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Muslims protest Charlie Hebdo…

Zero Muslims protest outside downing street to stand up for the free speech of everyone (including enemies)

No large protest of Muslims against the Charlie Hebdo killings in London

Only around 200 Muslim protesters (finally) stand against ISIS in London

Only around 260 Muslims protest the Lee Rigby Killers

But thousands (between 1000-3000 reported) Muslims turn up to downing street to protest free speech and Charlie Hebdo.

That means for every 1 Muslim willing to protest for free speech, there are between 4-12 willing to protest against it.

If this doesn’t seem important to note, then what is the point in having a voice when most of us are too afraid to use it. Until we see some outrage by these “peaceful” people we keep hearing about, I won’t believe this fable. We are past nuance, silence is consent. This is not a fallacy regarding guilt by association; I can acknowledge the difference. Most are peaceful but their silence is echoed by the sound of their fellow brothers sisters and children dying in their thousands, and the only people who seem to give a shit are secularists. Muslims should acknowledge their feelings properly like most other groups on this planet can.

I stand up against Jihadist & Islamists because they kill thousands of innocent Muslims every year, will any Muslims like to join me in caring about their people or will secular atheists stand alone?

I despair.

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6 thoughts on “Muslims protest Charlie Hebdo…

  1. What fable? Why are we past nuance, and what does that actually mean? Why is silence consent? And whose consent for what? If not the fallacy, what reason is there to assume their are the same group, or need to disassociate? Is not your assumption of association the reason you think they need to speak out, as a group?


    • The fable of a religion of peace

      We are past nuance when Muslim terrorism tops the score bored every single year for over 10 years straight.

      Silence is consent because only Muslims have the power to change this wave of extremism, unless they accept it and stand against it, they will keep being killed by their own extremists – it is in their interest. A doctor has to diagnose an illness before he treats it, we are still waiting for Muslims to even accept they are the physicians in the room.

      Muslims consent for accepting this madness IS IN FACT mandated in their holy book but the peaceful muslims choose to ignore it – therefore sparking a new wave of modernity in the Islamic world.

      The reason they are the same group, is one of them is Muslim & the other is Muslim. One believes in the Quran and carries out it’s message, the other believes in the message but doesn’t carry it out. Why wouldn’t you disassociate? What a weird question.

      No it is not.


  2. i wish i could draw well i would draw a picture of Allah with his head up his arse or better yet a picture of Allah with Muslim peoples heads up his arse because that is in fact where the Muslim peoples heads are. they are swiftly becoming the most hated people in the world i am tired of hearing about good peaceful Muslims when they do nothing to stand against the extremist terrorists believers of their book of horse @#$& maybe if all the world published such a picture they would get the message Islam is becoming synonymous with terrorism if they cant be a peaceful accepting religion and stand up against there own extremists then they should be shunned and thrown out of countries that allow peaceful horse @#$% religions to thrive


  3. We are not at war with people, we are at war with people who hate people who can commit barbaric acts on children and women, ,
    Islam today is still threatening the Kufirs, and the infidels.,
    THE NON BELIEVERS OF ISLAM around our world it’s in your book


  4. At least you’re not afraid to anger liberal atheists. They might try and shame you or something. I’ll share this on the underwebbz of grape`zine and as well on my clearnet social platforms.


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