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Israel/Palestine logical fallacy

Here we are again. The plague of anger that formally began in the early 1960’s is back to haunt us once more. Many times through the history of my family (all of our families in fact) my descendants turned on the T.V. to witness another bomb in the middle-east. How sad that this is seen as a broad statement, you could literally mention hundreds of conflicts, and thousands of bombs in that area between 1964 and 2014. I am talking about Israel and Palestine. I will not attempt to stand on one side of the fence regarding this conflict, many people do this and miss out on a fundamental opportunity to lay blame squarely on the idiocy of humanity.

I agree at the moment there is a massive attempt to show Palestine as a peaceful place and worthy movement; we have protesters in my capital city (London) urging the end of this conflict on their behalf. I find it very amusing that 364 days of the year my country men and women say things like “Have you seen how they treat their women?” and “Islam is a religion of hate and war!” Yet on that 365th day, as soon as Israel bomb the Palestinians they suddenly scream “Help Palestine!” and “won’t somebody think of the children?” (OK this last quote was actually from The Simpsons) I mean this in all honesty, I actually think there is a large majority of my country that don’t understand Palestine is a Muslim state, and if anyone told them they would probably think less of the cause.

I believe both ideologies (Jewish/Islamic) are wholly unsupported by facts and have as much gravitas as fairies and pixies and Santa Claus, the only thing I agree on is that I would not die for any of them (although as a child I probably would have sold my soul to Santa Clause ‘Father Christmas’ if he would give me a PlayStation 1 with a copy of Tomb Raider. By the way, my brother bought a PlayStation, he got Tomb Raider also, and I am now an atheist, so maybe Santa has my soul, who knows?)

I have no dog in this fight as it were, but I must implore some level of intellect into this discussion, that I find for some reason is lacking. Normally people find the word “intellectual” as a position of power or condescension, in this regard it is the opposite. It is basic common sense that I wish to infiltrate this conflict.

We have two states that believe they deserve to own a certain plot of land, although by UN standards this conflict had risen in 1964, in truth the seed had been planted within the holy books of both faiths many centuries ago. So what are we left with, other than around 22,000 deaths? We are left with politicians that swarm in, either choosing a side or asking for neutrality and peace, flying a flag for a “two-state solution” and then swarm out after their term. There are news reports and journalists that ponder and convey their interpretation of war crimes and what they believe should be done. We have countries that support this anger and hate with billions of their hard earned tax payers’ money AND YET of all this time, we have not seen any one ask the fundamental question “Can either side actually prove the God they feel sanctions ownership of this land exists?”

It is really that simple, it should be its own logical fallacy. I call it the – Jumping the gun – fallacy. For example, I see two men across the street, they are in a heated debate, they both claim they each have an invisible car, and are hurling abuse – due to their opponent saying his car is better. Instead of actually giving the pros and cons of their argument, instead of even attempting to show their invisible car truly exists (like pouring water over the car to show the tangible object is manipulating where the water should go opposed to where it lands) they have now moved straight to rage, and are currently pointing guns at each other. Now try and imagine they do kill one another, and their sons join in the fight, and then the neighbourhood follows suit, and other surrounding neighbours start to stand in favour of one certain side, and others ask for both cars and owners to be given the credit they deserve for their brilliant invisible auto-mobiles. Would one be out of line to ask “Can you even prove there is a car here?” I think not.

Israel and Palestine, I propose a solution, have all of your people leave the region immediately and let atheists take settlements in your place, and as soon as one of you can prove your God actually exists, then, and only then, we will sit down and investigate if said God did in fact give you authority over the land, as soon as this is proven we will happily leave, and all will be peaceful.



6 thoughts on “Israel/Palestine logical fallacy

  1. Also, It’s not that Palestine (specifically or currently Hamas), is worthy, or peaceful. They are not. And Muslims are not a peaceful people. But there are also Palestinian Christians and even atheists. It is that Israel never had the right to be there to begin with. And the fact that they are Jews does not somehow change that. Think ‘Native Americans’. The Jews somehow got the UN to declare that they could have land that did not belong to them. Let us not forget, the name Israel (struggles or wrestles with god) would not exist were it not for the bullshit bible. And lastly, there are misplaced people all over the world. For instance Celtic peoples. (I know that is reaching) But the point is we don’t need to give people special treatment because they no longer have a homeland. People that are Irish and live in the USA…now call the USA home…they are no longer Irish…just Americans. There are Jews that live in America too…and are AMERICANS…so you gotta ask yourself…why must they get to go to this land…and remove people that live there to slums…or shall we say..ghettos,so they can have their own little spot? Just sayin


    • I may be wrong but it seems you think I believe both Hamas are peaceful & Jews deserve a religiously sanctioned land. I disagree with both, and say so in the piece. Although, for what it is worth, I think if any group deserves a safe haven it is the Jews, after millennia of hatred and war against them they have been constantly on the verge of extinction.


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