Twitter Idiots

“Feminists” can be sexist too!

I don’t see this woman as a feminist, she is clearly a misandrist who thinks she classifies as a feminist based on the organ between her legs. Just as being white doesn’t make me an expert on white studies (whatever that may be) & being a male doesn’t make me a misogynist (shocking I know).

I won’t use her name here, as the last thing I want to do is write another blog that gets shared over 3000 times on facebook – and gives this author some undeserved sales and publicity. Not usually one for petty jokes, but a quick look at her twitter page shows an ego that would rival Donald Trump’s. She would surely have more than 900 followers on twitter if the world felt the same way about her, as she did about herself.

Last night it seemed many were  upset that Jeremy Corbyn looked to be creating a male-centric shadow cabinet, with a majority of males in the most “important” roles. These people had significantly jumped the shark after the appointment of Tom Watson as Deputy leader of the party – thinking it would be a sign of things to come. Corbyn ended with 16 females and 14 males. There may be some reason for upset regarding the top jobs, but with females taking up the positions of:

  • Shadow first secretary of State, Shadow secretary of state for business, innovation and skills – Angela Eagle
  • Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury – Seema Malhotra
  • Opposition Chief whip – Rosie Winterton
  • Shadow secretary of state for health – Heidi Alexander
  • Shadow secretary of state for education – Lucy Powell
  • Shadow secretary of state for defence – Maria Eagle
  • Shadow secretary of state for energy & climate change – Lisa Nandy
  • Shadow secretary of state for transport – Lilian Greenwood
  • Shadow secretary of state for international development – Diane Abbott
  • Shadow secretary of state for Wales – Nia Griffith
  • Shadow secretary of state for environment, food & rural affairs – Kerry McCarthy
  • Shadow minister for women and equalities – Kate Green
  • Shadow minister for young people & voter registration – Gloria De Piero
  • Shadow minister for mental health – Luciana Berger
  • Shadow leader of the House of Lords – Lady Smith
  • Shadow attorney general – Catherine McKinnell

Now some may say these are minimal or less important jobs, minister for mental health maybe? Not to me, regardless of my battle with mental health – I have seen the fantastic work Luciana Berger has done in the past few years, and how many lives her work has probably saved. Not a small job in my opinion.

On to the topic at hand. Let’s see if I am deserving of such childish anger as will be posted below.


Is this reaction warranted? The only part of my tweet that could be taken with such offence might be the mention of “genitals” but this is only a problem to the weak-minded millennials who take offence at the blowing wind. One can see the usual angry twitter reply, the type one would expect from a child and not someone expecting to be respected. Why does the internet bring out the inner angry child in everyone? Why can we watch a video of a parrot trying to speak English on youtube and scroll down to see one human reply with “Fuck this parrot in his ass, can’t speak no shit!”

I am still trying to calm this emotional woman down by not replying with vitriol but with confirmation that I wanted her opinion. But that is a step too far for some “feminists”, how dare a man ask a woman a question – isn’t that racist, bigoted, sexist & islamophobic? Right?

Much worse, she uses a strawman and pretends I claimed men deserved all political jobs that women didn’t have, I guess she means even the jobs women didn’t apply for!

“I never considered it might just be that no women have ever been better at the jobs they are consistently passed over for.”

She implies here that I did say that? What complete nonsense? How far does she have to reach into her ass to find that angry-typical-internet-feminist reply?!

But her nonintellectual, angry and childish tirade doesn’t end there.

As is the way of losers, they take to their own twitter page, to speak about you to their followers (the majority of which are follow for follow) – untagged of course.

1 2  43

She continues to give replies to horrible statements I never made, and getting worked up for conversations that no one is having with her. Delusional? It’s sad she fits into so many stereotypes that misogynists use to pigeon-hole women. Anyone notice the very anti-male vibe in her tweets? I guess, sexism only works when males paint a broad brush regarding females and never the other way round. Or at least in the mind of pseudo-intellectuals who are offended when the mail man says “hi” only to reply with “STOP OPPRESSING ME YOU MALE PIG!”

A reply of “Yes, but still would be nice to see more women in politics.” Would have sufficed. I would have agreed and moved along. But some angry, self-victimised women can’t help themselves can they?

Are you offended? You’ll get over it.


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