Russia: The gayest country in the world

I don’t use the term “gayest” in a derogatory fashion as many of my generation did as children. Any negative implications are to offend Russians directly, let this be clear.

What once started as an old wives tale or a blatant stereotype, has now added to the old chestnut of “no smoke without fire”. I recently rejoiced in the news from a porn site I have frequented in the past (porn hub) which released a study that shows the people who watch the most gay porn, happen to live in the most anti-gay states! Go figure. “People who are over the top anti homosexual are closeted gays”, I guess this must be somewhat true. According to the statistics, more liberal, godless and gay friendly states are far behind the Godly places regarding pleasuring themselves over homo fun. Here is a map of the findings.

Now, regarding Reggie Yates. By no means will I attempt to diminish his character or intentions, but it is safe to say that this ‘Russia anti-gay’ documentary has already been done, and sadly for Reggie, it has been done much better. Also, I am sure he detests Russia’s treatment of gays, but we must admit this comes from a pay-cheque and a job with public exposure for himself – as when we think of pioneering gay rights, we never think ‘Reggie Yates’. But regardless of his hijacking of a good journalist’s job for personal gain, I admire him for speaking on the issue; here are my thoughts on his program.

Russia is full of queers, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The scaremongering, the fear, the zealous nature, the uncontrollable and outwardly expressed anti-gay attitude is nothing short of the worst acting of all time. Russia is a population of Nicholas Cage like people (insert your own opinion on worst actor). One can see self shame so easily in the faces of these orthodox Christians. Remember those interviews and images of Elton John before he came out of the closet? Or when he married a woman? You could see in his face something was amiss. We don’t need a gay detector to notice the likes of Elton John or George Michael or John Travolta or Barry Manilow are clearly gay. And the same common sense can be used when viewing this show.

When a child accidentally breaks a vase, and his/her parent walks in, the first reaction is to profess innocence. If a human does something they shouldn’t, the normal reaction is to make sure everyone in the vicinity knows that you did not do the thing you most certainly did – I don’t know why, it just seems common. These knife wielding idiots who pick up stones and swear they would stone to death all gays if the law would allow them, are trying their best to fit into an anti gay society. How many North Koreans truly believe in the great leader? Not the 30000 who flee to south Korea annually, although until they leave they are as hard-lined as the rest. How many U.S. politicians claim they are Christians until they leave office and have no need to lie? How many Muslims believe in Allah until they find themselves in a secular country that actually lets them choose if they do or don’t?

After the fall of soviet Russia, the Christian Orthodox grew like wild fire. With it grew the old & outdated views of Christian Orthodoxy. The bible hardly mentions gays, in fact Jesus never mentions them once, he does mention charity many times – but somehow fervent Christians care more about attacking gays, than giving to charity – Cherry picking losers. The rise in anti-gay propaganda, anti-gay laws being passed & state sponsored acceptance of hate crimes have sent most gays into hiding or worse, joining the gathering crowd of zealots. One case in the show has a young lesbian explain being stabbed in the stomach, only to be told by the police they won’t file any charges as they don’t help “lesbos”. She was stabbed in the fucking stomach, and the police don’t care.

If the U.K. was big enough I would personally invite every one of them (Russian gays in hiding) to my country and happily pay taxes to house them; I would sleep easier knowing they can walk down the street and not be stabbed for a genetic trait they had no say in. I can’t explain why I am attracted to women – I just am, I’m pretty sure they feel the same way.

I have no statistics to convey regarding my belief that Russia is most likely just as gay if not gayer than any other country. I am pretty sure a quick google would help me, but why try? Human existence is full of examples of following and bullying out of fear of being persecuted yourself – it is natural.

One young man in the show explains his hatred for gays with the usual “Unnatural … traditional marriage … icky poo”, only then to take Reggie Yates on a bus ride to the beach, to meet another Gay hating Russian – they then begin to take their shirts off and fist fight, ending the spar with a hug, mildly gay, but not conclusive – Mike Tyson did this, would you call Tyson gay? I think not. The self proclaimed “Fag-hating Russian” also – I shit you not – takes Reggie to a Russian spa to show off a traditional past time of his people – sitting completely naked in a sauna and hitting each other with wet branches… I am not adding anything to this, he literally sits with his cock out, 70’s bush alive and well, then proceeds to stick a tree branch in a bucket of water and spank Reggie Yates to “cool him down”. Sure, and deep-throating is just helping to “open up the airways”.

The sex flogger, I mean traditional branch, is used hard and rough (the anti-gay way) on the back, ass, inside of legs, arms, and I’m sure the groin wouldn’t go amiss too. The regime is then finished by getting into an ice cold bath with other naked, none gay men, and enjoying their bodies … I mean company. Does the Russian answer the rest of Reggie’s questions whilst standing in the pool naked? NO! That would be too gay, instead he sits on the lip of the pool with his legs open to make sure the camera man and male interviewer can take in his pride. If you pause the show and zoom into his face, you can see he is dying for Reggie to go jaw first into his lap.

I’ve sat in many saunas, and as a straight man I have never sought to find one that allows me to sit naked with other men. But then to get a wet branch and whip another man before sharing a bath? If this is a traditional Russian past time, Russia has a very gay past.

So, there we have it, Russian men are so anti-gay because they can’t accept the fact that they just love cock. And Russian women are so anti-gay because nothing does it for them like vagina. And of their leader, come on, is there anyone who looks like they would enjoy cock more than Vladimir Putin?

Here is the short documentary, please go and watch it.


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