Saudi Arabia elected head of UN Human Rights committee; might as well ask Neo Nazi’s to lead the global effort against anti-semitism.

Saudi Arabia has been elected to head a key UN panel on Human Rights. They now have powers that include being able to choose the delegates who get to investigate claims of human rights abuses. In essence, the rapists are getting to choose which of their most mentally handicapped victims will get to testify against them. How can we let the world’s worst human rights abusers lead the fight against human rights abuses?

It is an utter disgusting turn of events and in my opinion is one of the worst political decisions in the last century.

Saudi Arabia, our “ally”, is a state that commits worse atrocities than North Korea and it doesn’t hide behind a secretive wall to do it. In full view of the public and with a rather high amount of personal adulation, they:

  •  Behead women publicly for mere suspicion of murder; no hard evidence or court case needed
  • Leave state executed bodies tied up in public streets
  • Behead prisoner to a crowd of entertained onlookers
  • Sentence Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for advocating free speech
  • Have a well known ‘religious police’ whose role is to find human rights advocates or freedom fighters & punish them
  • Force women to have a chaperone any time they leave their house. Any woman found without one can be given anything from 100 lashes to a death sentence
  • Give more lashes to a victim of gang-rape than her rapists received, as she was found to have left her house without a male counterpart
  • Restrict women from: Driving, Entering a cemetery, reading an uncensored fashion magazine, buying a barbie, wearing make-up, trying on clothes whilst shopping, competing in sports, swimming, interact with men – all mentioned here
  • Conducted more than 100 executions since January 1st 47 of which were for nonviolent drug offenses – like drinking a glass of wine or smoking pot and in the worst case smuggling heroine

Saudi Arabia execution 5 Yemeni5 Yemeni’s in Saudi Arabia charged with robbery and murder are here beheaded and hung for public display in 2013.

The list goes on and on. Basically the vilest things your imagination can muster, have been done 10x over in Saudi Arabia. And for those brave enough to have clicked the youtube links above, these executions are as shocking, stomach turning and vomit inducing than any scene from the nastiest of horror movies. We separate ourselves from reality when we watch films like ‘Hostel’, not knowing the most horrific of scenes from those films don’t even come close to the real torture that happens daily in Saudi Arabia.

We let the Saudi’s do this for one reason, oil. We need their oil supply and to a lesser extent we stay afloat by selling them weapons like guns, battleships, helicopters and fighter-jets. Imagine for a moment that Hitler’s Germany stood atop the worlds biggest oil field. Do you think we would have fought against him? By sheer logic, this ruling at the UN proves that Nazi Germany would have gone untouched if only they had an oil supply.

The Saudi’s are the world’s largest oil supplier, the second largest arms importer and spend the forth highest amount on military expenditure. When the time is right, who do you think the Saudi’s will aim their weapons at? Their Muslim brothers in the east or the western nations that live for everything they despise?

The first commercial oil well in Saudi Arabia was built in 1938, since then they have risen to being one of the richest nations on earth. They don’t have anything of worth other than oil. So as soon as oil runs out, they will fall back into the excuse for a state they used to be. No surprise then that the Saudi’s and their Qatar allies have spent much of their income on buying a massive amount of London. You now can’t throw a rock in our capital city without hitting an area that has been bought by middle eastern states including the Saudi’s. Even Scotland Yard is being mentioned as a potential new investment. The Arabians have also looked to solidify their monetary foundation once the oil disappears by buying stock in well known companies like Disney, Twitter & Apple.

Still, it isn’t too late to kill the dragon before it reaches maturity. Just one serious 12 month period by western countries into clean & renewable energy would cripple the Saudi’s. Just a few steps that would eradicate the demand for oil. They might seem extreme, but in reality they are completely possible.

  1. Offer giant tax breaks to car companies who build a minimum of 70% electrical vehicles or cover the cost of converting current motors.
  2. Put a 15-20% tax on any petrol or diesel vehicle sold, forcing the public to buy the cheaper & cleaner alternative.
  3. Place a similar tax on petrol or diesel for personal motors. (I know this might garner outrage but only because people need cheap petrol, if it became substantially cheaper to run an electric motor, then petrol prices could hit £3 a ml and not a fuck would be given as it would not effect the consumer.
  4. Ask BP & other oil companies to build electric pumps at every petrol station, and to keep them from abstaining due to personal interest, offer them first dibs on investment contracts in the electrical market.
  5. Give subsidies to car companies and the population for part exchanging their old cars for electric versions.

This would reduce the demand substantially, putting power back into the hands of western nations.

The simple fact is that it is not cost effective for car manufacturers to build electric cars. The market is tiny.

Manufacturers will not bend over backwards to save our planet – but they will adhere to a changing market. If BMW were offered  one year of no corporation tax in return for a push on electric cars – they would take the deal. If we offered BP or Shell a similar contract to add electric outlets to all of their petrol stations – they would oblige. They will get rich in the short term due to even less taxes, but in the long term we will rid ourselves of the archaic use of fossil fuels.

Many countries have used economic tricks for the betterment of domestic prosperity. Like targeted tariffs for instance, which are taxes on imports to counterbalance their cheaper price, therefore making the import price equal to its domestic comparable product – this is a commonplace economic system which is used in most advanced nations.

For example if a can of U.S. Pepsi costs 50p but a can of Canadian cola costs 20p, The U.S. would tax the Canadian import 30 pence – to give their domestic product a fighting chance.

Money is sadly the only power our society values and stupidly we are not using it to our advantage. Sure, the UK makes billions from the Saudi’s in the short term from sold weapons. But as stated earlier in the long term said weapons will destroy us. Our objective should be to eliminate the value of oil, therefore diminishing the power of rogue states like the Saudi’s. In turn we will help save our planet – what is stopping us?

We are a country that instead of sitting on our hands, enjoying histories largest Empire and watching the world burn. We chose to spend every penny we had fighting in two World Wars; the second of which bankrupted our nation, dissolved our Empire and took away our global leading status to the Americans.

We did it because it was the right thing to do. It’s a sad fact that the United States got tremendously wealthy off of the World Wars. Maybe if we were more cold-hearted we would have done the same – but I am proud of our stance and would rather a dead empire than a dead soul. It’s no secret that the U.S. gained wealth for 60 years using slave-labour after the rest of the world abolished it. Also no secret they abstained from the World Wars until it was completely unavoidable for them – instead of standing against the human rights abuses from day one like other morally respectable countries did. As you can see I digress. My point is, how far back have we gone? what ground have we lost? Where is the morality that led us to fight the Nazi’s? That Britain simply does not exist anymore, and when nonsensical right-wingers say “Our Britain isn’t Great anymore!” I agree nearly vomit knowing I agree with them.

It may be a bloody fight, especially if the Saudi’s begin to notice their loss in exports: see the death of the USSR for reference of a dying state fighting back. But it is a cause no less worthy than the threat of Nazism.

Now, to address the elephant in the room. Although, in my opinion Saudi Arabia is the perfect example of what a true Islamic State can be, this is no fault of Islam. This is a Kingdom with absolute power which happens to find that the callous shoe of extremist Islam fits perfectly. If Islam had not had a hold on the region for so long, I’m sure they would have taken a North Korean style of diplomacy. If secularism was a staple of their society, a more Stalin-like proposal would meet the needs. This proposal doesn’t lead to another crusade like war. It is an economic sanction used to speed up the process of non fossil fuel dependency.

With the strong arm of economic diplomacy, we can end a tyrannical kingdom whilst saving our planet from overuse of fossil fuels. Most importantly it will give us back the power to stand up against evil in the world, instead of turning a bling eye as we do now in the name of economic prosperity. United Kingdom, For shame!


3 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia elected head of UN Human Rights committee; might as well ask Neo Nazi’s to lead the global effort against anti-semitism.

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    For those of us who have the right to dissent, the pain of our freedom is felt by the few. Jordan Smith is a friend and a colleague in the fight for human rights. Put your helmet on and give this a read, he doesn’t pull punches and that’s what I love about his work.

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  2. Many odd things happen in these times. But to choose Saudi Arabia to head a UN human-righs panel is not less than putting an academic’s gown on a donkey and urging him to act as the Professor of Logic and Philosophy in Oxford University!


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