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“God will save us … but just in case.”

The hypocrisy of the religious is widespread, though not many journalists mention it, and those who do, use the same arguments over and over. One of the lesser used, yet highly obvious examples is the United States defence spending. Sadly, soon enough, we will have an Islamic Republic of Iran armed with nuclear capability – truly worrying. At least with the US we know they won’t use nuclear weapons if it is against their interests – An Islamic state however – with a wish to rid all other religions from the world is another matter, but that discussion is for another day.

I often feel that most “believers” not only have no idea what they believe in, but many of them know damn well that they simply do not; they look to be playing Pascal’s Wager, wanting to trick God into thinking they were subservient on earth just in case he is real – as if God can be so easily tricked. This in itself is proof enough that they don’t believe. If the fear of death was to rid itself of our species I would find it a high possibility that religion would dwindle in numbers, like the fans of a Championship side after relegation – Yeovil Town maybe.

If the US is a “Christian Nation” (we know from my last post that it is not) but let’s say it is, why would they need to be armed to the teeth? Who do they think has power over God on earth? I find America in this sense a nation of hypocrisy.

Of all the outgoings of the US budget, the one they refuse to part with, or hint at, even in small numbers, is defence; which is rather odd, especially when we examine how inflated their defence spending is. This clear act of foolery happens on all levels of American culture. At the top, the president believes he has god on his side, but just in case he makes sure he has between 300-1000 nuclear warheads more than the Russians. [1]

At the bottom, the evangelical church goer who thinks she can be cured of cancer by her Pastor, who touches her forehead and says “Cancer be gone! In the name of Jesus! Can I get an Amen?” or something to that affect – while desperately doing his best James Brown impression … but just in case, she also goes to the chemotherapy appointment that her doctor booked, and takes all medication handed to her; I smell a none believer.

A country so heavily guarded by not only Jesus himself, but also his all powerful father (depending on what version of Christianity you agree with – they can be both separate or one entity) would not need to worry about the likes of China, Russia, Pakistan & Iran, would it? The United States budget isn’t just inflated, or bigger than its rivals, it is quite simply idiotic. So idiotic in fact, it would not seem out of place as the basis for the next Austin Powers Movie. (I had two scenarios, so in light of American overuse, I will now include both.) So idiotic in fact that I half expect it was a 4 year old who chose the Budget; and in that situation the child’s first two figures were sadly turned down, that of “10 gazzmillion dollars” & “5 billion mazillion dollars,” the only reason for these not making the cut being that the Pentagon felt they didn’t have enough time to create a new line of currency. Just wait until you hear the figure in comparison to its nearest ally and you shall immediately think of that 4 year old, who stands holding a Buzz-lightyear figure whilst spouting out random numbers to the White House officials as they nod and take down notes verbatim.

Although the biggest military strength behind the US is Russia, the biggest spender behind the US is China; the Chinese spent 112.2 Billion US dollars on defence in 2013. [2]

Now how much more did the US spend do you think? After all the US and China are allies, and trade humongous amounts with each other. Would an extra million suffice? Would the US need to spend an extra $50 million to feel stronger? How about $100 million? No? 1 Billion? Any of these numbers would seem to do the trick, but not to be outdone the US seem to think spending an extra 488.2 BILLION US dollars is reasonable – Just for clarification $1 Billion = 1000 x $1 million – You didn’t read that wrong. The US spent $600.4 Billion in 2013 [3] how is this A) Sustainable, B) Reasonable & C) Acceptable on behalf of the public. With that amount you could give every American citizen a $1  and still be able to outspend the Chinese defence by a whopping $487.9 Billion! Quite frankly I say they should do it, I doubt the Chinese would even notice the difference between $600.4 Billion and $600.1 Billion. Let’s be honest, would they suddenly think invading the US was now possible?
[Chinese General to his President] “They have taken 318 million dollars from their defence budget to randomly give out money! Now is the time to strike! They are weak sir, WEAK!” Just before the Chinese President presses the red button to nuke the US, he raises his head slowly to the camera (that I am suddenly including in this on the spot hypothetical) and whispers “Fucka you … Nich-ol-as Cage.”
I very much doubt it.

In truth told the United States could cut their defence spending in half and still be as protected on Friday as they were on Thursday. The US debt as of 2014 is $15,930,000,000,000 [3] I’m sure the next President would love to use half of the defence budget to rid a large chunk of this debt, but I can assume he will not, as that would be unpatriotic. Just think how much safer the US could be without pushing buttons in the middle-east? How richer it could be if it stopped invading or using military power in foreign countries, 23 times in the last 30 years [4]. The country could be healthier if it spent more money on, well, health care; instead of playing the longest dick swinging contest in history – which started proper in 1945 with Russia, and is still embarrassingly ongoing. Putin and Obama are basically standing on a bar, daring each other to show everyone in attendance how large their cocks are in an attempt to look manlier than their rival – without noticing they are completely fascinated and enthralled with the idea of each other’s penis. The rest of the political leaders half watch as they get drunk on their own tasteful diplomacy. It is unneeded testosterone, and I question if female leaders would act in this way.

In conclusion: Don’t tell me you cannot wait to see heaven before you strap in your seatbelt. Don’t tell me you believe God will keep you from harm, and then find yourself asking your doctor to help with the blood in your stool. Don’t tell me that your nation is protected by God and then spend 36.6% of the worlds military spending on your defence. [5] Don’t call yourself a pope, the successor to saint Peter, whom Jesus gave the keys to heaven, and then put 2 inch thick bullet proof glass on your car, you hold the keys you ass-wipe, no one gets in the house without you knowing – including yourself.

Nothing says religion is man-made, and less powerful than other man-made devices – like rifles – more than a holy man who needs a security detail.
There are no ifs or buts, God is either on your side or he is not, put your money where your mouth is, and lay your weapons down.



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