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Reza Aslan comments update

Firstly, I will not use names, as I am sure the woman would not like to be berated or hassled about her position.

After I published my piece on Reza (pick a religion, any religion) Aslan, I sat back and watched the numbers of engagements hit an all time high for me. Hundreds of shares, hundreds of likes, thousands of views, hundreds of comments – some vitriolic and nasty, one sided and based on opinion, and basically – stupid bigotry. One stood out.

There was one woman who I spoke to who actually had an affect on me personally. She did not wholly agree with my points, but she acknowledged them with respect and courtesy (except her first line – which I won’t hold against her.) Although the basis for her position was wrong and not based on evidence, more based on bias (being a Muslim), but in fact she had accepted some responsibility for the horrid nature of her faith – which I have never encountered before. Maybe if I pressed her, she would have caved in and told me I had interpreted the Quran falsely, or that I had read it “out of context”, who knows.

She practically said some of the same things that any liberal would brand as Islamophobic or a generalisation, the type of comments most Muslims would not utter. So as you can see in the conversation, I make a humorous remark about her faith. And the response she gave blew me away, it’s simplicity, honour, truth and beauty, is something that should be plastered on every wall, on a page in every book – responses like this prove we can find humanity in humans, and find love and peace and co-existence without religion. No holy book said these words, an evolved primate did. She was not born a Muslim, she was forced as a child, as most of us were based on the country we were born in – but I have a good feeling the world can do well if more people can be like this woman.

It reminds me why I love who we are, evolved animals, every one of us – not for what we are, but what we can be if we use our full potential.


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Peace and Love, always.


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