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BNP, EDL & Christian loons hijack a joke.

I love Bernard Manning, I find him to be one of the funniest of the old-school pub/club comedians. I loved him best when he made fun of scousers (people from Liverpool) as I am from Liverpool – I was never offended, I mostly ended crying with laughter.

Many people to this day stupidly believe he was a racist and bigot, which is nonsense. For those who know of him in detail will know he famously never swore in front of his mother – but he always swore on stage. To any logical person this should clearly show one person was himself and one was an act to entertain. Any time I hear someone say “he was a racist because he told racist jokes” all I hear is “How come Leonardo DiCaprio made loads of films after Titanic, didn’t he die at the end?”

You are simply idiots.

He made people laugh, that was his job. He made fun of Jews, and the Jewish audience loved him. He made fun of Americans when in Las Vegas, and the US loved him. He made fun of blacks, whites, fat people, londoners, Irish, Welsh, Japanese, women, kids, he made fun of his own football team which he loved dearly (I bet no one is going to say he didn’t support Manchester City because he joked about them, that would be absurd. With Bernard no one was above criticism. We all need to learn that lesson, now more than ever. Cough cough Islam cough.

I have seen many right wing, skin-head losers use one of his jokes as evidence against integration, which hurts my feelings I must say. It only goes to heighten the possibility of people refusing to acknowledge his genius and comedic timing.

The joke often changes but the idea of it is this.

“This Paki thinks he is British because he was born here, does that mean a dog born in a stable is a fucking horse.”

I will admit it was only a small joke he said at the end of a line, hardly a big one he spent time on. Nonetheless it has been hijacked by people to basically say “You look different, so you should not be a part of my society.”

BNP members and UKIP members are quoted as saying this, not noticing

1, it was a joke

2, It isn’t even logically viable

3, It is unscientific

4, It mixes species with place of birth

5, It only makes “sense” to a racist or xenophobe.

The idea was, “yes you were born here but you are not from here, or like us – we are not the same.” In truth this is silly but as a joke it has merit on stage (if you ever see it live you will understand).

A dog born in a stable would not be a horse because we do not change our species based on where we are born. I was born in a hospital, if my mother’s water broke on the steps outside the hospital and forced her into labour there and then, I would not have turned into something else; that’s not how species work. To be English is based on your place of birth & nationality (in some cases those born outside of a country are still nationals based on other factors – family origins, placed lived after birth etc), I care less for the US style of calling yourself Irish because you once watched the Leprechaun. It doesn’t matter where your lineage comes from or what colour your skin is. Were you born in England? Have you lived your whole life in England? Great, you are English.

Trying to claim “Paki’s” (of Pakistani origin) or “Blacks” or “Muzzys” (Muslims) need to go home because they are different, is on a base level trying to make us go back to the silly idea that blacks are another species. This idea was prevalent in the past, and helped the crazily unscientific idea that because of the species they are, they were more susceptible and willing to be slaves, “no white man would accept that” was a phrase uttered of the times. As we know this is false, they, black people, are the same species as whites. Also telling someone to go home, when they live in the same area as you, is a waste of time. Yes, they might look like they could walk blindfolded through Baghdad, but if they assure you they have never been, and spent their whole life in Newcastle – take their word.

For some strange reason there doesn’t seem to be a secular white power movement, not that it would interest me; there may well be one but I’ve not been informed. There is a primitive link between BNP lovers and Christianity, because idiocy has to walk hand in hand with idiocy. I have seen Christian freedom fighters use similar statements to basically point out they don’t like people with darker skin than there own – gladly this will not bring back any of the racism that used to plague our country, because most of the UK see these people for what they are – toothless, Jeremy Kyle watching, uneducated halfwits.

Nowadays, comedians normally tell jokes that fit their personal life because they just aren’t as good as they used to be. Jack Dee is dull, Jimmy Carr is an atheist, that feminist one is a feminist etc. None of them really have an “act”, because they aren’t acting, they are being themselves. Bernard had an act, he was a comedic performer. Alec Guinness wasn’t a real fucking Jedi was he? It is a performance. If you must use statements to back up your racist, bigoted or xenophobic beliefs, please find true and contextual ones, from scientists or scholars, not from comedians who had no inkling to send people anywhere based on skin colour, they just wanted to make people’s lives a little less stressful by making them laugh on a Saturday night; before having to go home to their ugly wives.

“fuck me your wife is ugly, must of met her in the black out.”


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