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Kent Hovind: Catch-up on the criminal

For almost ten years Kent Hovind has been behind bars for tax evasion, the incarceration has created a slump in his popularity, so much so that many secularists do not know of him. The family name may be familiar if you are unlucky enough to have heard of his equally uneducated and unbearable son – Eric Hovind.

I would like to pass on a few details about this so-called godly man, who is a convicted felon not on only 1 charge but over 50. If I were a Christian I would wonder what sick game god was playing by sending the most annoying, idiotic and completely corrupt people to spread his loving message of promoting incredulity and ignorance. Why send Ray Comfort (who thinks a bibliophile is similar to a paedophile the phile part threw him), or Sye Tenn (who refuses to debate intellectually or honestly because he knows in the world of logic his stance has no place, making himself the perfect punch-bag for any human with a short temper) or Ken Ham (as closed-minded as a corpse and will accept no evidence against his beliefs – no wonder it’s so easy for him to follow nonsense) – why would god send these fools? barely the IQ of an average human between them, although I’m sure they have many “degrees” from Christian “colleges”, which means they have no degrees. Wouldn’t a god send … intelligent people? Ah, no, he works in mysterious ways remember. He sends stupid people to test us…

  1. So … Kent, firstly, he claims to be a doctor, but as he holds 4 degrees from unaccredited Christian colleges – this means he isn’t actually a doctor and he doesn’t have any qualifications of any merit. For example his dissertation to complete one of his latest degrees (maybe the laughable PhD which cost $39 a credit) has been read by a few online. What we know of it is as follows:
  • It is around 100-150 pages too short
  • Repeated pages and chapters
  • plagiarised sections and pages from the internet
  • Many spelling mistakes
  • Terrible grammar, that of a child
  • Incomprehensible writing style (again of a child)
  • Unscientific and low use of even basic logic

In an actual school this results in failure, in his school it resulted in a PhD – USA! USA!

2. Not only does he hold fake degrees, but he is wholly unscientific and in this category even falls below Ray Comfort on intelligence on the matter of evolution. (Kent has argued that scientists claim humans evolved from rocks – basically argues against a scientific fact that he doesn’t understand. If only he had a good education.

3. Is anti-democracy, believes it is a true evil that should be abolished and would rather live under a religious theocracy, not any one of course, but a Christian one – and not any Christian one, but the exact type of Christian off-shoot he believes in.

4. Batshit-crazy conspiracy theorist. Believes in the 9/11 truthers, the New World Order, the Oklahoma bombing was an inside job, that a type of cyanide is a cure for cancer that the US government is holding back from the world, UFO’s are US government experiments whilst others are satanic apparatus, claims many illnesses and viruses from HIV to West Nile Virus were created by the US government for some reason or other. Crazily enough there are many more stupid things he believes without evidence. Just google if you would like to go further down the rabbit hole; do this at your peril.

5. Pretends he is innocent of tax evasion, fraud and smurfing (taking large chunks of money from banks under the 10k amount to help keep the IRS from noticing his illegal activity) All the while his wife served 1 year in prison for doing just that. She felt she was innocent also, she didn’t even notice she kept withdraws just under 10k every single time.

“…No officer, I had no idea when I gave that drug dealer money he was going to give me drugs – it was a donation!” … Please.

6. Claims he doesn’t have to pay his taxes because he is a citizen of the kingdom of god & not the US (nice move sir).

7. Is anti-tax, feels it is un-american and against his human rights. He loves driving on american roads, being protected by american police or by the american army – but don’t you dare ask him to pay for it! What are you? A commie?

8. Whilst inside prison he has committed mail fraud with his son Eric and another assailant and will stand on trial for those charges later next month.

9. Ironically went to a school called “patriot” but cares so little about his fellow countrymen that he frauds them out of hard-earned cash as a preacher of nonsense, evades the taxes which keep his friends and family safe.

In one way this pitiful being is the most un-american person I can think of, he has no understanding of the beauty of the secularism on which his country was created, or the merits of a true worthwhile education. On the other hand he is the most american person I can think of as he has used the dodgy tax laws to his benefit, which did him good for over a decade. He is a product of the sheer idiotic American education system with regards to unaccredited schools, home schooling and Christian schools. He has used the freedom to believe as a pass to not only take pride in believing nonsense but also spreading it to other people’s children – damaging the lives of generations.

Kent Hovind and his son make being unintelligent and irrational cool to young children unable to decipher between the crazed nutbaggery told to them by their parents, preachers and News outlets (Fox) –  and the school teachers, scientists and honest intellectuals they hear of on youtube or in those dreadful “books”. Stupid people should not be ridiculed, nor those unable to leave the hold of religious zealots – but those who take an immense sense of pride in their ignorance and refutation of facts must be.


6 thoughts on “Kent Hovind: Catch-up on the criminal

  1. DCag says:

    How would an atheist know what a Godly man is? This article is full of lies – don’t rely on it for facts. After all, the writer is an atheist who knows no right or wrong.


    • The point was that he was obviously not godly, And an atheist would know by using logic. This article has exactly ZERO lies, please show them to me if so. I am an atheist, from this piece I clearly know what a criminal is and why I am not one. 1 me 0 xstian. I await your shocking evidence of my lies…


  2. Correction to point 8: Kent was indicted with Paul John Hansen for mail fraud. We do not know who received the lis pendens from Hovind and then walked it over to the Escambia County clerk’s office and filed it. I doubt it was Eric. I personally suspect Kent’s longtime friend and defender Ernest Land, but I will wait until the trial to find out. However, it should be noted that one of the elements of the crime of mail fraud is that the fraud has to be conducted by interstate US mail, which occurred in this case when the document was mailed by Kent Hovind from New Hampshire to the person who received and filed it. –deana holmes,


    • Thank you. I will leave this comment to show the correction. I wasn’t saying I think his son was wholly a part of it, I think he helped, and when listening to their phone calls it is clear his son is a chip off the old block.


  3. DCag says:

    You will know them by their fruits. This man has done more than any of you can dream of. This article is outright ridiculous go to if you want the real news… don’t rely on an atheist who does not know the bible, read it or comprehend it let alone quote it or try and win an argument using Christ and God’s word. Don’t rely on people that Hate God and Christ for information.


    • I do not hate god, I also don’t hate the boogie monster, both have little evidence to support themselves. This man is a criminal, amazing how you can forgive him just because he plays on your team. I am an atheist i know the bible, most likely more than you. Kent was judged, he is a criminal, he got caught, deal with it.


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