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Chill out on climate change! God said he wouldn’t pull that shit again…

Genesis 8:20-22 has been used, rather strangely and pitifully by lawmakers in the United States as evidence that climate change is not real or more importantly that it cannot lead to global harm. For those with intellect and rationality this would sound absurd; as expected in this day and age not enough people in the American political system felt the absurdity – or at least mentioned it.

In the 3 verses Noah worships god by building an altar and giving burnt offerings to god – all rather useless to us but I’m sure back in the day this really meant something. Verse 21 states that due to the offering, the smell ‘a sweet savour’

‘And the Lord smelled a sweet savour*; and the Lord said in his heart*, I will not again curse the ground any more for man’s sake; for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth*; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.’ – kjv

*1 = this means the God of the bible has a nose and is not as ghost like or spiritual in being as many nowadays say, which is really an evolved excuse because the god of the bible, and his miracles are far less frequent and evident in modern times…

*2 = this stands to reason once again that god must have a physical presence to have emotional feelings in his heart.

*3 = this shows a massive gap of logic, god will not smite us because he admits we have the potential of evil from birth – of which he gave us at birth knowingly, and then hated us for it drowning everyone in a flood. God knows all to come, so he knew he built us to be sinful, he did it anyway knowing we would become so sinful that he will drown us all and start again, instead of saving himself the time and not making us evil, on top of this it shows how illogical and stupid or how cruel this god is; he practically made a world full of innocent people just to watch them die – this was done to, at the very least, hundreds of thousands, so why is it that Christians hear about one man killing his own daughter by drowning her in the bath and think “how evil? God will deal with him!” I digress.

To the point at hand. This subtle statement of no more smiting is now used as a balance against global damnation in the form of weather catastrophes. Using a book proven to be completely unscientific and unfactual of scientific matters, to determine how to deal with REAL dangers is facepalmingly silly. The fact of global warming, the fact of climate change, the fact of heightened human causation might still need to be debated by idiots and fools, but the scientific community has made their decision.

Saying global warming isn’t true because it just got really cold in summertime New York, is akin to saying gravity doesn’t exist because some dude in Southampton can jump really high. So now that, sorry to say, smarter people who spend their lives working on scientific phenomenon have concluded how bad the situation of climate change is, we must begin to change our ways and attempt to solve the issue, we must not step back and wait for people who have no expertise on the subject to investigate and join the consensus. Our planet and our species simply does not have the time for those less mentally equipt; if we wait we die. We can pull the pin and throw the grenade, or we can pull the pin and hold it as we explain the inner workings of explosions to that one idiot at the back of the room – to our detriment – which would you choose?

I implore all to leave science to scientists as our very existence depends on it. Don’t worry what Ray Comfort thinks about genetics, he can barely spell his own name, worry what the majority of genetesists think on the matter.

Don’t allow your representatives to make decisions on your behalf which defy logic. This is what voting is for. Elect men and women who use scientific knowledge on scientific issues, not archaic books that have no place in both the political spectrum and the scientific community. Don’t roll your eyes at these people, stand against them! It really matters.

Our world will die eventually; can we try and leave it to heat death from the sun, and not our ignorance and tolerance that kills all.


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