Atheism, Islam

The Three Muslims

I won’t waste your time with images or names. Three humans have been killed in cold blood for absolutely nothing. A supposed anti-theist committed this crime, I address this because I too am an anti-theist. His hatred of religion may well have influenced his actions, it seems most probable. Most don’t understand the different between an agnostic and atheist let alone an anti theist. What must be clear is the different between inspired crimes and none inspired crime.

A Muslim who shoplifts is not doing it because he is a Muslim, I’m sure he has his reasons. Same with a Christian. There are no commandments or laws of the Islamic doctrine claiming subjects should shoplift. When a Christian kills a lesbian however, or a Muslim kills an unbeliever, this most definitely is taken straight from their holy books. We must understand this pivotal point.

There is no doctrine of atheism, it is a simple rejection of a god claim. Someone has said his car can fly, I have used logic to come to the conclusion that cars do not normally fly therefore I choose to reject the claim, I don’t say he is wrong, I just feel he needs to prove it first. There are no laws I have to follow of nasty morality, like Christianity. The same goes for an anti-theist. I hate what religion has done to the world, I feel we would all be better off without it, but religions are not people. To clarify, believing the world is better off does not fall into the category of inspiring murder, until anti-theism creates a commandment that claims “we must murder believers” and as soon as that day comes, I will unsubscribe – like I ask many Muslims and Christians to do when they realise the harsh and hateful truth of their beliefs.

This crime was inspired by racism, xenophobia and an underlying hatred of religion. Maybe he felt he was levelling the playing field? If so, he hasn’t enough lifetimes to equal the score. All I do know is 3 people died because of an idiots racist outlook. These were not extreme Muslims to my knowledge, they were normal folk. Not only did they not deserve to die, they didn’t deserve to be looked at strangely in the street because of the colour of their skin.

Sure, in my opinion their beliefs were laughable, and much worse their beliefs, maybe unbeknown to them helped fuel the refusal of modernity in Islam, but that dissolves when compared to the crime of a mad man. I do hope people notice what inspired this crime and not jump on a bandwagon of “islamophobia” like many Muslims have, only to bolster their case for the increase of power to ISIS etc again, sometimes without their knowledge.

Let these Muslims rest in peace, let their friends and family mourn the loss in their own private way. Some may say that you can justify the murders due to the thousands and thousands of killings by Muslims every year against non believers, this is the type of thing George Galloway would say if reversed, or anyone who says 9/11 was justified because of US interference in the middle-east, but I am not one of those people. I do not believe in an eye for an eye. We cannot afford any more blindness in this world; that of sight or ignorance.

My thoughts are with the friends and family of the deceased. Always remember, a short life of love and happy memories is much more valuable than the life of constant hate that their murderer has to live with everyday.

With care and hope for the future of humanity,



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