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“Evolution is real” says Pope, also admits “blue is a colour” & “milk could be a source of calcium”

Don’t worry, you have not travelled back in time. What has not only been common knowledge but common sense for a century is now acknowledged by the leader of the archaic Roman Catholic Cult (my old clan), in a somewhat appeasing tone that states both evolution and creation can walk hand in hand, heads up, it cannot.

There is nothing new here – there have been endorsements by  high ranking clergy and even a past Pope regarding the fact of Evolution, the last Pope didn’t really agree with evolution, whereas John Paul II had a soft spot for what we like to call “basic intellect”. What bothers me the most is that somehow this finds itself as news. It is a scientific fact, as previously stated, we have known this for about 100 years – although our understanding of it has greatly increased on a near generational basis. How can we give front page headlines to an old virgin, who is an “expert” in the subject of only one book, admitting something that anyone with a basic education already knows. What next?

Pope admits “Mick Jagger does exist.”

Pope agrees “Ross & Rachel were on a break.”

Pope says “The Beatles are the fucking best.”

Pope concludes “I can’t be sure who did it, but the dogs were in fact let out.”

Pope says “It’s true, once you go black…”

The fact we have to wait for each Pope to give his exact stance on such a  fundamental issue proves that his job is useless – didn’t he used to be God’s messenger on earth? Infallible and answerable to only the most high? At least we know, sooner or later, everyone is answerable to facts. Actually, other than sitting on a golden throne whilst saying we should all tighten our belts, or never having sex (supposedly), yet telling us we shouldn’t do it until marriage or heaven forbid we ever use a condom –  I can’t think of one good reason why the Pope even exists. I think it’s about time we scrap this tradition.

It has become popular to say “this new modern pope is what we need! He is so modern and forward thinking, he is going to change the face of Catholicism.”

Firstly, Kevin Smith’s Dogma, with its ‘Buddy Christ’, ‘Catholicism Now’ & brilliant ‘Cardinal Glick’ (George Carlin) changed the face. Secondly, you really think this 77 year old has a modern take on religion? How many 77 year old’s do you know?

His views are wholly as one would expect, the only step up from the last Pope to this one is that this one  a)  was not in the Hitler youth & b) did not help watch over a child raping cover up that affected hundreds of thousands of children.

Many (who know their stuff) would remark that the Catholic Church have actually somewhat endorsed a “theistic-evolutionary model” for about 6 decades, I tip my hat to this,  but at the same time the Church have been diminishing science in third world countries (where it is needed most) and disregarded the findings and usages of most scientific discoveries since the pre-enlightenment until being forced to “modernise” or aptly “evolve”.

So how modern is this Pope? So modern he has thanked Exorcists for removing demons and acknowledges that cases of demonic possession do tend to increase around Halloween – the floor of the cave called, it would like its bat-shit back.

The irony of Pope Francis saying “Human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities.”

If only I could think of a £billion economic structure that creates huge inequalities… Roman Cath… No I can’t think of one. Said structure by the way can even create its own laws, the age of consent in the Vatican city is the lowest on the planet (go figure) can anyone explain why a city full of abstinent men should even need an age of consent? I guess they like to cover all bases, nothing like a law suit to really fuck up an evening orgy.

So in conclusion:

If the Pope uses his PR Gurus to say things like this “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge? We shouldn’t marginalise people for this. They must be integrated into society.”

But also says “Find new ways to spread the word of God to every corner of the world.

Knowing full well, the word of God is –


Then he is as useful as a handbrake on a canoe, and his intellectual honesty is lacking to a degree that would make Oscar Pistorius blush. He is the same as the ones before him, and the ones to come. Until he finally agrees: Women are equal to men, gays aren’t to be fixed or cured but are as natural as lust & love, until he sells the billions in Vatican art and donates it to the poor, until he outs every single person complicit in the rape of children the world over – I have no care for his useless admissions of acceptance. He agrees with Evolution … so fucking what.


5 thoughts on ““Evolution is real” says Pope, also admits “blue is a colour” & “milk could be a source of calcium”

  1. amen to that 🙂 it’s the same “Christian Science – The universe started with a big bang, but who provided the spark?” bullshit that i’ve heard all my life from otherwise intelligent people.


  2. “I have no care for his useless admissions of acceptance” Yeah, then why you wrote this post? I’m a catholic, but only because my family. I have no care to religion, but you sound way too much like a 10 year old kid pissed off.


    • So you follow the Catholic church, not because believe any of it but just because your mum and dad do – and l sound like a 10 year old?

      If someone says “the pope just bought a new hat!” and you say “who cares?” that reply doesn’t mean you care, it just means you replied. This is my reply.


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