Texas 2 – Islamic Terrorists 0

Two terrorists attempted to murder a group of Texans for carrying out free speech, I’ll give you -4 seconds to guess which religion they followed … It begins with I.

The event was held by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), which among other things offered a $10,000 prize for the best caricature of the prophet. Two radical Muslims seemed unhappy at the offensive nature of the event & planned to crash the gathering and kill, it would seem, anyone they could. Don’t worry, the fun is on its way.

Normally when discussing such events humour is void due to a high death toll of innocent people, thankfully the only people dead are the terrorists, in fact of the two hundred people present at the event, none were harmed – therefore I find humour necessary.

The terrorists wore body armour & held assault rifles, which leads me to suspect they had no intention of winning the $10,000 prize – unless it was a living art installation gone wrong… They attempted to shoot an unarmed off-duty security officer & a Garland Traffic officer; said traffic officer wasted no time in killing both attempted terrorists. If Allah is real, how shameful will it be standing before him and pleading “we tried our best” as Allah replies “but a fucking traffic cop?”

I think we often miss an opportunity when we discuss radical Islam. Instead of mentioning the 7% of politically radicalised Muslims, which amounts to more than 112 million people (don’t worry, it’s only a minority), we find ourselves discussing the fact that other religions don’t have nearly as much radicals. What about idiots? What about complete morons? To believe the truest sense of Islam, straight from scripture you would have to be completely stupid, so why let radicals have the sense of achievement by calling them by a term they take pride in?

From now on I refer to them as Islamic fuckwits or Islamic dullards & dolts.

I’m not a fan of guns in the U.S. I think it is a recipe for disaster, but I understand that with the amount of guns, one of the only ways to ensure protection is to have one yourself. In this instance, guns were both the good and bad of the situation. For instance it would have been a lot harder to kill people if all they had were knives, but that is for another time. I bring up guns for one reason. Texas. I have had the pleasure of living in Texas, and seeing first hand the beauty of the landscape and of the people, whilst also noticing the undercurrent of racial stereotyping, religious craziness and gun-nut-baggery. One can make a case for idiots in Texas, but this time they have been outdone. If you want to kill someone for your religion, you have more chance of survival in Israel than in Texas, children have guns, dogs have guns, I ate a cheesecake in Texas in the shape of a gun. What were these Islamic idiots thinking? In Denmark it made sense, that is a peaceful place, you are shooting fish in a barrel so to speak, they don’t deal with such actions often and are always to be caught off guard. In that sense the attacks in Denmark or France are even more evil due to their premeditation. But a bunch or (mostly) Christians in Texas? Are you out of your mind?

It doesn’t matter if you think Allah is on your side, if you pick a fight in Texas, you will probably get shot.

One fool, which shamefully comes from my own country of England, more specifically Birmingham (Birmingham-istan as it is known), used the hashtag #TexasAttack to show his support posting a picture of him holding a rifle and writing: “They Thought They Was Safe In Texas From The Soldiers Of The Islamic State.”

They Was Right.


4 thoughts on “Texas 2 – Islamic Terrorists 0

  1. Yes, Garland Texas now has the distinction of being the final resting place for two of the stupidest humans to have ever lived. They would have had trouble demonstrating their stupidity in any other way short of some energetic and resourceful suicide.

    Wait for it. Coming to a town (in the south) near you, Draw Mo Contests. What happened in Garland is a blueprint for how to get rid of thousands of more idiots.

    BTW, those AK47’s are illegal. That’s nothing to do with the gun laws in Texas. It was a closed gathering with great security. A beat cop (the kind that give you speeding tickets) pulled out a standard issue handgun and put both of these idiots in the grave in less than 15 seconds.

    Think that through for a minute. If that cop had not shot them they would have found themselves face to face with well armed men whose first thought would be “oh yeah, targets!”

    If this is what ISIS thinks we should be afraid of the southern states have a message for ISIS. It goes kind of like this: Hey, ya’ll come by, we’re having another drawing contest next month. This time the drawing is for who gets to man the 50 caliber. The runner up gets 5 years supply of ammo.

    If life imitates art, the next attack will be at a gun rally.


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