Opportunistic, fame-hungry wannabe … and Katie Hopkins

As always I spend time researching sources and people for my writing. In this instance I found myself perusing a few mind numbing and then a few really interesting blog posts by Jameela Jamil. Before her twitter faux pas I had no idea who she was, which is not an ad hominem or to be taken as a derogatory statement – as I am certain she has no idea who I am also. But the “who is she” question is actually viable, when we notice she writes with such an ego, self importance and pretentiousness. Initially I was confused & found humour in the over the top “I am the one and only Jameela, hear my opinion”, but then I was saddened when I noticed not only can she write in proper English, but with cohesive arguments too, sometimes. If only her diatribe against Katie Hopkins was written like many of her other pieces, it might have made a point.

She wrote a piece on gang rape in India, and her disgust at the higher importance given to the religious symbol of a cow, over that of a women. No arguments here. A+ (and from a woman of Asian decent – I believe – which only adds to how powerful that piece really can be)

Another piece about how Feminism should be equality of the sexes and not an admission that females are perfect and should never be critiqued; making a note about objectifying women who objectify themselves (Amber Rose – another one I had to google) Again very good B – only because the title was boring.

Sadly she loses all merit as she disregards consistency. Ending the Feminism piece with

“Because we are free to do it. And more of us should speak up and fight to be heard, and make sure we have something to say or do that counts.”

She is standing up for free speech here yes? Not according to her new post. In her New piece she shows that free speech has a limit, and the limit is this. “If I Jameela do not like your opinion, you should be arrested.”

Well that escalated quickly.

Now, a woman who blogs on issues like the Kardashians, Amber Rose & Chris Martin’s relationship is not really one anyone with a medium IQ should bother with, but when we disregard free speech, you are now discussing higher issues that Jameela maybe isn’t really suited to deal with.

Her egotism firstly:


This tweet presupposes 1) People gives a shit what she thinks 2) People have been dying to know HER opinion.

Two days, with nearly 200k followers and only 146 RT’s – Clearly people are not arsed about your opinion, only Kanye West would write something as self loving as the above tweet. Cut it out, is wrecks your argument.

Her title “KATIE HOPKINS. YOU BELONG IN JAIL.” Not really correct is it? Maybe a comma next time.

“I’ve held my tongue on this terrible, terrible shitbag”

Well, if this is how it starts we won’t be expecting much will we? See how she said terrible twice, what use of language!

Jameela mentioned the UN Human Rights Chief who compared Hopkins to a Nazi, fallacy 1 I suppose (argument from authority). Hopkins has no connection to Nazi’s, she says nasty things, she doesn’t commit genocide – or crimes for that matter.

“I have to say something for my own sanity.”

Then say it to yourself you fool! How does your sanity base itself around the opinions of Daily Mail trolls?

“She said in her most recent abomination of human kind column”

This attack would be easier to take if only you were a better writer than Katie Hopkins, sadly, and I really mean sadly, you are not. At least her nonsense is intelligible. Your good points are covered with so much shit, that it would take a sifting process to find a point.

Hopkins mentions how little she cared for dead immigrants floating in the Mediterranean, par for the course. Pieces like that pay her bills, so it shocks no one. Is Hopkins vile and completely gruesome? Yes; is Jameela right in being disgusted? Yes. Does Jameela attack her argument on its own merit keeping the intellectual high ground? No. Jameela uses logical fallacies (ad hominem attacks, slippery slope fallacies, arguments from authority, appeals to emotion, strawmen) In fact it would be easier to name the fallacies she missed out.

Jameela clearly doesn’t understand fallacies, why would she? She isn’t a journalist or seasoned debater. Here is a guide for her to study Yourlogicalfallacyis

But just for those reading, here is an example.

“These people are escaping poverty, corrupt governments, murder abuse and rape. Are you REALLY telling me Katie, that if you and your children were being sexually assaulted and terrorised and your lives were at risk, that you would stay put where you were in the name of “propriety?”

This is what we call a “Black & White” fallacy. Claiming that every single asylum seeker on that boat on that day at that time, must have been raped, assaulted or at risk to want to come to Europe, is nonsense. And using it in your argument makes the rest, to those who understand making a case, useless. Also, begging the question is also useless, as Katie Hopkins knows full well why they are fleeing, she hasn’t once denied the terrible life conditions, she just doesn’t care. So that paragraph is null.

It worries me for her children that she has no apparent maternal instinct

Worry about your argument that she should be arrested, not about her maternal instincts – Her instincts have no connection to your point. Move on.

I loved her to pieces on the apprentice. But she took that amusing caricature and has chiselled it into a sword she is using to try and destroy our society.

More fool you; she was just as much of a cunt in that show as she is now. Do you really think of all the things that can destroy a society (Nuclear weapons, deteriorating politics between the east and west, terrorism, religion) that the opinion of a D rate TV celeb would even make it into the top 600 list of “Terrors to society!” Please rethink. Alan Carr is a more popular TV celeb, I doubt he can shape foreign policy.

Her xenophobia is so dangerous. She is an enabler. She enables people who can’t take responsibility for their own short comings and problems, to look outside themselves and blame it on other people.

True, it is dangerous. But does she enable the blame being placed on others? I’m pretty sure she spoke extensively on fat people blaming everything under the sun but their own laziness, which you wrote about too – again using the fallacy notebook. Instead of attacking her very sensible point, that the majority of people who are putting their health at risk being overweight don’t have a genetic defect to make them fat (as you so illogically said), or an illness which stops them from getting off their ass. The majority eat more calories than they burn off in a day making them over weight, her point was correct, your appeal to emotion was not. I suffer with my weight too Jameela, it isn’t your fault or the NHS’s it is mine alone, Hopkins stated the same thing – Nothing wrong with that. You mentioning the <2% of people who are fat due to outside causes like FTO is embarrassing.

Which is such an unhelpful stance to take in the name of progress.

She doesn’t speak in the name of progress, you know this, so why say something so unrelated? We have still yet to see why she should be arrested!

“I’m poor because of the Pakis.” isn’t a mentality that’s going to get you anywhere in life.

You set yourself up for a legal battle, as I’m sure you made this up. Although I agree the UKIP belief that every evil boils down to people from other countries is laughable at best.

Pointing the finger at everyone else is a wonderful way of avoiding the finger being pointed at you. It’s the name of her game.

No it’s not, you clearly don’t believe this as your first paragraph starts with you explaining how she loves the attention, do you think before you write?

By constantly picking on and highlighting fat people and foreigners and rich people with funny names and muslims… she fucking hates muslims… it means less people will look at what’s wrong with her.

I just re-read her Muslim attack on twitter, not a Muslim attack at all really. She mentions Palestine, and Arab terrorists – If you believe all Arab terrorists and Palestinians are Muslims, than the word for that is racism, and you are a racist… The only way she incited hatred and fell near to prosecution was asking for the bombs to start, but that wouldn’t hold in court. But alas, she can hate who she wants, even if it is based on bigotry and racism. Hopkins also described Israelis as rodents, it is a shame anti-Semitism doesn’t get airplay, but anything regarding Muslims becomes front page news. Funny that.

I’ve just noticed going through every error regarding English would turn into a novella, so I will just leave a link to the piece and you can play the ‘Jameela can’t figure out where to put commas’ game.

Jameela asks not to let Hopkins’ malevolence into our lives, whilst reminding us of it. She says

It appears she is now actually campaigning for xenophobia and racism. Her columns are daily starting to read more and more like an idiot’s guide to Mein Kampf. I think she should be prosecuted for what now feels like a crime against humanity, put in a cell with all the other hateful and damaging people of the world.

It appears that way to dickheads, her opinion is not a campaign. Your inclusion of Mein Kampf only lends itself to one conclusion, you have not read Mein Kampf. Your ego again, you believe Katie should be arrested for an opinion, thankfully last time I checked the laws were not made by TV presenters whose most introspective interview was with one direction and not Ghandi.

To even imply a vile opinion is a “crime against humanity”, whilst hundreds of thousands are being gunned down in religious conflicts each year – which you seem very fucking silent on, opting to chat about pop singers instead – is a testament to your character and an example of your expertise on this matter.

Katie Hopkins says people with mental illness need to lighten up, I have and do suffer with a mental illness – although some of the evidence regarding exercise to beat mental illness that Hopkins posted on twitter was correct, the statement made was stupid and beside the point. It offended me, slightly. But her opinion has no value against a fact, I don’t care what she thinks and I don’t feel she should be shot or prosecuted for saying so. Prosecuting people for a thought or an opinion is the first of a long line of evils that ends with a dictatorship. In North Korea you can commit thought crime, similar in Iran & Saudi Arabia. Only hinting that your opinion differs with the consensus can lead to being stoned to death – If we allow Katie to be silenced, then we allow for freedom of speech to cease. Without freedom of speech we are nothing but robots. Freedom of speech not only allows us to discuss EVERYTHING, but it gives nice people (like yourself) the opportunity to point at pricks and say “hey, listen to what she is saying, she is a prick!” Without it, you would have no blog you blabbering idiot! It reminds me of the Muslims outside downing street who campaigned against free speech, with a protest! The irony to protest for no ability to protest in the future is face-palm inducing.

1984 was a novel, not a fucking manual for society. Jameela enjoys freedom of expression when it is used to fight over the top feminism, but not when it is used to spout nonsense about immigrants. The whole point of free speech is you cannot have it both ways! It is free for all or for none.

Learn this!

Out of a tirade of fallacies you will find not one coherent point that shows why Katie Hopkins should be in jail – other than the fact Jameela knows it will create clicks on her “diary of a goon”. You said it, not me.

NOW, when I am offered a critique or proven wrong I learn from my mistakes and act like a grown up, what does Jameela do? She acts exactly like her friend Katie Hopkins… She uses condescension, patronises you, and uses passive aggressive terms like “sorry babe” “darling” “hun”

In reply to


A perfectly logical statement, worthy of an answer, Jameela says…


No argument, no comeback, no logic – Just the sad attempt attempt at passive aggressive bullying, from someone who cannot make an intellectual point to save her life.

There were another 3 or 4 tweets with added condescension, but guess what? Jameela deleted them off her twitter feed – At least her inconsistency is consistent, she not only wants to censor the free speech of someone she dislikes, she also takes pride in censoring herself. She must have noticed her approach made her look so much like Katie Hopkins that she had to look in the mirror and tell herself she was a “somebody” and not like Katie at all. The mirror lies Jameela, the mirror lies.

Please stick to what you know, make up tutorials, interviewing the dribble you call “hot new bands”, blogs about the issues that truly matter to you like Kardishians and Paltrows etc. And leave the actual issues that bother society to people unlike yourself, who can: A) structure an argument, B) understand and take criticism, C) notice when they are the exact same as those they accuse & D) are actually qualified to speak on the issue. As you are fucking hopeless.

Although that cow piece was on the money.

Jameela’s attempt at serious journalism warning, not for the intelligent.


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