Ed Miliband to outlaw free speech against religion. One step closer to INGSOC

I will sadly join the hordes of people on the internet who scream “1984” or “Orwellian” at the smallest mention of government powers, but I will be completely justified in doing so.

A story arose in February 2015 stating if elected the labour party would outlaw “Islamophobia, Anti-semitism, Homophobia & hate speech against those who are disabled“. In the article linked above it states anyone convicted of these “crimes” even on their own social media would have their future employers notified of such “hatefulness”. I do find it odd that in every mention of this legislation the word “Islam” is always first, this is not Saudi Arabia, so why are we concerned more so with verbal attacks against Islam than we are say verbal attacks against our OWN STATE RELIGION?! Who in their right mind would rally behind a small % of Muslims, which won’t sway the votes, instead of the majority that claim to be Christian? Is he a complete moron?

Isn’t the point of the law to protect all people with laws that are most suitable? How is protecting the nonsensical beliefs of 5% of the country a suitable policy? The middle east must be in shock that their plans of using our own PC sensibilities against ourselves are actually working.

Should people be arrested if they attack Muslims? Of course, and there are laws already that prevent this. But arresting someone for ridiculing the ridiculous is a step too far. The reason why the U.K. is now so secular, is because a few hundred years back we slowly allowed ourselves to criticise the stupidity of our religion. Thus bringing about free speech and the discussion of faith. The rising intelligence, dwindling church goers and constant scientific proof that shows all Abrahamic faiths are completely false, has brought about a young population of free thinkers. The types of which who find it odd that George Bush jr said he asked God if it was “right to go to war with Iraq”, older folks of the religious sect may say “What a great man”; Kids nowadays think “why the hell would you ask your imaginary friend to go to war, and then tell people?”

Islam is a crazy religion, not too dissimilar to Christianity, although Christianity doesn’t force you to kill your own child if he/she chooses to not be a Christian any more. Similarities with Islam is something most Christians don’t care to own up to. Islam has been perverted and changed, but not by ISIS but by “moderates”. When Islam began, it made everyone follow the literal translation, it waged war and killed hundreds of thousands, it allowed men like Mohammed to marry children, it sanctioned the mass killing of Jews & Christians (unless they accepted to pay a fee for living alongside Muslims), it asked it’s followers to kill non-believers and told them to kill any apostates – even their own children. Then over the years, much like Christianity, it started to loosen its grip – only to tighten it once again in the last few hundred years.

(If anyone thinks the previous paragraphs claims are Islamophobic or propaganda, please message me or comment and I will supply all evidence you need & post it publicly- I will also post a full paged apology to whoever fact checks me and proves me wrong)

A new law would not permit me to say these factual things. Somehow I have been called an Islamophobe for asking a Muslim why they think it’s OK to kill a non-believer, as if this question was simply abhorrent to ask.

I dislike people speaking on many issues that concern me, but I will fight to the death to let them say what they want. Freedom of speech enables not only for idiots to say idiotic things, but for smart people to ridicule said idiots. It is a two way street of perfection which must be preserved. If free speech is stopped, how will I know to be disgusted by that homophobic guy? Would you rather a population of secret homophobes, or ones that feel so free to do so in the open that they become their own downfall?

Muslimaphobia is wrong, being scared of Muslims for no reason is an issue, but it deserve no blasphemy law. Any Muslim may not even believe their holy book but say so out of fear of being called an “apostate”, they may follow Islamic traditions out of a family values principle – this is fine. Islamophobia (the irrational fear of Islam) is completely justified. Firstly I disagree with the term, there is nothing irrational about fearing Islam. Same with Christianity. We may call the new version of benign Christianity by its traditional name, but let’s not forget what Christianity was when it first began, what is stayed like for thousands of years, and what horrible things it created when it was fierce and strong – Child sacrifice, genocide, rape, torturing anyone who speaks against the church, drowning “witches”, segregating women from men, claiming women are less than men. This IS Christianity, regardless of the fruity version which now permeates the globe.

And Islam is no different; not all Muslims blow up schools, but a damn site more Muslims do it than Christians or Jews, and this needs to be fixed, but it cannot be fixed if we are outlawed to even approach the subject.

It pains me that peaceful Muslims are looked at with fear and suspicion just because of association, but it doesn’t shock me, as it seems Muslims care more about protesting and killing cartoonists than standing against the killers themselves. Look at the recent protest marches and compare the numbers yourself.

The issue I find most important is that even moderate Muslims stick to far right nastiness within their faith, so in many respects are too similar to ISIS.

“As a Muslim, I struggle with the idea of homosexuality” – ISIS? AL Qaeda? Nope, “Left wing” columnist Mehdi Hassan.

This type of bigotry comes direct from his faith, he states it himself, he never said “as a vegan … or as a far right loony, he said “as a Muslim”. Therefore his Muslim faith is the reason for his bigotry, this must be discussed.

I was close to voting labour until I saw this news story pop up again today but actually from the horses mouth, if Ed Miliband wants to outlaw free speech, then he will do so without my vote. I would rather live under the tories than INGSOC. Fuck it, we might as well start to memorise this…





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