Ignorance depleting

I love my grandfather very much, he is a life long Christian, of the Roman catholic wing. He isn’t perfect, and by no means a real Christian in biblical terms, but he is a great man who has lived his life by the book – nowadays we use that term loosely; he hasn’t stoned anyone to death, although he does treat people nice, I’m sure you see my point. Sadly, though, I know for a fact a man like Aronra knows more about the bible than my grandfather, it pains me to admit. Don’t get me wrong, pascal’s wager has served him well, but his faith has limited him.

When I read about the countless gods or prophets before Mohammed and before Jesus who have the exact same stories, it baffles me that hardly anyone knows of this. From Jesus to Noah to Moses – these men are all fictional and have almost identical traits and character arcs as men who preceded them, by thousands of years. I know it may sound suspect, but for atheists reading this I will ask you to look it up or listen toto the podcast ‘the thinking atheist- unoriginal faith episode) for sources, I trust you will be sceptical and as curious as I. For believers I implore you to do the same, although I know by default because I refuse to post links here I will be seen as deceiving or something of the sort. Truth is, I’m on my tablet and haven’t the time.

How can so many believe so strongly when such evidence of falsehoods is strife? It’s not a question whether Moses was real, it is a certifiable fact that not only was he fictional, he was a carbon copy of an earlier fictional person – he is a fake twice removed.

Some people will not be swayed, they don’t care to look at the evidence. I’m not interested in those people, as they have intellectually failed their body. Others however, who seek truth, or just enjoy curiosity now have 1 billion sources at their finger tips in the form of the internet. The world wide web will emancipate us all from ignorance.

When the church had complete control of education, they read the bible to illiterates who admired and worshipped. When the church had to give way to education they held strong by using force, overpowering and fear tactics to keep the flock; this power is waning. The dark ages were to keep intellect and inquiry in the shadows, it was successful for far too long. The dark is over, and a silver lining has appeared. Our human nature added to our ease of access will diminish religion substantially.

The internet is where ignorance comes to die, and with it, religion, in its current state will cease also.


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