – why wouldn’t you think the same when it begins to beep? Come on, the beeping is when even the most liberal and unoffensive of us say “OK, everyone run!”

In this day and age, especially in America, children are often killed in schools. It is a common occurrence, and although we hate to admit it, another common occurrence is bombs exploding at the hands of a Muslim – any age. You can argue this is Islamophobic – but you can’t argue with factual statistics. No one has a monopoly on bombing innocent people in the last 3 decades like those who follow Islam. The precaution taken was apt. Whole airports are shut down if someone dares to leave a subway bag unattended in the baggage claim. We can all call ourselves liberal and sing ‘we are the world’, but the truth is, post 9/11 we all feel a tad uncomfortable when a Muslim steps on a flight, just like we feel uncomfortable walking past a gang of youths at night – the chances of trouble are slim – but we might be in the slim minority. If a Muslim of any age walked up to you in an airport holding a suitcase that was ticking, would you say “Oh wow, what an amazing clock – can I look closer?” Or would you shit yourself and run?

The people online who suddenly became experts in bombs last week, also became structural engineers on youtube when the twin towers fell. They become experts on the constitution when gun laws are debated; they also become scientists when the subject of evolution is mentioned. You may also know them as that one guy who comments on all porn videos with “this faggot and his limp dick can’t fuck, she needs a real man like me!” – yet they have no discernible expertise, or experience with real physical bedroom activity.

Those who feel my diatribe is Islamophic, firstly, grow a brain cell and stop being offended by your own shadow. Secondly, notice that although we can make smoke without fire – we cannot deny that some stereotypes come from real places.

Religions are not equal, they do not pose the same threat. We know the majority of Muslims are not terrorists – but we also know at the same time the vast majority of terrorist acts in the last 3 decades have been performed by Muslims. These statements are both true and do not contradict one another. Furthermore, if we remember that Christians nearly outnumber Muslims 2:1 and notice we hardly ever hear about Christian terrorism, we must admit that no media bias big enough could hide that fact that Muslims have a fetish for terror that had no modern day equivalent. The % and ratio of extremist Muslims to peaceful Muslims is astonishingly scary when we compare it to any other religion. This is a fact we all have to come to terms with.

In 2015 alone, there has been a reported 230 “terrorist attacks”.

Attacks carried out by:

Christians: 1

Jews: 2

Unknown/unaffiliated with religious group: 17

Muslims: 210

210 out of 230 = 91.3%

If you think the “Muslim terrorist” stereotype isn’t based on facts, then now you have no excuse for ignorance. 91.3% isn’t a minority – it’s the opposite.

Ahmed didn’t choose the colour of his skin nor his religion: One was forced upon him via his DNA, the other forced on him by his parents. Sadly for Ahmed, he just happened to be born in a time when the majority of terrorism is committed by people who share his faith – So the reaction of the school and police wasn’t anti-Muslim, it was in fact completely justified by all international statistics.

Ask yourself this question, If Ahmed was called Patrick and this happened in 1970’s Belfast – Would the police have been called? Yes.

And would I branded Irish or IRA-aphobic?

Of course not.

Finally, below are some images of real/fake bombs from google images. Can you, with 100% certainty tell which are benign and which are dangerous? Would you bet the lives of many school children on it? Doubt it.

15131061630_2d59bef1f0_k fpexec2sm Suitcase suitcasebomb TRN-graphic


3 thoughts on “Public outrage as a bomb-like suitcase is confused for a bomb

  1. If you look around you wil lkely find a picture of this “Suitcase” in context of its size, It is small, very small, It is smaller than any image you show here. It is smaller than a briefcase. It is about the size of a notebook computer except a bit deeper.

    I made bacon for breakfast. I am not the pig so I didn’t grow the meat. I am not a farmer, I am not a butcher, I am not a hog transporter, a slaughterhouse, a smokehouse, a packager of processed meats. But I am still gonna say I made bacon.

    The boy is 14 and has variously said he “made”, “built” or “invented” the clock, Invented is incorrect. Perhaps at 14 he can be excused for imprecision.

    I taught electronics technology at the University level. It’s a clock and anyone with any knowledge would know immediately it is not a bomb. Suitcase bombs I’ve seen from Hollywood are fake as hell, but I never ever saw one with a power cord as one example.

    The school knew before the police got there it was not a bomb. Had they any thought it was a bomb they’d have pulled a fire drill. They did not because they knew there was no danger at all.

    I can in detail show levels of sophistication in the design and construction of a digital clock in a portable case. This level, taking a clock and repackaging it shows skill in planning, using tools, and some modest knowledge of electronics. It is appropriately sophisticated but not taxing for a bright 14 year old.


    • You are wrong. The image shows the item in context, I haven’t doctored the image. You my have made bacon but you didn’t invent it, as I said in the piece he clearly tried to make himself the centre of attention then sadly had to deal with the consequences. I don’t care what you taught, you may have the expertise to look at it and say “clock” but the general public don’t. I personally have never heard of a clock inside a suitcase, have you? You say you’ve never seen a bomb with a power cord, but you’ve also never probably seen a real bomb – therefore have no right to expertise here. Yes, as explained in the piece, which shows you did not read it – the police and school knew it wasn’t a bomb in the end ( not at first). What you seem to forget is that a bomb hoax is illegal. Pretending to have a weapon is illegal. Therefore they followed bomb hoax procedure. Lastly, if you think there is sophistication in this clock’s design, you are lying about your expertise and are an idiot. There is a 20 second video on YouTube of a man opening a digital clock and placing it inside a case, it looks exactly the same as Ahmed’s. There is no intelligence needed. It took Ahmed probably 40 seconds to do. He unscrewed 4 screws, placed the insides in to a suitcase and didn’t even glue down the contents. He isn’t an inventor or a genius. He isn’t even bright in my opinion. He is a 14 year old acting like a 14 year old. Sadly his father is a well known right wing Muslim, who has now said he is moving Ahmed to Qatar – that bastion of scientific advances… Based on Ahmed’s family & the direction and version of Islam they seem to subscribe to – I predict we will see Ahmed make a bomb in future. I mean a clock …


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